The Secret, Part 4

Part 1-3 synopsis:

Well, if you’re reading this, then you probably know the back story. But if you’re just coming into it, my name is Jenny, and this series is a collection of stories about the strangest, and most wonderful year of my life: the year I turned 18. 

When I was 15, my mom married my step-dad John. It took me a while to warm up to him, but we eventually became very close. As I finally blossomed into a woman, we became even closer. We started flirting, and cuddling on a regular basis, at least when no one was watching. It was all very confusing since John was only 15 years older than I was (my  mom had me a young age), and he was really handsome! It all came to a head when I finally outdid myself, and took some mascara from Target without paying for it. My mom decided it was time to bring the belt back into my life.

She allowed John to carry out the punishment. I think she thought that since he was bigger, and stronger, that he would be able to make a more lasting impression on me (she was right about that). But what she didn’t count on was that both John and I would discover that giving and receiving discipline like that could be intensely erotic. Long story short, he gave me the belt whipping of my life, and right after I offered myself to him. After that my mom went away on business, and the entire time was filled with more spankings, and more sex than I ever thought I could fit into a 7-day period. 

It was a heavenly week. But I was worried about my mom finding out. John said I shouldn’t be. I was very intrigued by his blasé attitude about the whole thing. Did he know something that I didn’t? 

Well, that’s what this story is about…

The spanking I got, and the sex John and I had the first night after my mom left happened on a Saturday (I described that evening in Part 2, and Part 3 if you wanna catch up). After that we began sharing my bed every night, and sex was a nightly occurrence. The spankings continued as well, but mostly happened in the daytime. John figured out that if he spanked me early on in the day, and then left for work, I would be raging with lust by the time he got home. So we got into a rhythm by the end where I would mouth off to him, I would get a spanking, and then he’d come home, and I’d give him a sexy surprise of some sort.

A couple nights I cooked dinner naked. One night I waited on the bed with my naked butt up in the air, and a bottle of lube next to me. Another night I lit candles in the living room, and waited for him by the door on my knees. I was wearing only a blindfold, with my hands bound by a black zip tie in front of me (don’t ask, I’m coordinated, ok?). I put a sign around my neck with cardboard, and a piece of twine that read:

Free Blowjobs. First cum, first serve. Se habla espanol

When John came in that night he laughed so hard I thought he was going to cry. But soon after his stiff manhood was deep in my mouth, moving back and forth. He shot his load in about five minutes, and I swallowed every drop. To show his gratitude he took me into my room, and licked every inch of my body while I fingered myself to orgasm. We took a break for dinner, he took me back to my bed, and ate my sweet peach for dessert. It lasted until 2am, and I orgasmed twice more.

So you get the idea…we were having some real bonding time, and it wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

On Sunday night it was time to pick my mom up from the airport. We got to the pick up spot just as the sun was going down. We gave her a warm welcome back, and made pleasant conversation as we made the 20 minute drive home. Having the three of us together again brought back a sense that things were back to normal. I had just had such an amazing week with John. I worried that maybe it was all over now.

When we got home I made dinner for the three of us, and we talked mostly about her trip, and how people all over the country really loved her book (she is an author and sex therapist). We were happy for her, as she seemed to be with herself. It made me feel proud to see my mom succeeding.

It was already 9:30pm when we finished dinner, so my mom decided to retire early since she had been traveling most of the day. John promised her a massage, so he joined her in the bedroom. I did the dishes, and headed to my room. As I passed by the master room I heard my mom moaning from inside. I had heard her and John having sex before, but they really seemed to be going at it tonight.

I was so jealous; although that was selfish of me to feel that way. I had John to myself the whole week. I was also very intrigued. I wanted so badly to peak inside, and watch him do his magic. I took a few steps back toward the door to get a good listen. As I reached it I realized that it was open slightly!

It was cracked open just enough for me to peak through without having to open it any further. I squinted, and the picture came into view. The room was dimly lit with candles. My mom was lying on the bed with her head tiled back on the headboard. John’s mouth was working hard on her nipples, while he fingered her. My mom looked like she was in heaven. Watching them only reminded me of the times John was doing the same things to me. All the feelings came back. My breath quickened, and I felt a warmth between my legs. I watched for a minute, then suddenly became self-conscious. What if she sees me! I thought.

I took a few steps back toward my room, still unsure of whether I was ready to go to bed, or if I would try to spectate a little more. Then, I had a devilish idea. What if I took a short video?

I pulled my phone out from my back pocket, and before I could open it I saw a text from John. The timestamp was from over 20 minutes ago. I must not have heard my phone ring while I was washing dishes.

It said “Hey beautiful…I don’t know how you feel about this, but we left the door cracked open just in case you wanna come in. Don’t worry about your mom…she knows you’re a young woman who has needs, and she’s not mad. She found out about us…long story, I’ll have to tell you later.”

My jaw dropped, and I covered my mouth with my hand. I could not believe the words I was reading. Did I want to come in?? What did that even mean? Does he want me to join him, and my mom? Do they want me to watch them? I was really confused. But I was soooo tempted to take him up on his offer.

I should explain a little. Growing up with a mom as a sex therapist means that a lot of the discomfort, and taboo around sex that would normally exist between mother, and daughter did not between us. To be clear, I was never going to do anything sexual with my mom (gross!!). But we talked about it openly, and she bought me my first vibrator, and taught me how to use it. So being in naked with my mom was not the problem. I just had no idea what would happen once I entered that room. So I stood frozen in the hallway, staring at my phone, biting my fingernails.

Finally my curiosity got the best of me. I took two steps back toward the door. I looked back in through the crack, and I saw that now John’s face was buried between her legs.

I took a deep breath, and I nudged the door open slightly. It didn’t creak, thank God. I stood there, and watched a little more. Neither of them noticed me standing there in the hallway. Finally I gathered my courage, and I pushed the door open, and stepped inside the room. I carefully closed the door behind me, making sure to be as quiet as possible. John, still hard at work on my mom’s sex, was now propped up on his knees. My mom seemed lost in the experience. I was sure she knew I was in the room, but she made no indication of it.

Timidly, I walked toward them, terrified that at any moment they would see me, and shriek in horror. Finally I reached the foot of the bed, only inches from John, but neither of them acknowledged me. I knelt down, and reached my hand out to grab John’s penis. It was limp, and still covered by his underwear – the only thing that he was wearing. It was the only time I had ever felt him without being erect. As I made contact, I began to massage him with my fingers. He continued pleasuring my mom as if I wasn’t even in the room, but quickly his dick began to swell. Feeling it enlarge in my hand made me feel powerful. It must have helped him in pleasing my mom because her moans became louder, and more high pitched. I smiled. I could hardly believe what was happening, but it was incredibly exciting.

I came up onto the bed on all fours, and crawled underneath John’s stomach. I felt the warmth of his skin as his belly moved against my face with each breath he took. I pulled his briefs down, tucking them underneath his balls, and I took him in my mouth. He tasted salty at the the tip. I began to lick and suck on this head, every now and then bringing my mouth all the way down toward the base. In about 30 seconds he was fully erect, and moaning right a long with mom.

Within minutes, I could tell that John was on the verge of cumming. I was so proud of myself for getting him there so quickly that I made it my mission to finish him off as quickly as possible. I took him deeper into my mouth, and I could feel him thrusting into me, and starting to tremble. My gag reflex was kicking in, but I was able to keep going. My mouth was dripping onto the comforter.

Then suddenly I felt him pull away from my mom. His hands wrapped around my head and his hot milky cum shot straight into my throat. It then filled up the rest of my mouth. The whole thing couldn’t have taken more than 3 minutes. It was a new record, I thought to myself. I dutifully swallowed all of it.

He collapsed on the foot of the bed. I knelt next to him, and stroked his hair as I looked over at my mom. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing deeply. She opened them, and looked at the both of us.

“John, did you just finish?”

He smiled sheepishly and nodded.

She shook her head in dissapointment. “John, didn’t we talk about you getting off too quickly?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said softly.

I started to smirk. I had never heard John behave submissively, and I had no idea my mom had ever talked to him this way.

“And didn’t we also talk about what would happen the next time you did?” my mother scolded.

John’s eyes grew wide. “Not in front of Jenny…” he said in a pleading tone.

“Oh yes,” she replied. “She will be watching the entire thing. Now go and get it right now, or we’ll handle it like we did last time you got punished.”

John sprung up from the bed, and headed for the closet. For the life of me I couldn’t tell if he was pretending, or if my mom really had some kind of hold over him. He reached onto the closet shelf and grabbed a long leather strap. He handed it to my mom.

As if it were rehearsed, my mom stood up and stood beside the bed. John bent over the side. We were now facing each other, but he wouldn’t look at me. He shut his eyes, and rested his chin on the comforter.

My mom drew the strap back and brought it down on his ass with a sharp crack sound that echoed off the walls. John gasped, and reached his hands toward me. I grabbed them, and he clenched them firmly. “Oh my God,” I thought. “John is really getting punished right now. If he just came, then there is no way he’s enjoying any of this.”

The second stroke landed. He kicked his legs as he squeezed my hands. Three more strokes landed in quick succession. My mom’s face was stern, and determined. John was starting to twist from side to side. It was strange to watch him get punished. I knew his pain so well since he had given me the same. Yet I found it arousing to see him submit to someone so obediently…so vulnerably. I wanted to hold him in my arms, and comfort him.

The strokes continued to rain down, and he was struggling to hold his place. I pulled myself closer to him, and held his head in my arms. I released his hands, and I began to stroke his hair. He grabbed on my hips, and planted his head onto my lap. I couldn’t hear any crying, but I could feel wetness from his eyes on my legs.

As I stroked his hair my mother’s strap whipped his bottom another dozen times or so. She whipped slowly, letting a second or two elapse between each whap of the strap. The feeling of closeness I had to John seemed to be increasing with every smack sound the filled the room. And with it, my arousal. I found myself almost effortlessly pulling his head in closer to me. I continued and spread my legs until his mouth was up against my sex, still covered by my blue denim shorts.

He opened his mouth and I could feel the warmth of his tongue, and the pressure from his teeth through my jeans. It was wonderful. I closed my eyes, and after moment all I could hear was the sound of my mom’s strap against his bare flesh. All I could feel was his mouth biting into me, just hard enough to bring about a sweet mixture of pain, and pleasure.

My mom paused the whipping, and knelt down next to John. She reach her hand between his legs, and smiled.

“Ohhhhh, it looks like someone is getting their erection back already. My, my, you are a very naughty boy John.”

She placed the strap on the bed and went over to his left side. She placed her left hand on his back and began spanking him with her right. My mom looked at me directly.

“Jenny, take your shorts, and panties off, and let’s make this naughty boy learn a thing or two about making women cum first shall we?”

I smiled, and nodded as I continued to pant heavily. I unbuttoned my shorts, and unzipped them. I rolled onto my back, and put put my legs into the air. I smiled at John, and made a come hither motion with my index finger.

“Come boy…come do your job,” I teased.

My mom landed several hard smacks on his ass. “You heard her John! Now do as your told,” she scolded, spanking him one more time.

John climbed up onto the bed and pulled my shorts, and panties up over my legs. He grabbed me by the thighs, and pulled me close to him. He buried his head between my legs, and went straight to work.

My mom continued spanking him. I thouroughly enjoyed the sight, and sound of him being spanked while he performed his duties. I grabbed onto his head, and took fist fulls of his hair as I pumped my pelvis toward him. I decided to join in on the scolding and taunting while my mom continued his punishment.

“Ohhh John, you are a very naughty boy! You better make me cum, or I’ll have to give you a spanking myself,” I said, breathing heavily.

His licking became more aggressive, and I suddenly found myself very close to orgasm.

I closed my eyes, and continued my threats beneath my labored breath as I found myself overcome with pleasure. “That’s right baby…keep going. Make me cum or whip your bottom with that belt. Is that what you want? You want a good spanking? Huh?? Is that what you want!??” My voice crescendoed into a shriek as my words to turned to screams. I shook uncontrollably, and I squirted into his mouth. He pulled away, and I continued squirting onto the bed. I collapsed to my side, panting, and writhing as my orgasm slowly subsided.

“Good job honey,” my mom said to John as she sat on the bed next to me. She ran her fingers through my hair. “Did you enjoy that sweetie?”

I nodded, and smiled in response.

“Wow, a squirter, and a screamer,” she said with a chuckle.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” John quipped as he wiped his mouth.

My mom leaned her head back, and laughed. “Yes! Speaking of which..” She gestured for him to come over to her. He obeyed, and knelt in front of her.

My mom grabbed the back of his head with both hands.

“Come on, you know what to do baby,” she said as she positioned his face in between her legs.

Within seconds she was moaning, and panting loudly. “Goooood boy John. You clearly needed to spanked today. You perform so much better after you get your bottom warmed up.”

I decided to join back in. I got up off the bed and knelt next to John. He was kneeling with  his butt resting of his heels. It was still red from the spanking my mom gave him.

“John, lift your butt up so I can spank you,” I ordered. God, it was so fun to take control, I thought. He obeyed, and just as his butt lifted I laid three hard smacks on his left cheek. I then repeated the same on his right. He moaned and kicked his legs. My mom had her eyes closed, but hearing it all must have aroused her more because her moans became even louder.

I smacked him even harder on his right about four or five times in the same spot. He put his butt back down on his heels to protect himself. Like a trooper he never let up on my mom who was now smiling and looking down at the both of us.

“John get your butt back up!” I commanded. “Do it or I’ll get the belt!”

His butt lifted just above his heels.

“Higher!” I barked. I was really getting used to the feeling of bossing him around.

Finally he lifted high enough for me to continue spanking him, which I did. Several swats to his left cheek, followed immediately by several on his right. He started to kick and squirm, but I warned him that if he didn’t keep his butt in position for me that it would not end well for him.

The interaction between him and I seemed to be pushing my mom right over the edge. As I laid a series of smacks to his bottom she began to cry out, “Oh my God!! Yes! YES!!!! YESSSSS!!!!”

She quieted down for a short while, and the shouts picked up again. I continued spanking.

“John you are a bad, bad boy!” I scolded as I spanked between my words.

I reached around for his penis. He was hard, and wet at the tip.

“I can’t believe you are getting turned on by all this. You are a naughty, disgusting pevert!” I shouted, punctuating my insults with hard smacks to his already red bottom.

“That’s right honey, makes sure he learns his lesson,” my mom instructed, panting with her eyes closed. “Make sure he kno’….ohhhhhh!!! Oh!! Yes!!”

She was screaming so loud, I was pretty sure the neighbors could hear by now.

“Oh my God!! John, I’m…cuuuuuming!!!! Baby I’m cumming!!!”

She slowly collapsed onto the bed, moaning and twisting. John withdrew himself once more.

There was a moment of silence as I watched my mom and step-dad catch their breath.

“Wow, you’re a wizard! You made two women cum in under 30 minutes!” I said, smiling as I started rubbing his bottom. He was still kneeling, resting his head on the bed. He stood up and offered his hand. I took it, and he gently pulled me onto the bed where he lied down next to mom.

“Lay down with us sweetie. We can all cuddle together,” my mom said. She reached for John and held his torso as she rested her head on his chest. I did the same on the opposite side. He was still partially erect so I reached down and started to play with his balls.

My mom smiled and started rubbing John’s stomach. “Wow, what a wonderful way to end a momentous trip. Did you enjoy that Jenny?”

“Very much so,” I replied. “Maybe we should do this more often. Maybe next time we could take turns giving John some pleasure since he was so generous with us tonight.”

“I think he would like that,” she said. “And I think he’s earned it.”

“I am one hell of a lucky man,” John said softly with a sleepy smile. His eyes were closed, and his breathing was starting to slow.

“Yes, you are,” my mom and I both said in unison. We giggled for a moment. I kissed him on the cheek, and my mom did the same. Within minutes the three of us drifted off into a blissful sleep.

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