A Backseat Blistering

The following is based on a true story. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent, and the not so innocent

Content: M/F, consensual, spanking, and sex

Cameron drove with one hand on the steering wheel of his gray Toyota Prius, the other in Jessica’s lap, as he stroked back and forth with his thumb across the tops of her fingers. It was a mild October night in Redlands, California; the moon was bright, and the roads through the orchards were mostly empty. Jessica gave directions as they drove through her home town, looking for a secluded place where they could be undisturbed together.

Jessica, who was 27 years old, and in grad school, lived with her Aunt and Uncle in a small house in the rural end of town. When Cameron visited, it was hard for them to be alone, so they settled on his car as a bedroom on wheels. Cameron was three years older. Being late-bloomers, parking in the dark with was a novel experience for both of them. It made them feel that they were experiencing some youthful adventure that they had missed out on in their formative years.

They often joked that their constant sneaking away to indulge their lusts was simply a making up for lost time. They each grew up in religious homes, so there was an additional sense that their kissing, touching, spanking, and love-making was a sweet forbidden fruit. All of it was heightened by the deep bond that they had formed over the previous months. They had long, intimate talks. They learned to dance together, laughed at each other’s jokes, and shared their creative endeavors. Cameron wrote songs, and sang in a way that melted her heart. She wrote poems, and read them aloud to him by candle light in the dark.

Cameron took great pleasure, and pride in his new-found love. Jessica originally caught his eye on the dance floor, on a Friday evening in June of that same year. She had big, deep down eyes, and an innocence in her smile that Cameron hadn’t seen in a woman in a very long time. Her high cheek bones, and small frame had him guessing that she must be of Chinese ancestry, perhaps mixed with European decent. Her blue dress fit her hour-glass frame exquisitely, and curved over her bottom, protruding out just enough to distract his attention from her beaming smile as he watched her dance.

As he drove through the orchards, he took a moment to remember the conversation that started it all. He walked to her, and asked her to dance. He found her beauty intimidating. But as they danced, and talked, he noticed a humility, and gentleness about her that put him at ease.

Cameron had come into his own, albeit much later in life than he preferred. Upon meeting, Jessica immediately took notice of his skillful, confident leading on the dance floor. He made her laugh, complemented her in subtle ways; and yet he seemed slightly aloof at times. It always left her wanting more. He had a mature, dapper appearance. He often looked the part of a swing dancer from a by-gone era: dressed immaculately in black slacks, suspenders, and bow-tie. She admired his broad shoulders, and sturdy frame, coupled with kind brown eyes, and short hair of the same color. His cologne sweetened the air between them as they danced – tantalizing her senses, and filling her with a nostalgia for a simpler time. A time, she imagined, that was long ago, when men were men, and love was more than a fleeting emotion.

Cameron pulled into their usual spot, along the curb of a dark, desolate street across from a couple of houses. It wasn’t a secret spot, exactly, but they had yet to see a soul so much as walk by in all the times they had been there. He parked, but left the car running so they could enjoy the air conditioning. Jessica felt butterflies in her stomach. She had been craving time alone with Cameron all week. In fact, just the day before she had shaved herself in preparation. She knew exactly how he liked it: almost bare, with a light patch of brown hair concealing her womanhood. She loved shaving for him. Not only did it make him rock hard when he slid off her panties; but it increased her chances of getting to feel his warm, skillful tongue licking her most intimate parts. That, in fact, was what she had been fantasizing about, all week long.

He unbuckled his seat belt, and leaned over toward her. She smiled in anticipation. He grabbed her thigh underneath her skirt with his left hand, squeezed it hungrily, as he kissed her cheek, letting his lips linger as he inhaled. His hands, and lips sent waves of pleasure through her body.

“Oh, hi there…” she teased.

Cameron chuckled, playfully planting kisses on her cheek. “Hello, miss Jessica. It’s good to see you again. Would you like to step into my office??”

“Yes, I would sir.” She was taking on a submissive tone that she knew would heighten his desire.

He gave her one more kiss, and reached down to her seatbelt. “Click.”

“Good girl,” he replied with mock condescension.

They smiled at each other knowingly, opened each of their doors, and headed for the back seat.

As Cameron got out of the car he looked to his left, and then to his right. The coast was still clear, he thought. Just to be sure, he scanned the neighborhood one more time. His gaze dropped to see his girlfriend in the backseat, tying her hair into a pony tail.

Watching her put her hair up made Cameron’s manhood start to swell, as he opened the car door, and made his way inside. “Thank you for putting your hair up, miss Jessica. You are clearly learning to obey the rules.”

“I didn’t want to earn myself another spanking,” she replied with a pouty smile.

She was referring to the very first time she took him in her mouth. Cameron loved watching her lips sucked tight around the sensitive skin of his manhood. But her hair kept getting in the way of his view. He teased her that the next time she tried to pleasure him without putting her hair up, she would receive a punishment. She agreed to the arrangement, and then soon found herself bent over across her boyfriend’s lap, receiving 10 smacks on her bare butt.

“Silly girl…you’re gonna get a spanking no matter what you do,” he said, ominously, as he positioned himself on the drivers side of the backseat.

Jessica was tired of waiting. She leaned forward, and began to kiss him passionately. He could feel her warm breath on his face, coupled with her soft lips against his. His eyes closed, he reached behind her, and squeezed her butt cheeks with both hands. She let out a soft moan. He felt her hand move across his right thigh. She squeezed through his blue jeans, grabbing firmly onto his bulge. It was hard as a rock. She could hardly contain her excitement at the thought of soon feeling it inside of her.

He whispered into her ear. “You are a very bad girl! Touching my dick, like a dirty little whore.”

Cameron was speaking her language. Dirty talk made Jessica wet with excitement. “I can’t help it Sir…I guess I’m gonna have to get punished.”

Cameron could fill the tip of his dick becoming damp at the sound of those words. “Not to mention, you were late several times this past week. And you have been doing a terrible job, babysitting my children,” he said, now taking on a stern tone.

Jessica picked up on the impromptu role-play. She knew exactly what to do.

“That’s because you’re a bad parent, and your kids are shit heads!” she said in mock arrogance, still planting kisses on his smile. Jessica was a theatre buff. She loved the way that their sex life allowed her to tap into her dormant acting skills.

Cameron raised his voice slightly. “Excuse me, young lady? How dare you talk to me like that!”

Jessica pulled back, and bit her lip, looking at him like the naive, careless young lady she was pretending to be. “I’m sorry sir! I didn’t mean it! I mean…I wasn’t thinking…please don’t be mad at me??”

“I will give you a choice,” he said. “You can lose your job. Or you can go across my lap right now, and receive a severe spanking.”

She paused, and looked down for a moment. Cameron relished in the anticipation.

“I’ll take the spanking Sir.” Jessica said, submissively. She draped herself over Cameron’s lap, lifted her skirt, and wiggled her butt, smiling back at him flirtatiously.

To Be Continued…

Thanks for reading! To read the rest of this story can be found within the pages of Punished: A Collection of Sexy Spanking Stories available on Amazon.com
































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