Kaylee’s First Spanking

   It was a warm April day in Newport Beach, California. Kaylee, a freshman in college, was driving home from rowing practice, as she did every Monday, and Wednesday evening. It was normally a 30 minute trip without traffic. Driving south on Pacific Coast Highway, she would enjoy the view on her right – the ocean waves, breaking on the shore, as the sun set slowly in her rear-view mirror.  

   Today, like most days, her thoughts drifted to the small pleasantries of her day. She thought of the dolphins popping up through the water, just a few feet from her. It only happened once in a while, but it was one of Kaylee’s favorite surprises when she was hard at work with her team. She thought of Tom, her coach, who she had a secret crush on. She replayed a favorite fantasy of hers in her mind, where Tom would scold her in his office, punitively strip off her clothes, and then take her from behind. 

But today, unlike other days, she couldn’t get out of her mind the strange mixture of emotions she felt from what had happened, only moments ago: the bittersweet intermingling of embarrassment, remorse, and camaraderie. Not to mention the persistent tingling that she could still feel on her backside. 

   It all started a few months prior. The girls she rowed with were a great team. They laughed together, hung out together, and supported each other. They were also competitive – and they pulled no punches when they felt their fellow rowers weren’t pulling their weight. Winning was everything. But this year they had been falling behind. Sometimes success breeds complacency. Or perhaps it was the fact that most of the girls were freshman – still inexperienced, and yet to develop into the disciplined athletes they would later become. Certainly, that was the case with Kaylee. Whatever it was, the girls were getting frustrated, and they were willing to do whatever was necessary to make finals that year.

   The problem was, their coach, Tom, didn’t share the same obsession with crushing the competition. Most of the time, there were no penalties for showing up late, missing practice, or not checking personal problems at the door. That is to say, there were penalties, but, they were rarely enforced. This made Carissa, the team captain, furious. She was, by far, the most dedicated girl on the team. And that was saying a lot. But Carissa was the first to see that the team wasn’t measuring up to what it was the previous year. It started as a frequent topic of conversation among a few of the more experienced rowers, and soon became one for the whole team. Eventually, they all agreed; a change was needed, and it would have to come from within.

   Kaylee felt terribly guilty during these conversations. She was strong, and was quickly becoming an asset to the team. But her habit of habitual lateness was causing her performance to suffer, and the the girls noticed. She desperately wanted to win their respect, but it was so hard to change. About two months into the season, Kaylee was late four times in a row. Tom had a short talk with her. But he seemed to have a hard time being firm with the younger girls, especially the ones who were prettier – an advantage that Kaylee exploited with men whenever she could. She knew exactly how to batt her eyelashes, and stare up at him like a lost puppy. She got off with a warning every time. The standard punishment was push-ups.

   Carissa, and Kaylee got along well enough, but the special treatment Kaylee got made Carissa more than a little resentful. It didn’t help that Kaylee was more attractive than her. Carissa was a looker herself. She had long, silky, brown hair, smooth tan skin, and an hourglass figure that turned heads when she walked down the street. But she was also very tall, and on the muscular side. That meant that she often intimidated boys she wanted to date, and didn’t have the dainty femininity that caused protective men, like Tom, to give her special treatment.

   Kaylee, on the other hand, was a doll. She stood at 5′ 4″. With deep, innocent, blue eyes, she was thin around the waist, wide in the hips, and had silky blonde hair that draped all the way down to her butt. And what a butt she had. Pants, and shorts outnumbered dresses in her closet by 3 to 1. That was because she knew that they showed off her most stunning feature: two cheeks, so perfectly full, and well defined, that they each deserved adoration as a sexy body part on their own. Yet far from being too large, her bottom created just the right amount of stretch in her favorite pair of pink yoga pants that she loved to wear any time she needed a boost in her self-esteem, or to get her way with an older adult male.

   As the season progressed, the team’s problems, and Kaylee’s lateness persisted, until one day in practice they clocked their worst times all season. After practice, the normal locker room banter turned quickly into a conference on how to whip the team into shape. They floated ideas as they got dressed into their evening street clothes. Kaylee blurted out her contribution, which she was sure would break the tension.

   “How about next practice, we all get spankings if we don’t reach our goal time!” she shouted with a goofy smile.

   The girls roared with laughter, and all began making sarcastic comments about it being a “genius idea” or a “true innovation,” as one girl put it.

   “That would probably do the trick!” said another one of the girls, in a tone that made it difficult to tell if she was joking or not.

   Before Kaylee could enjoy taking in the laughter, she felt a hard smack on her right butt cheek, courtesy of Allison, the girl with the adjacent locker.

   “You mean like that!?” Allison said gleefully.

   The girl didn’t seem to know her own strength. Kaylee let out a loud cry from the unexpected smack, and jumped up a few times, as she rubbed the right side of her butt, and tried to laugh it off.

   The girls continued to laugh.

   “You are suuuuuch a bitch Allison!” Kaylee said playfully.

   Carissa, who had just finished getting dressed, stood in place, holding her chin between her thumb, and index finger. She gazed at the girls inquisitively. 

“Heeeyy, seriously…what if we tried that?” she said.

   A few of the girls smirked. Someone at the other end of the locker room muttered a long, sarcastic “uhhhhhh”

   “Carsissa, you be crazy,” Kaylee teased, as she chuckled, and rubbed the sting out of her butt. A few of the others began talking quietly amongst themselves.

   “Honestly, I’ll try anything at this point,”said Marissa, one of the other team veterans. She had gotten dressed ahead of everyone else, and was knelt down tying her shoes. “And it’s not like it’s against the law or anything. If we all agree to it. We could do it here in the locker room. No one comes in here but us after practice.”

   With that, the girls launched into a spirited debate on the merits, and downsides of subjecting themselves to spankings for under-performance. It began light-heartedly, peppered with jokes. But to Kaylee’s astonishment she noticed that more of the girls were taking it seriously. She hadn’t formed an opinion yet, but she wanted the girls to forgive her for her tardiness problem. She tried to sound open-minded to anything that could make the team better.

   Then, effortlessly, the conversation shifted. No longer about the pros, and cons of spankings, but about how they might be carried out. One girl suggested two spanks for each minute someone was late to practice. Another chimed in, and volunteered to buy a wooden paddle on etsy. Allison said she would be a good candidate for spanker. “Just look what I did to Kaylee!” she bragged.

   Kaylee could hardly believe her ears. She was sure they wouldn’t follow through with it, but still worried about how it could play out. She decided to speak up. “If you guys are gonna do this, you have to let people opt out…like, if they’re not comfortable, you know?”

   “Agreed,” said another freshman from across the locker room.

   Carissa looked at Kaylee matter of factly. “Deal,” she said. She waited a moment, then folded her arms. “Ok, then…who’s in?”

   A sudden silence fell over the locker room. Carissa had a confidence about her that made her unusually persuasive. Its effect on the team could be seen in moments like this.

   “I’ll do it,” Marissa said, breaking the silence. 

   “Yah, I’m in,” said another.

   Then, just like dominos, each of the girls caved, and volunteered for the spanking experiment.

   Kaylee was the only one left to not join in. The room was silent again, and she could feel the eyes of the others on her, waiting for her decision. She knew it was up to her, but she didn’t want to be the only person not taking part in what was now a team effort.

   She folded. “Ok, I’ll try it. If it’ll help us get out of this slump, then whatever, who cares.”

   Just like that, all 15 girls began applauding enthusiastically. They went back to their normal locker room conversation, then a couple girls finished dressing, and headed for the door.

   Carissa took charge. “Wait ladies, before you go we need to talk details. How many spanks, what do we use to spank with, and for what offenses?”

   Everyone froze. The reality of what they were signing up for was sinking in.

  “Ok. As team captain, I’m gonna make a suggestion, and then we vote on it. How about that?” she said firmly.

   The girls agreed. Hashing all of that out by committee would have only kept them there for hours anyway.

   The captain thought for a moment before speaking. “Ok, if our times suck during practice, everyone gets six good strokes with either a paddle, or a belt. Each person gets to choose, and you can bring your own belt, if you want. If it happens twice in a row everyone gets it on their bare ass!”

   The girls reacted with a collective “ooooooooh,” as they anticipated the possibly of being whipped, or paddled.

   “What if people are late, or skip practice?” another asked.

   Marissa jumped in “oooh, if you’re late you get one hand smack from each team member for each minute, then six with the belt. If you skip, you get the belt on your bare ass!!” She said with a devious smile.

   These girls were sadistic! Kaylee thought to herself. But, apparently, just as democratic. The next thing she knew, the new disciplinary protocol was put to a vote.

   Carissa walked to the front of the locker room, stood up on the bench, and raised her right hand. “All in favor???”

   Slowly, one-by-one, each of the girls raised a hand to signal their agreement. Kaylee raised her hand, careful to not be caught as the last one to say yes.

   “Perfect!” Carissa shouted. “Then those are the rules! You bitches better shape up!!” she yelled out as the crew broke into laughter once more.

   “We’re gonna be the best team in the world!!” shouted Allison with a smile.

   Other girls chimed in. “We should try out for the olympics!”

   “You should try out for the special olympics!” another quipped.

   The banter continued back and forth, and the girls finished dressing, laughing, and playfully threatening to spank each other. Once the chatter died down, Kaylee heard Allison say something that sent chills down her spine.

   “Oh shit. Kaylee…weren’t you late today?”

   Kaylee’s face turned red. She turned toward Allison, and snapped at her in a tone that was more defensive, than it was playful. 

   “Shut up hoe! I had a good excuse!”

   The other girls let out another chorus of “oooooooh”

   “Oh, shit is gettin’ real!” one girl aptly commented.

   Carissa put her hands on her hips, and looked directly at her teammate. 

   “Soooo….what’s your excuse??”

   Kaylee hesitated. All eyes were on her once more. She could continue in her lie, but she was a terrible liar. Her mind flashed back to the minutes before she had bolted out the door of her boyfriend’s house that afternoon. She had been knelt on the floor of his bedroom, taking him in her mouth, as he sat in his desk chair. Her thoughts had drifted to Tom, and how much she would love the chance to give him the same privilege, and then she realized she had forgotten all about rowing practice. She wasn’t about to confess all of that to the team.

   She decided to give up. She threw up her hands, and let out a deep breath. “You know what, fuck it. Go ahead. Spank me. I deserve it.”

   Carissa beamed with a huge smile, and sprung into action. She walked over to Kaylee, making no attempt to hide her excitement. She faced her, folded her arms, and looking down, spoke in a domineering tone. 

   “Alright, then…..bend over, bitch!”

   Some girls laughed. A few put their hands over their mouths in disbelief.

   Kaylee stood immobile for just a second, sighed, and then obeyed. She faced her locker, bent forward, and placed her hands around her calves. Her butt, covered by nothing more than a pair of panties, and her favorite pink yoga pants, went on full display for the whole team, as she presented it for punishment.

   A couple of the girls made comments on how nice her butt was. Someone else whistled. Allison made a B line for the door to make sure it was locked.

   Carissa positioned herself with her right hand behind her target. “Ok…you’re getting it from each of us. You were ten minutes late, and that affects everyone. So everyone will give you ten spanks,” Carissa warned.

   Suddenly Kaylee realized that if the wack she got from Allison was any indication of what was to come, she was not going to like what was in store for her. The girls began lining up behind Carissa. Staring at her freshly manicured toes, Kaylee could hear the shuffling of feet, along with comments about her “fine ass.” The embarrassment of being bent over in front of her team, mixed with the anticipation of that awful sting – now to be delivered 10 times from each person – was too much. She wanted to be tough, but her eyes began to well up with tears.

   Carissa placed her left hand on the small of Kaylee’s back, and positioned herself to administer the first 10 smacks. She heard Kaylee sniffle, so she softened.

   “You ok there, sweetie?” Carissa asked.

   Kaylee choked back her tears. “Yah I’m fine. It’s ok…it’s, it’s just….I’ve never been spanked before. Go easy ok? I’m a newbie.”

   Carissa took pity. She looked at the girls in line behind her, and gave them all a nod. “It won’t be that bad, don’t worry hun,” she assured her as she began rub her back. “But we’re not gonna go too easy. It is a punishment after all.”

   “I know,” Kaylee replied in meek voice.

   Kaylee had never felt more vulnerable. But unexpectedly, her heart began to well up with an unfamiliar feeling – a sense of being cared for. Growing up in a home without a father, and with an ambitious, absentee mother, she had never known the experience of loving discipline. And just as the thought occurred to her, a tear fell to the floor. She tried to gather her courage.

   “Go ahead, I’m ready Carissa.”

   And with that, Kaylee felt the stinging impact of Carissa’s hand on her left cheek. It was every bit as hard as the surprise spank attack she got from Allison. She though to herself, ”If this was going easy, then…”

   The next one landed before she could complete her thought, again on her left cheek. And then the next, on her right. Kaylee tried her hardest to hold still. She hissed, and gasped, and grimaced at each smack, but refused to cry out. Each spank became more painful than the last, until it became unbearable, and Kaylee tried to stand up while Carissa drew her hand back for the last few smacks.

   Carissa pressed down against her spankee to keep her in position. “No Kaylee, you stay in position, or I start over!” she said in a commanding tone. “You have three more spanks from me.”

   “Don’t be a bitch, Carissa!” Marissa blurted out in Kaylee’s defense.

   Carissa softened once more. She began to rub Kaylee’s back again, helping to both sooth her, while keeping her in position. 

   “It’s for your own good sweetie. I hope you know that. We just want you be respectful of our time, and be a better member of our team.”

   Even despite the pain, she was touched by Carissa’s sudden tenderness toward her. She wanted to prove worthy of it. She decided that she would continue in her submission, if it took all she had. 

   “I know…I’ll do better, I promise. Go ahead. I’ll hold still. Give me what I deserve.”

   And with that, Carissa drew her right hand back, and laid three thunderous smacks on the bottom of Kaylee’s left cheek, sounding sharp echos across the room.

   Kaylee finally let it out, “Ahhhhh, fuuuuuck!”

   Carissa removed her left hand, and turned to the line of girls. “Alright, next!”

   Immediately Kaylee stood up and took the opportunity to rub her butt with one hand on each cheek. She could feel her face flush red with embarrassment. After a brief pause, the pain subsided, and her courage returned. It was time to face the rest of the line.

   Allison had been next, and was waiting eagerly. She approached Kaylee who was standing, facing her locker with her hands on her butt. “Ok, I’ll give you nine smacks because I already spanked you once,” she said.

   “Thank you!” Kaylee replied.

   “Now bend over!” commanded Allison.

   Kaylee obeyed, and the process started all over again. Allison wasn’t as strong as Carissa, but still, each smack stung like hell. Allison smiled as she spanked Kaylee’s beautiful bottom again, and again. She took her her time, lecturing her teammate on the importance of punctuality. Kaylee was dying for it to stop, shifting her butt up, down, to the left, and the right – anything to absorb the sting without breaking position. But Allison’s punishing hand made its point, again, and again. Finally, Kaylee couldn’t take any more. Luckily, the spanks had finished. Allison shook her hand in the air. “Damn, that was painful for me too!”

   The girls laughed. The whole ordeal was becoming a strange mixture of play, love, and sadistic revenge.

   Marissa was next, but she decided to take a less playful approach than Allison. As Kaylee again rubbed her bottom, Marissa, who was much larger, and stronger than her, took both of Kaylee’s hands into her left hand and clasped them tight behind her back.

   “Kaylee, you are always coming in late,” she scolded. “This is for making all of us wait for you, and wasting our time. I hope this teaches you a lesson.”

   With that Marissa drew her right hand back as far as she could, and landed a smack right in the middle of her team mate’s bottom, making a loud “pop”. Kaylee yelped a loud “oooowwwww” but hardly had time to process the scorching sting before the second smack landed on her right cheek. She started lifting her heels. Then a third. Kaylee yelped, and jumped up and down. It did her no good. Her delicate hands were firmly in Marissa’s control, and even as she hopped, the spanks continued. “God,” she thought, “this spanking is the worst one.” Several more smacks came. Again, Kaylee felt like she couldn’t take any more. But just like she would have to push past her pain in the middle of a race, she let Marissa hold her feet – or rather, in this case, her bottom – to the fire. Finally, the last smack landed, and her hands were released.

   “Next in line!” Carissa barked. Marissa gave Kaylee a consoling squeeze on her shoulders, stepped aside, and gestured to the next spanker.

   The next girl took a page from Marissa’s technique, and let Kaylee stand while she held her hands at her back. The smacks weren’t nearly as forceful as Marissa’s, but they stung in their own awful way. Kaylee began to feel tears stream down her face.

   The remaining girls took their turns, and delivered their ten smacks as Kaylee cried, and tried desperately to hold still. Each one followed Allison’s example, lecturing their spankee on the importance of being on time, being considerate of her team mates, and not using her fine ass to wiggle out of her push ups. Some had her bend over. A couple others made her put her hands at the back of her head. All Kaylee could do was blubber through her tears, “I’m sorry…I’ll never do it again!” She meant it.

   As the final smack landed, with Kaylee again bent over, the team burst into applause, and each girl went to their beleaguered teammate, gave her a long hug, and a word of encouragement. Kaylee’s butt was on fire, but she had never felt closer to her team.

   Carissa was softening more toward Kaylee, seeing what she had been through. She squeezed her shoulder, and spoke in a gentle tone. “Good job, kiddo. I think you’ve learned your lesson. No belt for you, ok? At least not this time.”

   Kaylee had completely forgotten about the belt, but the outpouring of support from her team filled her with a sense of bravery. She saw an opportunity to prove her dedication, once and for all.

   She sniffled, and wiped her eyes. “No. I need the belt. I mean…that’s the deal we made. I don’t wanna wuss out. Spank me with the belt.”

   Everyone stared at Kaylee in shock.

   “Now that’s the kind of commitment this team needs!” Carissa said, pointing pridefully at her team mate. “Alight, who has a belt!?.”

   Allison was now dressed for date night with her boyfriend. She was wearing a blue dress with a brown leather belt in the middle. It was thinner than a man’s belt, braided together with several thin strips of leather. She knew that it was the perfect instrument for punishment. But it was a little too perfect, she feared. She had been on the receiving end of that belt, not that long ago, when she was caught selling marijuana to a friend of hers. Since she was an adult, she could go to jail. So her step mom gave her a choice of involving the police, or receiving corporal punishment. Long story short: that thin, supple leather stung her backside like nothing she could ever have imagined. To this day, just thinking of shoplifting brought chills down her spine. She didn’t want to do that to her friend. But nobody else had volunteered. The girls saw what she was wearing, and soon all eyes were looking at her, expectantly. She thought it over for a moment longer. She decided to woman-up, and give Kaylee the tough love that she desperately needed.

   Allison took a deep breath, and put her hands on her hips. “Alright Kaylee, it’s time for you to get a good butt whippin’.”

   Kaylee watched her friend unbuckle the belt, and remove it from around her waist. She then watched as Allison folded the belt in half, and held both ends together at the buckle in her right hand. The belt hung down by her right leg.

   The two girls locked eyes. Kaylee’s big baby blues were moist. Allison decided to take on a dominant tone, just like her step-mom had done with her. She stared at her coldly. “You know exactly what to do,” she said.

   At the sound of those words, Kaylee swallowed hard, choking back the return of her tears. Slowly, she turned back toward her locker. Her mind started to race. She wondered if she could just change her mind without losing the new-found respect of her team. Maybe Allison wouldn’t whip her that hard. Maybe if….

   Her thoughts were interrupted by the touch of Allisons hand on her back, as she pushed her down gently, coaxing her back into position, one more time.

   Bent over, she clasped her calves, and grimaced in anticipation as she took a deep breath, and held it.

   “Are you ready??” Allison whispered, stepping out of her dominant character, for just a moment.

   Kaylee took another deep breath, and sighed. “Yes. Go ahead Allison.”

   Allison paused for just a second, reached the belt back behind her, and whipped it across the lower end of Kaylee’s bottom, making a loud “Whaaap!” Poor Kaylee, feeling the awful sting of the belt for the first time, jumped up, grabbed her butt, and danced on her toes.

   “Five more! Get back in position!” Allison commanded, returning to her strict persona. But Kaylee wasn’t finished absorbing the sting of the belt. Allison was unrelenting. “You asked for this. Now get back in position,” she commanded firmly. Kaylee hesitated.

   “I’m waiting…” Allison said firmly.

Kaylee found her resolve, and bent forward. The second whap of leather striped across her bottom, this time landing partially on her thighs. She jumped again. “Ow, ow, ow, owwww,” she cried, dancing, and rubbing her butt furiously.

   Kaylee turned toward her temmate, and begged. “It’s too hard to take it bending over. Can we please try something else?”

   Allison thought back to her own punishment, and how her step mom had her lie on the bed, after bending over was making an already awful whipping much worse. It was easier to hold still that way, although the belt could swing much harder in that position. She had to pull her pants down too. At least it was over faster, without all of the jumping up, and down, and having to reposition for every stroke.

   Allison agreed. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you lie down on the bench. The girls can hold your hands and feet, so you don’t fall off. I’ll give it to you hard, and quick. It’ll be like ripping off a bandaid. But I’ll have to give you a few extra for not being able to take it on your own.”

   “Damn” Marissa, and another girl said in spontaneous unison. A few of the girls looked at each other, and smiled sheepishly. There seemed to be a collective observation that Allison was suspiciously good at doling out punishment.

   Kaylee paused for a few seconds, silently negotiating the pros and cons of Allison’s offer. Bending over was not an option, she decided. She moved toward the bench by her locker, knelt on it first, and then lowered her body onto it until she was face down, against the wood, her hands stretched out in front of her. Allison grabbed a towel from her locker, folded it, and put it under Kaylee’s head, as a make-shift pillow. Her butt protruded slightly into the air, putting on full display the voluptuous body that was the envy of every girl in her school, not to mention the fantasy of many boys. Carissa wasted no time in reaching for her hands. Marissa did the same, and grabbed each of her ankles, holding them against the bench. Her bare feet dangled over the end.

   Allison moved to to her teammate’s left side. Kaylee shut her eyes, and grimaced in anticipation. 

   Allison raised the belt into the air, just above her shoulder, and brought it down with force on the lower half of Kaylee’s butt.

   The sound of the belt echoed through the room. Kaylee cried out, and the tears began to flow once more.

   The belt landed again on her bottom in the same spot. She jerked hard against the restraints of her friend’s hands, and then began to sob quietly, resigned to the punishment that she had brought on herself.

   Three more whips from the belt, just as hard as the first, in quick succession. Each one landed squarely in the middle of Kaylee’s butt cheeks, creating a slight jiggle that Allison could see even through the stretchy spandex material that covered her plump, tender moon.

   Kaylee felt helpless as the the belt stung her already sore butt, again and again, causing her to regret her long history of wasting other people’s time. Allison added to her remorse, scolding her for her “awful behavior,” “rudeness,” and “lack of respect.” For Kaylee, the tongue lashing was almost as painful as the one she was getting with the belt.

   Finally, Allison initiated the grande finale. She paused for a moment. Then she rested the belt across the bottom of Kaylee’s butt, an inch or so from her thighs.

   Allison lifted the belt once more, and began to shout, interrupting herself with forceful whips on the girl’s behind. “Kaylee, you have been a bad…” “Whaaaap!!!”

   “Bad!…” again, another stroke, closer to the right.

   “Girl!” another “whaaaap” sound filled the room. The girls were having to put extra effort into holding her down.

   “Don’t you ever!…” “Whaaap!!!!”

   “Be late!” “Whaaaap!!!” Her voice was getting louder.

   “For practice!!!” “Whaaaap!!”

   “Again!!!!” “Whaaaaap!!”

   Kaylee could no longer cry out, but had instead buried her face into the towel, which was now soaked with tears of pure remorse. Allison nodded at Carissa. Carissa released her hands, and rubbed Kaylee’s back. Still, the young spankee remained in place, head down, crying, and muttering the only words she seemed to remember how to say…”I’m sooorrry.”

   And with that, Kaylee’s first spanking had finally come to an end.

   Allison took the belt, and wrapped it back around her dress. With Carissa’s help, Kaylee pushed herself up from the bench, stood up straight, and began rubbing her backside, stopping only to wipe the tears from her face.

   Allison took pity on her friend and gave her a long hug.

   “Goooood job!” she said.

   Then Carissa, and each girl, one by one, gave Kaylee one last hug, and complemented her bravery, each in their own way. Kaylee breathed a sigh of relief.

   “I don’t think I am ever going to be late again…like to anything…ever…in my life!” said Kaylee, smiling through the last of her tears.

   Everyone laughed. “I don’t think any of us will ever be late to practice from now on,” said one of the girls.

   The girls began their exit. Kaylee said they should go on without her, since she needed to wash her face in the bathroom. Everyone said their goodbyes for the evening, and headed home.

   After washing her face, she took a long look in the mirror. Her eyes, and nose were red. She watched her lips stretch effortlessly into a smile. Rather than feeling guilty about being late, like she usually did, she felt cleansed. She had paid for her wrong doing with pain, and embarrassment, delivered to her by the very people she had wronged. It seemed fitting…strangely satisfying.

   She stepped outside, and immediately could feel, and smell the cool ocean air. It was one of her favorite parts of going to school on the west coast. As she drove home she shifted in her seat, trying to ease the discomfort of her punished bottom. It was a price worth paying, she thought. Finally, all was right with the team. 

   Her mind wandered to other possibilities. Maybe this wouldn’t be the last time she would subject herself to corporal punishment. Perhaps, in the future, this new-found method of loving discipline could be the catalyst that would grow her into the strong, disciplined woman she had always longed to be.

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