Beauty and the Beta

     Loren Holder was a new server at my favorite restaurant – a small hole-in-the-wall Mexican place called Cabo Cantina. I was a regular, so we found ourselves on a first name basis after she had been working there for only a couple of months. 

     She was intimidatingly beautiful, in addition to being unusually poised, and energetic. In fact on more than one occasion I stuttered while placing my order. I couldn’t think straight, let alone speak properly when she was near me. She had hazel eyes that seemed to twinkle in the light as she smiled. Her light brown hair draped over a perfectly shaped 5’ 9’’ frame. I especially loved watching her when she left the table. She always wore black jean shorts or pants, and her ass filled them out exquisitely. I wanted her desperately, but she was out of my league, to put it mildly. Still I couldn’t help myself from fantasizing constantly about slipping her my number on the receipt, or asking her what she was doing after work. I only wished I could muster the courage.

     She flirted with me every time I came in. She would often brush her fingers across my shoulders as she passed by me. She would smile back at me once she passed the table. I would blush, and look down at my menu, or my food. Then I would tip her some excessive amount. That must have been her intention all along I assumed.

     You can imagine my surprise when one day my bill came and on it was a phone number in blue ink with a note below that said, “Thanks for coming in! Call me?” I had to use both hands just to get my jaw off of the table. This was probably one of her tip inflation tactics, I thought to myself.

     I texted her that evening. My heart was racing as I hit send and naturally I stared at my phone for about 15 minutes waiting for her to reply. It wasn’t until I was getting into bed that my phone pinged, and we began texting. To my utter astonishment she asked me out on a date. Well, she didn’t ask really. She simply ended the conversation with, “Let’s do coffee at the pier, Tuesday at 6pm. Here’s the place. See you then!” 

     I was there at the pier by 5:45pm at the small coffee shop she recommended. I waited for for 45 minutes. I was sure she had stood me up and was getting ready to leave when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there she was, smiling and still wearing her work outfit: black jean shorts, and a low-cut white T-shrit that revealed just a bit of her cleavage. She hugged me tightly, and for a much longer than I expected.

     “Thanks for waiting for me, even though I was a bitch and I didn’t text or call. I like that you’re a total doormat,” she said with a smile.

     I had no response. I looked at her, confused.

     “Dude, I’m kidding!! Relax, we’re gonna have fun tonight! I’ll take a Chai Tea Latte, with 3 splenda, extra ice please.” 

     “Of course! I’ll be right back!” I replied stiffly, still trying to make sense of her rather odd way of beginning our date.

      We sat at one of the outside tables and had some great conversation while we listened to the waves, and enjoyed the ocean air. Loren did most of the talking, but I did manage to make her laugh at several points in the evening which I took as a sign that things were going well. Once it was dark we walked down the boardwalk, and then onto the sand by the water. She took my hand and and placed in hers. We stood there for a second holding hands, and then she faced me. 

     “Your hands are so soft,” I said, grinning from ear to ear.

     “Thanks, so are yours,” she said with a chuckle.

     I was enjoying the moment too much to be as humiliated as I should have been.           “You don’t mind?” I asked.

     “Not at all. I like you the way you are. You’re a total beta male. You can be…my beta boy!” she exclaimed, laughing out loud. Awkwardly, I joined in her laughter, and then suddenly realized what had been happening all along.

     “Ohhh, so you actually like…the shy, effeminate type?”

     She nodded with an innocent grin. “I do! I especially like seeing them embarrassed, and making them do things for me. And giving them punishments!”

     “I’m down for that,” I said, too excited to give any serious thought to what I was signing up for.

     “I figured you would be,” she said in a cocky tone of voice. “Come with me please.” She turned toward the lifeguard tower and led me by the hand. She walked me to the tower and led me up the steps until we were both at the top. She sat down on the platform with her legs dangled over, set her purse beside her and motioned for me to come closer with her index finger. As I did she took me by the wrist and guided me across her lap.

     “You’re getting a spanking,” she said in the cutest commanding tone I had ever heard.

     “Wait, Loren…what if someone sees us!?” I said in a panicked voice.

     “That’s not my problem. You did not offer to carry my purse, and I had to tell you to buy me something to drink. That does not make for a very good start to our relationship. If someone sees they will simply see what happens to sub-standard boyfriends. Besides, it’s almost midnight, and we’re the only ones out here. Now hold still!”

     She took my jeans and pulled them down forcefully, taking my underwear with them. Immediately I could feel the cool air against my ass cheeks, followed almost immediately by the stinging smack of Loren’s hand. She spanked hard, and slow, letting each installment have its full effect before bringing the next. I began shifting in her lap.

     “Owww! Wait, did you just say I was your boyfriend?”

     “That’s right. That is, as long as you do as you’re told. I’ll treat you like a normal boyfriend around your friends, and family but once we’re alone your ass is mine. Is that clear?”

     “That sounds great,” I said as I hissed, and winced under the sting of her slaps. Getting spanked and being her plaything sounded like a small price to pay for being with such a goddess of a woman, and having it all come together so quickly.

     “Good answer. When you displease me you will be punished. If you refuse punishment, then I will break up with you. Those are the rules.”

     “Yes ma’am!” I said in a mock southern accent.

     I felt three of the hardest smacks yet in the same spot on my right cheek. 

     “I do not appreciate your sarcasm beta boy!” she snapped in raised voice. Now count the spanks I give you and say ‘I’m sorry for being a bad boy toy Miss Loren.’”

     The spanks became even harder. She gave me about four or five in the same spot before moving on to another area of my exposed bottom. I counted and said my apology with each smack. Before long my butt was burning, and the sting from her hand was becoming harder to take. I reached back to cover my backside, more out of reflex than anything else. She pinned my hand to my back and continued on. I could hear a couple in the distance laughing.

     “What is going on over there!” I heard a woman’s voice say.

      “Ohhh shit, that lady is spanking someone!” the man replied. I could hear the two giggling in amusement, and making other comments that I couldn’t quite make out.

     Loren did not seem to be bothered by the couple. She continued to spank me until the sounds of their voices and laughter faded away and we once again had the beach all to ourselves. She laid the very last smack of the evening down on my tender moon and I spoke my penance.

     “120. I’m sorry for being a bad boy toy Miss Loren!” I cried out as my voice cracked. 

     “Finally,” she said sounding relieved. “I thought I was gonna have to break my hand just to get you to cry a little. It seems like putting on a little show for our neighbors over there helped to make you extra sorry.” Her hand started to caress my bottom. I was struck by how warm it felt. I lay there across her lap, careful not to make a move without permission.

     I sniffled as she released my hand from my back. “Is my spanking all over now?”I asked.

     “Yes Charlie, you’re all done. Go ahead and get up, and pull your pants back up.”

     I did as instructed, stepping onto the lower platform. She met me there just as I buttoned my jeans and gave me a long hug. 

     “Great job! I really enjoyed that!” she said as she squeezed me tightly.

     I rubbed my butt with both hands as she released me from her embrace. “Thanks Loren. Do you plan on spanking me in public in the future?”

     “Probably not,” she said shaking her head. That was more of a test to see if you would be obedient. And besides, the kinds of things I’d like to do to you are definitely gonna have to be behind closed doors or we’ll both be in a lot of trouble!” she said laughing.

     I feigned a smile, feeling every bit as worried as I was intrigued. “What kinds of things do you want to do?” I asked.

     “How about you come over this Friday and I’ll show you.”

     I hesitated. My bottom was still burning from the spanking I had just received. She placed her arms around my neck, leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were soft, and warm. I felt my manhood swell, and I placed my hands around her ass and squeezed her into me. Her lips lingered on mine until she parted them and our tongues touched gently. She puckered her lips and drew her head back away from me. 

     “Do what I say, and I promise it will be worth your while, ok?”

      “Deal,” I replied. Our eyes met and hers darted down.

     “Wow, a little over-excited are we?” She said, reaching down and grabbing my stiff cock. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. 

     “I’m sorry Miss Loren. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

     “Ahhhhh, honey…are you a virgin? Or are you telling me a grown-ass man like yourself has never a kissed a woman before?”

     “Both,” I said.

     “Ohhhhh Charlie. This is going to be even more fun than I thought!!” she giggled as she began dancing up and down.

     She kissed me again, this time grabbing even more firmly on my dick, massaging it through my jeans. She leaned me up against the upper platform until I was sitting on it. I felt my jeans unbutton as our tongues touched once again and began to encircle each other in an intimate dance. I grabbed onto her butt again and squeezed as hard as I could. She moaned. My zipper was next for the undoing, and before I knew it I could feel her soft dainty fingers rubbing up and down my stiff bulge. 

    “Is this what you think about when you’re staring at me at the restaurant like a fucking pervert?” she asked as she now began to plant kisses on my cheek in between her words.

     I was nearly out of breath, and I could only nod in response.

     “You think I can’t see your shameless gawking in the mirror beta boy?” She was rubbing faster now, breaking her pattern with aggressive squeezes to the tip. She chuckled, and began to lay kisses on my neck. 

     “I bet you’re so sex deprived you could come right here and now just from getting your tiny little dick stroked. Although I’ll have to give you credit…it’s definitely bigger than I expected it to be.”

     “Yes Miss Loren, I might. I’m very close already!”

    “Gooooood,” she replied with a devious smile that I could detect just in the sound of her voice. I felt her hand remove from my dick as she yanked down my briefs. I felt the cold air around my balls and my cock only to contrasted a moment later with warmth of Loren’s mouth. I opened my eyes to see her lips sucked tight around the skin of my cock, moving up and down slowly and skillfully. I grabbed onto the back of her head, and with only a few bobs of her mouth I lost all control.

     “Ahhhhhhh!!!! I’m about to come miss Lauren!!” I yelled out in a futile attempt to warn her of the hot mess I was about to spurt into her mouth. She continued to suck until I felt my cock erupt like a volcano. She held her mouth in place at the tip as I shuddered and leaned forward, letting my juices flow into freely into her mouth. I began to breathe loudly and quickly as my orgasm peaked, and then subsided slowly. I felt the last of my juices spill out, and Loren sucked them off of my head, swallowed and stood back to her feet.

     I sat there on the platform, shivering and looking at her, dumbfounded. She reached out and pulled my head into her bosom. “Ohhhh sweetie, I’m so sorry you’ve had to wait so long for that to happen. But I am glad that I get to be your first.” She kissed my forehead and cuddled me for several minutes. I finally regained my composure and looked up at her. 

     “Thank you Miss Loren. That was…”

     “It was incredible? Yah I could tell you were enjoying yourself. You’re not the first sex-starved boy I’ve taken to the promised land,” she said giggling slightly. She stood me to my feet and pulled my pants, and underwear back up. She was kind enough to zip, and button them back up for me as well. She gave me one more kiss.

     “Plenty more where that came from if you can take it like a man on Friday. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle…at first,” she said with a smile and wink.

     “Ok,” I said smiling down at the platform. She chuckled in amusement.

     “You’re so cute Charlie. Be at my place at 7pm ok?”

      “Ok. Should I walk you back to your car?”

     “Always,” she replied taking me by the hand and leading me back down the platform. 

     We made chit chat as we walked in the sand. I carried her purse, and her shoes, as I was instructed. Finally we reached her car, and as she got into the driver’s seat we kissed again and said good bye.

     “I have a feeling we’re gonna be good together,” she said as she buckled her seat belt. 

     “Well, I guess opposites attract right? You’re beautiful, and I’m…”

     “You’re a little beta,” she replied with a teasing smile as she reached out and poked me in the chest.

     “Well then, if someone wrote a story about us they could call it…Beauty and the Beta!”

    Loren burst into laughter. “That’s genius. I like you,” she said as she closed her car door abruptly and smiled at me one last time through the window.            

     “Good night beta boy!” she shouted as she waived good bye.

     “Good night, Miss Loren!”

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