The Secret (Part 2)

I had no idea what was about to happen. I was only following orders. I knew that if I dis-obeyed him, the consequences would be severe. So there I was, bent over, leaning against the sink in the slutty outfit that I had intended to leave the house with.

My step dad, and I had a wonderful relationship, but it took a strange turn the week prior. I had been caught shoplifting, and so my mom told me I could receive a spanking with the belt, or the police would be involved. Long story short, I opted for the belt whipping, and requested that it be carried out by John. There was already a deep sexual tension between us, but now that I was 18 we had begun to flirt, and make innuendos to each other when my mom wasn’t looking. The spanking he gave me broke the damn of my pent up desire, and I allowed him to have his way with me, once my punishment was over.

It was wonderful. I finally could see why my mom was so deeply in love with him, and why she was so hungry for him all of the time. Hearing her moans from inside her bedroom were such a common occurrence that I had gotten used to it. They didn’t turn me off. They made me curious. What was he doing to her that was giving her such intense pleasure? How was he doing it? I often fantasized about having the courage to open the door, and see for myself. Secretly, I wondered what it would be like if I was invited to participate. The thought was so shameful. But it made me wet every time it occurred to me.

Seven days had passed from the night of my whipping from John. It consumed my thoughts, and brought me to orgasm on several occasions as I fingered myself to the memory of his leather belt whipping across my bare flesh. I had other orgasms, just as intense, thinking about his tongue tracing along the edges of my clitoris.

My mom was gone on a business trip, and we were alone for the week. I put on the sluttiest outfit I could find, and made sure he saw me as I left the house to “go see a friend,” as I put it. 

Naturally, he objected to my outfit, and in an oscar-worthy exibition of my acting skills, I raised my voice at him, and told him he had no right to tell me what to do. We snapped at each other back and forth, until I finally told him to “fuck off” and I went for the door. 

John’s voice stopped me cold. “Ohhhh you’re mom is gonna flip when she hears about what you just said to me. You might as well kiss your phone, and your car goodbye right now young lady…”

Oh shit…maybe my acting was a little too good, I thought to myself. He seems genuinely upset. I turned around to face him.

“Nooo, please!! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please don’t tell her!” I said, suddenly turning my tone of voice from anger into anxious pleading.

John stared at me coldly. He gestured with his index finger to for me to approach him. I obeyed.

“Daddy…please? Punish me…but don’t tell mom, ok?” I said softly, with a hint of a smile on my lips.

With that, he grabbed me by my right arm and marched me down the hallway, straight to the bathroom. He pushed the bathroom door open violently, and stood me directly in front to the sink.

“I want you to lean over the sink, and take a long hard look at yourself. 

I felt his hands at my hips. He grabbed onto my black skirt, and pulled it to the floor.

“I will be back in a few moments. And when I get back, I’m going to show you what happens to naughty girls who dress like little whores.”

His words sent waves of pleasure through my body. It was going to happen again! Only now, we were alone, and he would be all mine. I stood still, lost in the anticipation.

“Now, Jenny!!” he barked at me, startling me out of my lustful stupor.

“Yes sir!” I replied frantically, as I leaned onto the sink.

He left the room. I heard his footseps down the hallway, followed by the sound of him rummaging in the master bedroom. “Was he looking for something? What could it be?” I thought to myself.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and took a vain pride in the sexy woman who was staring back at me. My black laced top showed just the right amount of cleavage, contrasting perfectly with my innocent brown eyes, and my soft pink lips. I looked back at my butt, bare now that the skirt was pulled down. It was so perfectly round, and lovely. No wonder John couldn’t keep himself from having his own step-daughter. I was the perfect specimen…looking so deceptively naive, and in such desperate need of the stern, loving hand of an older man.

Five minutes or so passed before John re-entered the room. He was holding a small, but thick wooden paddle. It was oval shaped, about the size of a standard old-fashioned hairbrush, but it was nothing but solid wood. My eyes grew wide. I tried a paddle on myself once. It was way worse than the belt. I could barely give myself three good swats without giving up. He placed it on the sink, just below the mirror. It looked new. “Oh my God!” I thought to myself, “that’s what was in the brown bag that he brought home the other day!”

“Jenny,” he said, “you have been a very, very bad girl these past two weeks.”

My heart began to race.

“Obviously, the whipping I gave you last week didn’t teach you anything, so I’m going to do something that will make a more lasting impression. In fact, I’m going to make sure you remember this every time you sit down for the next week, at least.”

I started thinking, “maybe I went too far this time. What if the paddling was more than I could take??”

My breathing became shallow. My anxiety heightened until it gave way to pure lust, and I felt my sex become wet at the thought of being punished again.

I took a deep breath, and replied. “Yes, Daddy…give me what I deserve. I’ll be a good girl.”

He removed the paddle from the sink. I felt it touch up against my left cheek. It was cool to the touch, and body tensed as it made contact. I closed my eyes, and clenched my teeth. There was a moment of silence, and all I could hear was the sound of my racing heart, and my ragged breath.

The first smack was sharp, and sudden. It sent a burning sting that seemed to shoot through my body. I stood up as I gasped.

John’s hand rested on my back and gently pushed me back into position. The second landed in the same spot. The pain intensified, and cried out, “Owwww, daddy!”

The next few landed on the right, even harder. The pain was consuming, yet not quite unbearable. I watched in the mirror as he sternly, and methodically paddled my bottom. John was a good man. I knew I could put an end to it at any moment. But still, I felt a sense of being helpless under his firm control. I was nothing more than a naughty girl, getting nothing more than I deserved. I internalized that thought, and repeated it in my mind as a sort of affirmation, letting it sink me deeply into blissful submission.

The smacks continued, and I replied to them with desperate pleas: “Daddy…I’m sorry,” “I’ll be good, I promise,” and “please nooo more!!!”

The pleading had its intended effect. The more I begged, the harder he spanked me. When the last swat landed on my right cheek, tears were streaming down my face.

The spanking stopped. I watched him in the mirror as he stared at me. His face was stoic. I looked down at the sink, and took a moment to recover. The burning on my cheeks was turning to a delicious tingle, as the warmth on my bottom traveled to my sex. I was suddenly consumed with the thought of feeling him inside me for what would be the very first time. I heard him toss the paddle onto the carpet outside of the bathroom.

“Daddy?” I said in a small, submissive voice. “I have a confession to make…”

“Yes, princess?” he replied.

“I’ve been taking birth control.”

“Ohhhhh, have you now?” he said slowly in a breathy voice.

I nodded, pouting slightly.

I looked back into the mirror, and saw him unbuckling his belt. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. 

I felt the tip of his manhood against the moist lips of my sex. I was surprised that it wasn’t covered by his boxers. It was was warm, and stiff. It sent an electricity through my body.

“But you don’t have a husband, princess. Why on earth would you need to take brith control??” he said softly. The tip of his dick was moving up and down along my opening.

“Because I’m a very bad girl…” I replied, smiling, as I felt his hands on my shoulders. I stuck my butt out further.

“Well, you’re gonna find out what happens to bad girls Jenny…”

With that he reached for my breasts, and squeezed them firmly. His manhood dipped inside me, filling me up completely, throbbing as he began moving in, and out. I cried out in a desperate moan. “Ohhhhh, Daddy!”

His fingers reached into my bra, and he yanked my top down, ripping it in half at the center of my chest. His thrusting picked up speed.

I held my position at the sink, and I could feel him becoming even larger inside me. He began to jerk his hips forcefully. I had to hold on tight to avoid being rammed into the mirror. His aggression sent me even deeper into subspace. I repeated with every thrust, “ohhh Daddy,” letting my cries grow in volume, and in pitch. It went on for what must have been at least 20 minutes.

His hands moved from my breasts, to my hips, to my thighs, and then back to my breasts as he explored me freely. He kepted one hand clasped onto my left breast, while the other grabbed a fistfull of my hair. I felt my head jerk back toward him, and then I felt his breath on my right ear. He whispered, “Honey, I’m sorry, but I’m sooo close.”

“Oh no, go ahead please! I’m being punished!!” I replied, looking at him in the mirror.

With that he let a high pitched yell, and I felt his warm, creamy load spill into my body, as his hips shuddered against my tender moon.

He withdrew himself, and leaned his back up against the wall across from the sink. I turned around, and knelt on the shower mat in front of him. I took his stiff, dripping manhood into my mouth, and sucked off the remaining cum. Some had already gotten onto the shower mat. I could feel the rest start to spill out from my sex onto to the tops of my thights. He was salty, but I happily swallowed what was left, and I continued licking him clean until his erection went away.

He placed his hands on my head, and stroked my hair lovingly. “Goooood girl,” he said. You’ve definitely earned your phone, and car privileges for as long as I have any say over it.”

I smiled, and looked up at him. “Thank you Daddy. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes, princess…I want you to clean up after us in here, and make dinner. After dinner, if you’re a good girl, I’ll make you cum tonight before you go to bed.”

He reached down, picked up his pants, and put them back on. I stood up, and put my arms around his neck.

“Thank you for punishing me. I know I deserved it.” I said in a contrite tone of voice as we hugged.

“You’re more than welcome sweetheart. Now get started on cleaning up, and making dinner. Take the paddle, and keep it in your room. I have a feeling we’ll be using it again.”

“Yes, sir!” I replied, with excitement.

He held my face, and kissed my forehead. “I love you.”

I smiled. “I love you too, John…I mean, Daddy.”

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