The Secret (Part 1)

It was the most humiliating moment of my life…standing there in the living room, having to decide between the belt, and the law, but I had little choice. My mom, and step-dad had caught me shoplifting, and since I was 18, I could go to jail. There was only one way to avoid getting the police involved. I had to take the belt whipping of my life, as my mom phrased it. 

Thankfully, she gave me the option of getting it from her, or from John. I chose John. Having to bend over, and present my butt to my own mother was beyond what I could take. I would rather get arrested. But John was a man, and not even my real father. He was only 15 years my senior. And as uncomfortable as it made me to admit to myself, I had developed a little crush on him. We were as close as a daddy, and daughter could be, although we were more like friends.

My punishment was to take place the night after the incident, while my mom was out shopping for things to make dinner with. They informed me that it would be severe, and that I was to hold still throughout unless I wanted to get it again the next night. But I had a strategy…

I knew John liked me. In fact there was a deliciously awkward sexual tension developing between us as I finally grew into a woman. I had a feeling he would give me some leniency if I gave him what he wanted in return. As soon as my mom left the house I went upstairs to my room, got into my pajamas, and laid on the bed with my face down, and my butt up in the air. 

John came in shortly after. He didn’t say a word, but I could hear his belt unbuckling. It was a terrifying sound that I was all too familiar with. But this time if felt different. Having my butt raised, being in such a vulnerable, and submissive posture…it was kind of exciting. I felt ashamed that I was having those feelings, but it wasn’t my fault. I was only doing what I was told. 

“I’m sorry daddy,” I said in a small voice as I reached back and pulled down my pajamas. “Please don’t spank me too hard ok? If you don’t I’ll be a good girl, and do whatever you want.” I knew the submissive girl routine would have him eating right out of my hand.

He remained silent for a moment, and then cleared his throat. “What…exactly are you referring to Jenny?” he said inquisitively. I could detect a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“I’m just saying, I’ll be good, and you can punish me however you want to. I’ll hold still,” I said, as I looked back at him and gave him a wink. 

The silence that followed was deafening. Maybe I went too far, I thought. Oh God, I just came on to my step dad! What was I thinking…

And just as the thought occurred to me I felt his fingers inside the waist band of my white panties. He slipped them down to my thighs. I could hear his breathing become ragged.

“Jenny, you know I don’t want to do this to you,” he said somberly. “But if your mom knows I went easy on you she’ll give it to you even worse.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied. “Don’t worry, I’m a cry baby when I get punished. If she sees that I cried, she’ll know you did a good job.” 

John hesitated for a moment, and then I heard the clanging of the belt buckle, and I knew the first whap was on its way.

I clenched my jaw in anticipation. 

The leather striped across my bare flesh without mercy, and I gasped, desperately trying not scream. Another whip came quickly after, and I grabbed the nearest pillow so I could muffle my cries. A third landed just above my thighs, and I kicked my legs furiously. John paused for a moment. I could hear him breathing loudly, and noticed a strange warming sensation between my legs, distracting me for a moment from the excruciating sting on my behind.

I felt a bizarre sense of intimacy with him now, bent over, partially naked, and completely subject to his command. It was humiliating, and painful…yet it seemed to be satisfying some desire I didn’t know I had.

The scourge of the belt returned, and my muffled screams turned to sobs. I continued to kick, and shift my bottom, but I managed to hold still. It seemed that he was whipping me in sets of 3 or 4, giving me a moment to recover after each installment. It went on for much longer than I thought it would, maybe the better part of 30 minutes. I told him I would hold still, and so I did my best to keep my word. After one stoke of the belt wrapped around my hip, I finally lost my resolve, and I broke my position. I grabbed my butt with both hands, and rolled on to my side.

“Get back in position Jenny.” he commanded. .”You know this has to severe.”

His dominant tone caused the searing pain on my bottom to melt into pleasure. He could see my sex now, covered only by a light patch of brown hair. I didn’t care. If this was the consequence for shoplifting, I thought, I might be doing it more often.

“Get back in position Jenny, or I will tell your mother you disobeyed me.”

With that I hastily scrambled back into the butt up, face down posture I started with. I closed my eyes, and grit my teeth. But the next thing I heard was the sound of the belt hitting the floor. It was followed by the sound John’s zipper. I could hardly believe what was happening when I finally felt the tip of his manhood, still covered by his underwear, up against my throbbing, wet sex.

I moaned in the pillow. John seemed to be testing the waters, so I encouraged him. “John…I mean, Daddy…I’ll be good, I promise. I won’t tell anyone.”

With that I felt his bulge stiffen as he pushed against me again. His hands rested on my hips, and I spun around to face him. Our eyes locked, and we looked at each other with trepidation. 

I reached my arms up toward him. He leaned down, and as he did, I grabbed his head and pulled it toward my sex. John closed his eyes, and began to pleasure me with his mouth.

Each lap of his tongue was heaven on earth, as I moaned desperately, pulling on his thick brown hair, and tilting my head back. He was every bit as skillful as I imagined. Time stood still, and before I knew it I was lost in an orgasmic release, shuddering, and pumping my pelvis into his mouth.

He withdrew, and just as he did, the sound of the front door opening jolted both of us out of our lustful stupor. He rushed to pull up his pants, and grab his belt. 

He leaned toward me and whispered in my ear. “Pull up your PJs, and go stand in the corner. I’ll go report to your mom.”

With his belt still in his right hand he reached for the door, and looked back at me. 

“This never happened, right?” 

“What never happened?” I replied.

He smiled, and winked at me. “Exactly. Now be a good girl, and get in that corner young lady.”

I happily, and dutifully obeyed. It would not be the last time.

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