The Secret, Part 3

I did exactly as John requested. I cleaned up the mess we made in the bathroom, showered and started making dinner for us. I loved making dinner for my family, but tonight would be special. For one, since my mom was gone all week on her business trip, it would just be him, and I alone together. We had dined alone together before, but not at home. Two, we had just had sex for the first time. I was still beaming from the whole experience. From what I could tell so far, my step-dad had some amazing skills as a lover.

I kept trying to figure out why he was so good. From what I knew, John didn’t have an unusual amount of sexual experience. He was very handsome – about 6ft. tall, piercing brown eyes, with a robust frame. But he was too nice of a guy to go sleeping around. I had a theory. My mom is a sex therapist. She writes books, and travels the country speaking on relationships, and sexuality. Her most recent book was something about non-monogamy, and the promotion tour was the reason she was gone. (I could never figure my mom out. She had such progressive views on sexuality, yet she was a firm believer in spanking.) My theory was that she taught John everything he knows about how to pleasure a woman. They had been together for 2 years at that point, so I’m sure that’s plenty of time to learn how to make a girl orgasm in record time.

Whatever the reason was, I was grateful to finally have a man in my life who knew what he was doing. I was making spaghetti, and while I was stirring the sauce, I thought back to what we did in the bathroom. That paddling had to be the absolute worst spanking of my life, which only made the sex we had even better. There was something about feeling his hips slamming against my butt (which was raw from the paddling) that brought my arousal to a whole new level. Damnit! Why did he have to belong to my mom? It was so unfair, I thought to myself, as I hummed the tune of “That’s Amore” quietly. Somehow thinking about sex, and Italian food got that song stuck in my head.

John was in the shower as I was cooking. I was desperately hoping he would make good on his promise to make me cum before I went to bed. I put a little extra wine in the sauce. Hopefully, that would get him in the right mood.

John came out from the bathroom, and into the kitchen. I smiled back at him, as I continued stirring. He was dressed in faded blue jeans, and a white t-shirt that hung enticingly off of his chest. He placed his hands on my shoulders, and began to massage them. His grip was firm, and warm. 

“How are you feeling, sweetie?” 

I sighed. “Ohhhh you know…amazing!” I replied as I turned around, and put my arms around his neck.

I stood up on my toes, and kissed his smile.

“You are an excellent kisser,” he said softly. He leaned in and began to plant soft kisses on my neck.

I leaned my head back and moved my hands down to his arms. They were firm, and muscular.

I felt his hands slide down my body until he squeezed by butt firmly. My tender behind was in no conditioned to be manhandled, and I felt an intense pain. But it only made me want him more.

I slid my hands from his biceps down to his hips. Slowly, I slid my right hand toward his manhood. It still felt strange to touch my step-dad in that way. I hesitated, stopping my hand just short of his crotch.

“Were you about to do what I think you were about to do?” he said in a teasing voice.

“May I please?” I pleaded softly.

“Only if you want another spanking,” he replied. “Touching your step-fathers dick? That would be a very, very naughty thing to do.”

“Even naughtier than sucking on it in the bathroom??”

John pulled his head back and laughed out loud. He smiled down at me, and gave me kiss on my forehead. “Well yes, princess…we’re in the kitchen now…anyone outside could see. And besides, you’re supposed to be making dinner.”

“Ohhh reeeally?” I teased. “I guess, I just can’t help myself then…” I slid my hand over the rest of the way and I squeezed his bulge. It was hard as a rock.

John went quiet. I squeezed repeatedly in pulses, and he continued planting kisses on the base of my neck. His grip remained firm on my bottom.

“Ohhhh, you are in some much trouble young lady,” he told me as the kisses continued.

“I know…I’m such a bad girl. Are you gonna spank me again daddy?”

He pulled away from my neck, and took a step back. He placed his hands on his hips, and looked at me intently. “Ohhh, I think that I should. It seems like you are intent on persisting in being a filthy whore who will not control herself.” 

Something about his paternal tone, and his degrading insults turned my want of him, into an absolute need. I decided to up the ante.

I raised both of my fists up to my shoulders, and looked directly into his eyes. There was a brief moment of silence as we stared at each other. I flicked both of my middle fingers into the air, and I mustered up the brattiest tone I could as I replied.


The next few moments seemed to go in slow motion. I saw his brow furrow, and his hands drop to his sides. He took two steps toward me, and lifted his hand up flat beside his right ear.

“You wanna try that again?” he said in the most threatening voice he had ever spoken to me with.

I knew my next words would have severe consequences. But I was lost in the drama that was suddenly unfolding between us.

“I said, fuck…you!” I replied, enunciating crisply.

The next thing I felt was the brutal sting of his hand across my left cheek. The slap turned my head to my right. I remained there with my head turned, frozen like a statue. A spanking was one thing. But he had never punished me in this way. He stood in place. I kept my head turned, my brown silky hair covering my face. I tried to choke back my tears, but one began to roll down the same cheek that had just been slapped.

I turned to look him. His eyes were wide, and I could see his chest expand, and contract with each breath he took. We stared at each other, bewildered. I took two steps toward him, looked down, and reached for his belt.

“I’m so sorry daddy,” I said, my voice quivering, as I began to pull the end of his belt out of its pant loop. 

I began unfastening and I took a moment to admire my chosen tool of chastisement. The buckle was made of brass, and reminded me of something a man would have worn long ago. The leather was thick, worn, and menacing. I remembered vividly the searing pain it left on my behind. I knew that such a belt had the power to whip a woman into complete submission. I wasn’t looking forward to feeling it again. But I knew that I needed it. I needed it desperately.

John reached over to the stove, and turned off the burner. I pulled the belt out through his pant loops, I folded it in half, and handed it to him.

“Here, daddy…”

He took the belt from me. I turned around, and unbuttoned my jeans. I pulled down the zipper, and let them fall down to my ankles. I grabbed the backs of my calves.

The scene before him must have driven John wild. His beautiful step-daughter, bent over over before him, with her blue jeans around her ankles, and pair of white panties, peppered with small red hearts, stretched across her bottom. At least that’s the only explanation I can think of for what happened next.

I felt the leather strap across the lower half of my butt with a force that I didn’t know was possible. The soresness from the paddling I had just received only made it worse. I jumped up and grabbed my bottom with both hands, but as soon as I did, he grabbed my hands and pinned them to my lower back. A series of hard whaps striped across my panties. It was too painful for me to even cry out. I gasped, and I sobbed as he took complete control. Before I knew it, I was standing up, dancing on my toes, shifting my hips forward, and from side to side, in a futile attempt to avoid the leather’s cruel sting. He laid what must have been at least 15 strokes across my bottom, all in quick succession. Finally he released me, and my hands went straight for my butt. I rubbed furiously, as I wept. Neither of us said a word.

I felt his hands on my shoulders as he gently guided me to face him. He wrapped his arms around me, and held my face against his chest.

“I’m sooo sorry Daddy….I’ll never talk to you like that again, I promise,” I said in a quivering voice, between my sniffles. The warmth of his body was comforting. I could feel his bulge against my tummy.

“It’s ok princess…it’s ok,” he replied, lovingly rubbing my back. I could feel the belt bunched up in his right hand as his fingers traced along my shirt. My tears subsided, and we held each other in silence for a minute before he spoke.

“Now I want you to be honest with me…do you think you learned your lesson?”

I hesitated to reply. I had a feeling he was making an invite to more play, but I didn’t think I was able to take any more spanking. I really wanted him to make me cum.

I pulled my head back from his chest, and looked up at him. “No, I don’t think I have…”

I stepped back, and I pulled my panties down to meet my jeans at my ankles. I looked down, and could see that they were soaked in the middle. I reached for his bulge, and squeezed it. A smile began to form on my lips, as I spoke. “Maybe you could punish my bottom in a different way this time?”

John’s face slowly lit up as he smiled bashfully. He grabbed my wrist away from his crotch, and tightened his grip. He let the belt unravel with the same hand as he grabbed my other wrist and joined them together in font of me. He wrapped the belt snug around both of my wrists, and buckled them together. The restraint was firm. He had clearly done this before, I thought to myself.

“Go to your room, Jenny. Wait for me just like you did the other night when you got punished for shoplifting. I’ll be in there to deal with you in a few minutes” he commanded softly.

His words were like music to my ears. Luckily, we lived in a one-story house. I walked like a penguin all the way to my room (the furthest one down the hallway), with my wrists bound in front of me. John walked down the hallway ahead of me, and went into the master bedroom. I clumsily reached for the door knob, and opened the door. I went straight for my bed – a twin with a pink comforter up against the wall – and got into position. As I waited, I imagined the scene that would be unfolding in just a few minutes. I was overcome with a delicious mixture of excitement, and anxiety. John was of a very respectable size, and I was sure it would hurt. But as long as he fingered me, I was pretty confident that I could take it.

As my imagination swept me away I could feel the warmth, and wetness between my legs return. It contrasted wonderfully with the cool air that I could feel in between my butt cheeks, and around the backs of my thighs. I heard the door creak open.

“Thank you for being ready for your punishment, Jenny. I know you are a good girl, and you are normally very good at holding still, but I can’t take any chances this time.”

He came around to the front of the bed. He was holding a thin white rope. He bent down, and looped the rope thought the belt that was holding my wrists. He stooped down and tied the other end of the rope onto bed frame. I tugged at it once. It was a firm tie…it was nothing that I could wiggle out of.

He leaned over to me, and whispered in my ear. “Do you have a safe word you would like to use sweetie?”

“Red,” I replied. “But I trust you”

He kissed my lips. “Good girl,” he replied.

He pulled an orange plastic bottle of KY Jelly out of his front pocket, and placed it on the bed next to my wrists. He began to unbutton his pants. I watched in delight as he dropped his blue jeans to his ankles. His manhood bulged awkwardly into his tight white briefs. They were slightly wet where his tip was. He pulled the briefs down next, and inched himself closer the foot of the bed. I smiled, and crawled toward him, opened my mouth, and received his throbbing erection. As I sucked on the tip, tasting off his salty cum, I heard the bottle pop open. He thrust himself deeper into my mouth, and reached over my body. He began to move himself in and out, and I felt the warm soothing touch of his fingers, soaked in the jelly, rubbing against my butt hole. He made circular motions, as he thrusted his hips, pleasuring himself freely with my mouth.

After several minutes, he withdrew himself. He took another squeeze of the KY bottle, and began to stroke his member with the lube. I felt my heart beat pick up once more, as I watched him prepare himself for my chastisement.

He stroked my hair with his free hand. “Princess, it’s time for the last part of your punishment. Do you promise to take it like a good girl?” 

I smiled. “I will if you if you finger me.” 

He made no reply, but walked around to the other side of the bed. I looked back at him, and saw him clumsily climb onto to the mattress, as he hastily kicked of his shoes, and jeans at the same time. He wasted no time. I felt his erection poke into the opening of my bottom. He went in just with his tip. It was warm, and moist, but equally sturdy. He pushed in further. His hand reached between my legs, and he began rubbing up, and down the opening of my sex. Finally he inserted himself completely into my butt, and I cried out in high pitched voice, “Ohhh daddy!”

I began to feel his shaft push and pull, in and out of my tender moon. His fingers worked skillfully on my wet peach, and before I knew it I was lost in a glorious mixture of pain, and ecstasy. I felt captive to him completely, tied down to my own bed, my most intimate parts being pleased, and punished at the same time. I moaned desperately, sinking deeper into the illusion of my captivity. He thrusted harder. I responded in kind, “Daaaaddy, I’m sorry. I’ll never be a bad girl again!”

As he increased the force of his thrusts, his fingers dipped deeply into my sex. He probed me with his fingers in sync with the pounding of his dick. Within only a few minutes, I was close to orgasm.

John must have detected my moans getting louder. I felt him grab a fist full of my hair, as he leaned in to whisper, “don’t you dare cum without asking permission.”

“Yes, sir!” I squeaked out in a high pitched voice.

I recieved another series of aggressive thrusts, until I knew I was on the edge of climax.

“Daddy…may I please cum????” I begged in a loud voice, my head now pulled back as far as it would go.

“Yes, you may sweetie”

And with that I lost all control. My body was overcome with pleasure . My hips shuddered, and I felt a warm liquid squirt out from my sex.

John continued to finger me as I squirted shamelessly onto his hand, and onto the bed. It must have been quite the delight for him since the very next thing I felt was the warmth of his juices filling me up from the inside. I closed my eyes, and tried to catch my breath, and I as I did he groaned, and continued to cum inside me. 

After about 30 seconds or so I felt the last of his spurts. He released my hair, and braced himself against my back. We stayed in our position, listening to the rhythm of our panting, and trembled in the glow of our mutual orgasms.

John pulled out, and we both collapsed onto the bed. I rolled over, and he pulled me into the spoon position. We layed there cuddled up, my pants still around my ankles, and my wrists bound, until we both regained our composure. John reached over, and unbuckled his belt from my hands. I rolled myself toward him, and kissed him passionately.

With my hands finally free, I held the back of his head, and parted my lips. Our tongues intertwined in a loving dance, and I climbed on top of him, straddling his torso between my knees.

I pulled away, and whispered into his ear. “That was the best orgasm, I’ve ever had!!” I said as I smiled giddily.

“You sound just like your mother,” he replied in a cocky tone of voice.

I laughed out loud. “Wow,” I said in mock surprise. “Well, I guess we’re both very lucky to have you then.”

He took both of my hands in his. “I think I’m the lucky one in this family,” he said with a wink, and a smile.

My smile turned to a look of concern, and I paused for a moment before speaking. “Do you think my mom would leave you if she found out about us?”

John smiled only slightly as he looked sideways, as if thinking of how to phrase what he would say next. “Ummmm….you might be surprised,” his half smile turning into a sheepish grin.

My jaw dropped slightly for only a moment. My mouth began to move awkwardly, trying to form words of response. “Wait….what? What do you mean?” I finally said in an incredulous tone.

“It’s a long story. We’ll talk about it later, sweetie. Let’s finish up making dinner so we can eat, and get some rest,” he replied, brushing my hair from my eyes with his right hand.

I trusted he knew something that I didn’t. But he didn’t seem concerned. “Ok,” I said calmly. “Yah, I’m hungry, let’s go eat!”

 “Shall we shower first? We’re both, kind of…a mess,” he said with a chuckle.

I smiled from ear to ear, and kissed him. “Whatever you say, daddy.”

“Good, girl. Let’s go.”


















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