A Baker’s Dozen: Co-Workers Learn the Joys of Erotic Spanking

   Megan Van Stein was a stunning 21-year old college student from Portland, Oregon. She started working at Bakers Dozen, a local bakery, and coffee shop by her school, to help pay her way through college.

   Megan had a knack for looking adorable, especially in her work clothes. Dressed in a turquoise apron, tied over a white t-shirt, and blue jeans, Megan looked like the perfect girl next door. She had light brown hair, green eyes, and a smile that was irresistibly infectious. Her small, hourglass frame perfectly complemented her innocent smile. She was soon the favorite of many of the bakery’s regulars, especially its male patrons. Emily, the owner, noticed that once she hired Megan, sales increased by 30%.

   Emily took notice of Megan as well. She was happily married, but she had always had a secret thing for girls, and kinky foreplay. Her favorite fantasy had always been giving a cute little thing like Megan a hard spanking for something she did wrong. She would often imagine scenarios where she would take the girl into her office, pull down her pants, and swat her backside with a hairbrush, or a paddle. She loved to imagine the way she might squirm, or moan as her bottom was spanked again, and again. Megan had such an exquisitely spankable butt, Emily often thought to herself. It was small, but round, and it filled out her jeans perfectly. Emily loved watching her walk, each cheek moving back and forth, taunting, and teasing with every movement.

   The two ladies hit it off right away.  The bakery was typically staffed with one or two people at a time, and so that gave the two plenty of bonding opportunities. Soon bonding turned to flirting – tickling, teasing, and an occasional smack on the ass. 

   Megan seemed to light up when Emily tickled her. Sometimes she lingered for a moment when they hugged goodbye. They mostly kept their flirting to the office, but after a month or so, it was starting to occur in front of customers. One day, Albert, one the older male regulars, teased them as he ordered his morning coffee. Megan was at the register.

   “You two sure do get along well. I think you should get married!” he said, cracking himself up with a loud chuckle.

   Megan’s face turned red immediately. Emily noticed her reaction, and chimed in.

   “Albert, you just mind your own business. We’re great friends, and great co-workers. You can fantasize about whatever you want when you get home!” Emily quipped.

   Her quick-witted response elicited hardy laughter from several of the other people in line. It also seemed to break the tension for Megan, who laughed as the normal color returned to her face. 

   Taking notice of Megan’s embarrassment, the 32 year-old store owner was torn. She had, at last, her first real opportunity to be with a woman. Megan was single, adorable, and as it seemed, returned Emily’s interest. But she wouldn’t dare use her position as an employer to improve her sex life. So she hesitated to make her move. Lucky, her new employee would make her interests clear.

   Megan had a problem with showing up on time, although in every other way she was a great worker. Emily let it slide, mainly because of their close relationship, but she did like to make teasing comments about “doling out punishment” for lateness.  Megan giggled like a school girl when Emily made comments like that, and would often blush as she bantered back and promised “to behave.” 

  One evening, as they were texting each other, the owner joked that she was going to “implement a very strict employee discipline procedure which would rely heavily on corporal punishment!” She was hoping Megan would either take the bait, or at least dismiss her comment as an innocent joke.

   Emily smiled from ear to ear when she read her employee’s response.

“Ohhhh? Did you buy a spanking machine?? Lol. No need to threaten me with a good time 😉

   Emily worked through a few potential responses, her thumbs clumsily typing through auto-corrected mistakes as she giddily worked on the perfect reply. Finally, it came to her.

“Hahahahaha, you’re full of good ideas…I’ll be taking the expense right out of your check!!”

   As Emily lay on her bed, her face glued to her phone, she saw text bubbles pop up immediately. Her stomach churned with excitement. The bubbles disappeared for a moment until the next message wooshed in.

“Ohhh dang! I can’t afford that! 😮 You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way 🏓 🏓 🏓

   Emily smiled like a love-struck school girl as she typed out her response.

“Hahahaha! Just don’t be late next time, and your paycheck, and your cute little heinie will be safe!”

   Within seconds Megan replied, 

“Yes boss 😜

   The conversation ended with that, and Emily spent the next three days thinking constantly about how she might make their playful conversation into a real-life experience without turning it into an awkward situation, or worse, a lawsuit. Friday came, and it was time for the two girls to work alone together again.

   The two were scheduled to begin work together at 5:30am. Emily was there 10 minutes early. Megan arrived 20 minutes late. She didn’t text, or call. She came in through the door wearing sunglasses, her blue jeans, white shirt, and holding a Starbucks Frappuccino in the same hand with her apron. It was very out of character for Megan, who was known to be late, but not in such a blasé fashion. Emily was cutting lemons by the espresso machine.

   “Heyyyy boss, sorry I’m late. Starbucks took for-ever,” she said causally as she approached the cutting station.

   Emily had a feeling Megan was up to something. She turned to her, and looked her in the eyes as if to scold her, but her lips began to smirk.

   “Starbucks?? Seriously?” Emily said in her best attempt at sounding annoyed.

   The young girl hesitated for a moment. Her cheeks blushed slightly. She took a sip of her drink and set it on the counter. “Um…I’ll go wash up, and help you finish,” she said as she turned toward the sink.

   Before she walked away Emily laid a less-than-gentle smack on the girl’s right butt cheek. Megan flinched adorably and continued walking. She looked back at her boss and smiled. Her face was bright red.

   Emily continued cutting lemons, trying unsuccessfully to hide her own girlish grin. Megan finished washing, and approached her.

   “What’s left?” she asked.

   “Don’t worry about helping, I’m already done. Well almost,” Emily said, pausing for a moment. “I should put you to work on assembling that spanking machine we talked about.” 

   Megan went silent and let her arms rest stiffly at her sides. Emily continued cutting. She swallowed, and began humming to herself as she sliced the last lemon.

   Finally Megan spoke. “Ummmm…” she paused. “You know, if you’re really mad at me…your hand was pretty stingy. Maybe you should just use that instead? You know…before we have any customers?”

   Emily froze, holding the knife over the last lemon slice. Her face became expressionless for a moment until she turned toward Megan. She put the knife down, and leaned on the counter, placing the other hand on her hip.

“Good idea,” she finally replied. “Turn around please.”

   Megan did exactly as she was told. Facing away from her boss, she took the liberty of bending forward as she placed her hands on the tops of her thighs.

   Emily placed one hand on the small of the girl’s back. She took a deep breath, and laid four hard swats to her bottom. Megan jumped, and giggled, but still held her position. Three more smacks landed, all on her left cheek.

   “Are you learning your lesson young lady?” Emily asked, raising her voice.

   Megan glanced back at her and smiled deviously, “Ohhh my god, you spank like a girl!”

   “Ohhhhh you have a lot of nerve!” Emily exclaimed, spanking her employee three more times, harder than before. 

   Megan continued to giggle. That earned her a series of swats, each one harder than the one before it. The owner shook her right hand, and hissed. “Damn, this is hurting my hand!”

   Megan looked back. “Well then, maybe a paddling is in order??” she suggested, shifting her gaze to the counter.

   Emily knew she was referring to the paddle shaped cutting board that she had been using to slice the lemons. It was about a foot long, including the handle and could easily be mistaken for a spanking implement. The girls had made a joke or two before about it being used for disciplinary purposes. Emily placed the remaining lemons on a paper towel on the counter, and picked up the board.

   “Alright Megan, you asked for it. Now I want you to remember that this is what happens to naughty girls who don’t show up to work on time.”

   “Ohhh, maybe I’ll be later next time!” she teased while looking down at the floor. “How many are you give me??”

   “Just for that? You’re getting 12….Actually, let’s make it a baker’s dozen, shall we?”

   Megan, still bent over, cocked her head back at her boss and stuck her tongue out in defiance. Emily placed the paddle across the blue denim that covered the girl’s bottom. 

   “Oh, you are gonna regret that one you little brat!” she exclaimed as she drew the paddle back, and returned it forcefully. 

   A loud “smack” echoed through the empty store. Megan cried out, “owwwwww!” only to receive two more swats that sent her into a fit of jumping, and hissing as she grabbed her butt with both hands.

   “Ohhhhh, we’re not so tough now are we? Plenty more where that came from. Now bend back over!” she commanded.

   Megan obeyed, this time bending down further, clasping her ankles. She taunted her boss, shifting her butt from side to side. Emily positioned the paddle again. 

   “You better hold still this time, or I’ll paddle you in front of the customers,” she threatened.

   “Yes boss, I’ll be good!” Megan replied in a strained voice.

   Emily, overcome with the excitement, pulled the paddle back even further than before and landed the hardest smack so far. The loud crack of the paddle echoed off the store walls once more, this time followed by a loud shriek from Megan.

   She landed another swat, just as hard. Megan gasped, and stood up on her toes. Her legs were starting to shake.

   The third smack came soon after, causing the poor girl to loose her balance for just a second as she cried out.

   “AAAAAhhhhh fuck!!” Megan yelled as she jumped up and grabbed her bottom. As she danced she turned around to face her boss. 

   “No more please…for real.”

   “Do you have a safe word sweetie?” Emily asked.

   “No,” the girl replied. “But if I did I’d probably be using it right now,” she said smiling and rubbing her bottom with both hands.

   Emily placed the paddle on the counter and reached out to offer a hug. 

   “I’m so sorry. I got carried away,” she lamented as her arms wrapped around her employee.

   “Noooo, no, not at all!” Megan replied as the two girls caught their breath in a loving embrace. “That was amazing…I just bit off a bit more than I was ready to chew,” she explained with a soft chuckle, muffled in Emily’s bosom. 

   They held each other for a moment as Emily rubbed Megan’s back and kissed the top of her head.

   “Did that teach you a lesson? Are you gonna be late again?” the owner asked.

   Megan looked up at her boss who stood several inches taller than she did. 

   “No…never again. I will be a model employee, I promise!” she said as she laughed. “How much time do we have before we open?”

   Emily checked her watch. “About 30 minutes.”

   Megan smiled, and locked eyes with her boss. She then carefully dropped down to her knees. Her hands slid down to her boss’ hips, then around to her bottom as she began to caress, and squeeze. Emily placed her hands on Megan’s head, and began to stroke her pony tail. She smiled in delight, relishing the touch of Megan’s hands moving gently across her body.

   “Can I make it up to you? Before we open the doors?” Megan asked, still looking up.

   Emily’s smile widened as she nodded.

   With that the young student placed her mouth gently between Emily’s legs and began to suck, and lick on her sex through the spandex of her black leggings. Emily closed her eyes as she took in the delicious warmth, and moisture of Megan’s mouth. The girl complemented her licking, and sucking with aggressive squeezes on her boss’s behind.

   “Ohhhh Megan, that feels sooo good sweetie! But if you want to avoid another paddling you’re going to have to really make it worth my while.” the owner admonished as she exhaled heavily.

   The young employee responded by reaching for her boss’s pants, and slowly lowered them.

   “There you go honey, now you’re getting it,” Emily said.

   Megan took her time. She peeled Emily’s pants all the way down to her ankles, rolling down her legs, revealing the bottom half of her tall slender frame. That left the owner practically naked from the waist down, save for a pair of white cotton panties. Biting on the waistband, Megan showed her teeth, and shook her head like an animal devouring its prey. She then used her teeth to pull the panties all the way down to Emily’s knees. The sight before them now was the full beauty of Emily’s shaven sex, squared beneath her silky tan thighs.

   “Good gir’ – ohhhhhh, Megan!” Emily exclaimed under her breath as she felt the warmth of the girl’s tongue once again, this time unobstructed by her clothing. Megan was licking along the slit of her sex, gently, and slowly.

   “Ohhhh you are sooo the new employee of the month!” Emily yelled out breathlessly. Megan began to explore her employer with her tongue, moving curiously around her moist, tender parts. Her hands returned to Emilys butt. She squeezed with her left hand, and began spanking with her right. The bakery now came to life with sounds of moaning, and spanking, as the smell of freshly baked cookies filled the air. Emily, no longer able to contain herself, placed her hands over her mouth to muffle her moans.

   The two continued on until they had forgotten all about opening the shop . Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Emily pulled herself away and darted down beneath the counter. She closed her legs shut and checked her watch.

   “Oh shit! It’s time to open!” the owner exclaimed.

   Megan gave her boss a look of embarrassed horror and placed her hands over her mouth.

   “Don’t worry! The front windows are tinted. No one can see inside,” Emily assured her. She kissed her forehead. “I’m gonna go in the office and take a moment to compose myself. Can you open the door, and take the first customer?”

   “Of course!” Megan replied. “Sorry you didn’t get to finish.”

   Emily squeezed her employee’s shoulder. “Ohhhh sweetie, don’t worry. You’re not going home today until I do.”

  “Yes boss,” Megan replied a smile.

   The two girls stood up, and Emily pulled her pants, and panties back up. Megan reached into her pocket for the door keys.

   “Hurry up!” Emily scolded playfully as she laid one last smack in the middle of Megan’s bottom.

   “Yes, ma’am!” Megan exclaimed as she scurried for the door.

   Emily entered her office, and shut the door, as she let out a long sigh. She sat in her rolling chair by her desk, and looked up at the ceiling as she smiled. She sat there for several minutes, taking it all in, relishing in the afterglow of her good fortune. Just then, she heard a light knock on the door.

   “Come in!” she replied.

   The door cracked opened, and Megan peaked her head into the opening. 

   “Heyyyy…it was just a to-go order. No one’s in the store anymore.”

   “Ohhh good,” Emily said as she stood up, and stretched out her arms. Megan stepped into the office and the two embraced.

   “Thank you for a wonderful morning Megan. It’s too bad we had to cut it short.”

   “You’re welcome! If you’d like me to finish the job, I’d be happy to do some overtime today,” Megan replied as she stepped back and smiled. Her hands slid down Emily’s arms until the two were holding hands.

   “Um….how about some double time?” Emily quipped. “You’re a college student, you could use the extra money right?” 

   The two burst into uncontrollable laughter.

   “Well, you’re the boss,” Megan said, as she looked down at her feet, still giggling.

   “Good girl,” Emily replied. “Now get back to work!” She shouted in mock anger, pointing her finger. She spun Megan around by her shoulders. Megan bent forward and presented her bottom. Emily spanked her as hard as she could. The spank sent the young student back up onto her toes, as she danced her way back to her work area.

   “I want you back in my office after we close today. Don’t be late!” Emily barked.

   Megan, looked back, still rubbing her behind. “Yes boss! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

   Emily winked in response, and sat back into her chair. The moment would mark the official beginning of a fun-filled affair, and a life-long friendship.

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