Just the Tip

As a writer of erotica I’ve had plenty of conversations with people on Fetlife, Twitter, Tumblr, and the like. Writing e-mails where we swap stories and/or fantasies is one of my favorite things to do. Here’s one such story from a very naughty girl that I had the pleasure of writing back and forth with.


Dear CJ,

Ok, so I have a really naughty thing I like to do. I suppose you could call it a fetish. I don’t do it at home because I need to have complete anonymity, and I can’t have someone I don’t know coming back to my apartment looking for seconds. But it works great when I’m at a hotel, or an Air B&B.

It started my freshman year of college when I was on spring break in So Cal. I was there with a few of my girlfriends, but I wanted to be alone for the night while they went out for drinks. I ordered a pizza, but when the delivery driver showed up, I went to the door and suddenly realized I had no tip money! So I improvised. Before I answered the door I got completely naked, and put on my pink robe. Once I answered I took the pizza, and apologized for not having anything to tip him with. So I said, “can I flash you instead?”

The poor man began to stammer, and blush. He looked so adorable. He was about my age, and was very cute. I put the pizza down on the table behind me, and undid my robe. It fell to the ground; I smiled and I twirled in a circle. The look on the boy’s face was priceless! He turned red as a turnip, and began laughing hysterically. I bent down, picked up my robe and put it back on. “Does that work as a tip?” I asked?

“Ohhhh my Lord, that was fuckin’ awesome!” he said. “Yes it does! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!” I replied with a smile. “Now have a good night!” I said as I shut the door. I could hear him laughing, and saying “oh my God,” to himself as he went down the stair well. My heart was racing, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I de-robed once more and did a little dance in the mirror. My body was the envy of all of my girlfriends. I had silky smooth skin, wide-hips, and a small waist with a pair of firm, plump breasts. Not to mention long blonde hair, and baby blue eyes. I had already used my good looks to get me out of speeding tickets, and restaurant bills. Why not save money on delivery tips too? Besides, after my first taste of exhibitionism, I was hooked!

It got to be a semi-regular thing that I did when I traveled, and a couple times I rented an air B&B near my place just so I could do it. But as addictive behavior goes I guess I got a little used to it. After a while it didn’t have the same kinky thrill that it once did. I needed to up the ante a bit.

When I started flashing pizza boys Uber Eats, and Door Dash weren’t really a thing. But once I started using them, I was addicted (notice a pattern?) and I started ordering delivery about 3–4x per week. As it goes with those services I started to see some of the same drivers show up at my door again and again. Most were nice, a few were very friendly, and one was also very handsome to boot. His name was Rodrigo. He was tall, dark, and had some really broad shoulders. And those brown eyes of his could pierce my soul if I stared at them long enough. Hey, I had never fucked around with a service provider of any king before, but this man was handsome enough. I had also overheard him talking to a neighbor one day about the fact that he had just lost a lot of business at his restaurant because of the pandemic. He could only afford to pay his staff, but had little income for himself. He was doing what he could to make ends meet. I thought, “what if I do my little strip dance for him? I’m sure it would brighten his day during a tough time. Sure I’m not away on vacation, but he seems harmless. I doubt I would need to worry about it.”

Once the idea got in my head, I caught myself ordering delivery up to five times per week hoping that I would get him as my driver. I even started ordering my groceries on the Door Dash app just to see if I could make it happen. Finally, I ordered Thai food from my favorite restaurant and I got him! I watched the app like a hawk, and as soon as he was close by I stripped naked and took a look in the mirror. I had shaved my pussy just for this occasion, and if I may say so myself, I looked goooood! I decided I would do things a little different this time. I opened the door and I hid in the hallway where he would be able to hear me, but not see me. I kept my robe in my hand just in case I might chicken out.

I heard him approach the door. “Hellooooo,” he said. “I have an order here for Veronica.” His voice was sultry, and masquiline. I could feel myself becoming wet at the thought of what I was about to do.

“Sorry I’m in the bathroom! I’ll be right there!” I yelled from the hallway. “Can you come in and place it on the kitchen table?”

I heard the screen door open, and then his footsteps. I dropped my robe to the floor, and peeked out just enough to get a glimpse of him. He was wearing a gray t-shirt that hung nicely from his chest, with a a pair of faded blue jeans. I could feel my heart racing. I took a deep breath, gathered my nerve, and came out to greet him wearing nothing but a smile. He had just placed my food, and drink on the table as he turned and saw me.

“Hi Rodrigo! Thank you for being so quick!” I said as if I were fully clothed, and what was happening was completely normal.

He stood there frozen. His arms rested stiffly at his sides. I picked up the drink from the table that he had just delivered, and took a sip. “What’s the matter? Never seen a naked customer before?”

“Ohhh my God!” he said, starting to chuckle nervously. (They always say those exact words at some point). “No miss, I have not.” There was moment of silence. “Boy this year just keeps getting stranger,” he muttered under his breath as shook his head back and forth. His eyes were fixed on my body.

I laughed. “Yes! I suppose I would say the same thing if I were you. Well, here’s the thing. I can’t tip you. I’m too broke. Wanna just grab my boobs instead? Or spank me?”

“Sure!” he said as his face burst into a boyish grin.

“Under only one condition!” I said firmly as I raised my index finger.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“You never come back here on your own unless you’re delivering to my place.”

“Deal,” he said.

I bent over, and stuck my butt toward him. “Go ahead and spank me, but be gentle!”

He walked toward me, placed his arm around my waist and laid five or six gentle smacks on my bottom. They were delightful, and if I had known him better I would have asked for them to be harder. “Ohhh that’s great,” I said. “Spank me some more!” I commanded with a giggle.

He smacked my bottom, this time on the left side. It must have been four or five smacks spaced apart slowly. I moaned, and shook my booty back and forth to tease him. He continued spanking me for a few minutes. Then I felt his hand, warm from spanking, slide across my bottom ever so gently until I could feel him reach between my thighs. His fingers felt like heaven as they began to graze along my pussy. I felt his opposite hand fondle my breast, making slow circles around my nipple with one of his fingers. His hands were large, and slightly calloused.

“Ohhhh Rodrigo, you really have some exceptional customer service skills!” I exclaimed with a girlish giggle. He applied a bit more pressure and began to rub my pussy in earnest. I moaned, and closed my eyes. I could feel my breathing become ragged.

“Thank you miss. I suppose 20 years as a restaurant owner has taught me well!”

“Wow, 20 years! Did you ever get to fuck any of your female customers?” I asked as I struggled to speak under my labored breath.

“No miss. I am a gentleman. Although I had plenty of offers.”

He was rubbing more vigorously now, and I was became dizzy with arousal. His voice, his accent, the warmth of his touch, and the scent of his body became too much. I had to have him.

“Well, I suppose there’s a first time for everything right?” I asked, sticking my butt out a little further. I removed my left hand from my thigh where it was resting and I clumsily reached up to grab his package. I fumbled for it desperately. Just as I found it I felt his fingers dip into my sex.

I was too overcome with pleasure to even remember, let alone describe, exactly what he was doing, but it was the best fingering I had ever experienced. I massaged his cock the entire time which was hard, and enormous from the moment I grabbed it. We continued like that — with me bent over, grabbing his erection while he stood beside me, fingering my pussy and fondling my left breast — for several minutes. Then without warning, I felt him remove both of his hands. He stood me up and grabbed my shoulders. He guided me to face him. My arms draped around his neck, and I kissed him. Both of his hands clasped my bottom aggressively as he squeezed my cheeks. It hurt, but the pain only made me want him more. As we kissed I reached for his pants, and I undid the buttons.

“You know, Rodrigo…” I said as I unzipped his fly, letting his bulge pop out through his briefs. “It’s really not fair that I have to be naked all by myself.” I grabbed onto his manhood as his jeans slid down to his ankles. “I think you should be naked too,” I whispered as I slid his underwear down his thighs.

He smiled down at me, and without a word removed his shirt. In a couple of eager motions he slipped out of his shoes, and his jeans until he was as naked I was. I grabbed his balls and fondled them. He kissed me, and I reached back with my other hand to squeeze his butt as hard as I could. He pulled me into him firmly. We kissed again, then I pushed away. I grabbed onto his dick with my right hand, turned away from him and used it like a leash to guide him into the living room. “Come with me please,” I said as I pulled him along. He followed obediently.

“My roommate will kill me if she finds out we were naked on the couch,” I said as we approached it, my hand still firm around his warm, pulsing erection. I sat down on the coffee table, and slowly laid down pulling him down toward me. He braced himself against the table. I continued to gently pull his dick toward me until it was up against my sex. I released, only to feel him plunge into my wetness. I tilted my head back as he filled me up completely, then began to move in and out. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he squatted down. I was in heaven. By the sound of his breathing, I’d say he was having the same experience.

He clearly had plenty of experience, which was a wonderful complement to his size. He knew just when to slow down, speed up, or change his angle. He rubbed my clitoris, and at other times my nipple while he penetrated me. He brought me down to him as he knelt on the floor. He thrusted, all the while kissing my neck, even licking my nipples. He flipped me over and fucked me from behind without warning. When he felt he was getting close to coming, he pulled out, buried his face between my legs, and ate me. He fucked me some more on the floor, and then ate me again. I moaned, and screamed like a little slut, and knowing that neighbors were probably hearing the whole thing only made it more exciting. He covered my mouth to keep me as quiet as possible, but that only did so much. Did I mention that we never closed the door? It continued like that for several hours.

“You are very good at this!” I said as he lifted up his head from between my legs.

“Thank you miss,” he said, catching his breath.

“Please, call me Veronica.”

“Ok Veronica.”

“Do you want to quit the restaurant business, and instead I can pay you to be my man whore?” I asked, still out of breath.

“Ohhh Veronica, you can’t afford me,” he said as he shook his head.

His cocky attitude only made me more attracted to him. “Well, Rodrigo I meant to give you my body as a tip for your service, but you clearly have gone above and beyond your duty once more. How can I possibly make it up to you?”

He brushed my hair away, and put his lips against my ear. Then he whispered, “Let me come inside you.”

I should have said no, but I was raging with lust and all I could think of was how wonderful it would feel when he filled me up with his juices. Besides, he seemed like a he might make a good dad! I bit my lip in a smile and nodded. “I dare you to put a baby in me you stud!” I made a “come hither” motion with my finger.

I had a habit of scaring men away with my utter lack of a filter. For a second I thought I may have just said the thing that would turn his hard cock into a limp noodle and send him straight out the door. To my utter astonishment he inched toward me without skipping a beat. He inserted himself into me, and whispered in my ear once more, “Ohhh I’ll put as many babies inside you as you’d like Veronica.”

His words triggered something in me, and suddenly I was desperate for the man on a whole other level. He thrusted into me, and I toward him. He kissed my cheek, and my neck passionately. I moaned louder than before, and kissed him. I called him “baby.” Without hesitating he began to thrust even harder, and moaned, “ohhhh sweetheart,” into my ear, again and again.

We continued fucking on the floor for what must have been 20 minutes. Suddenly he began to thrust faster than ever, and I found myself on the edge of climax. I reached down and began rubbing my pussy. I could see that I was dripping onto the carpet, but I didn’t care. Rodrigo looked down and watched me pleasure myself as he continued penetrating me as fast as he could. The next thing I knew I felt all the blood rush to my head, and I was consumed with unspeakable pleasure.

“Ohhhh Rodrigo, baby!” I cried out shamelessly. No doubt the whole neighborhood could hear me. I cried out again, and again. “Ohhhhh, baby!!” My moans turned to shrieks, and I felt as if I had lost all control of my body. “Yes!!! Yess!! Yess!!” I cried out in a crescendo of screams. He was silent, but I could hear his breathing become quicker, and more labored. Then, without warning he moaned into my ear, “Ohhh baby, I’m sorry I’m gonna come!”

Everything suddenly became a blur. My eyes closed, and a tsunami of ecstasy washed over me. I didn’t scream. I could only gasp, and just as I felt his warm juices filling me up on the inside, I had the most powerful release. He held me, and kissed me as I shook, and writhed beneath him. He continued to pump into me gently until we were both still, and the only thing I seemed to be aware of was the beating of his heart.

“Rodrigo?” I asked as I opened my eyes. “Remember what I said about not coming over again unless you were delivering to my apartment?”

“Yes, I do,” he replied.

“I take it back.”

He chuckled, and rolled over to his side. I rolled toward him and rested my head on his chest. “Well, then,” he said. “If that’s what you want, I only have one condition.”

“Yes?” I asked.

“You put that Thai food in the fridge. And I take you out for dinner.”

I smiled and kissed him. “Deal!” I said.

We lay there for a few minutes longer, my head on his chest as he stoked my hair. Then we left, and had a wonderful meal at the very same Thai restaurant that I had ordered from. It would be the first of many.

That was six years ago. We’ve been together ever since.

Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,


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