The Babysitter’s Bad Behavior

Part 1:

     Brooke fumbled through several typo-ridden sentences as she worked on her response to the Craigslist ad she had just stumbled upon. 

     “$350 per night to babysit for 6 hours! Even if this is a scam, it’s at least worth following up on to make sure,” she said to Glendalie who was reading in the bed across from her. The two were normally fast asleep by now, but Brooke’s hurried typing, along with the bright light from her Mac Book Pro had woken her roommate. The two were now engaged in debate as to whether Brooke should respond right away, or let the two of them get back to sleep.

     “I’m sorry Glendy, but now I have to work on my resume a little too! Plus I have to think of how I might explain away my little mishap if I get an interview.”

   Glendalie folded the book onto her chest and looked up at the ceiling. “Brooke, you got caught snooping and fingering yourself in the family’s master bedroom,” she said as she laughed. “That’s hardly a ‘mishap’. Like, I get it. We all have our kinks, but yours is gonna land you in jail if you keep taking these jobs. Go back to sleep.”

     Brooke sighed and continued typing. She had no good come back. Her friend was right, and that wasn’t the half of it. She had almost lost two other baby sitting jobs on suspicion of questionable behavior. She managed to talk her way out of those predicaments, which was quite a feat when she considered that one of them involved her getting caught spanking herself with the family’s wooden cutting board. Damn those hidden cameras!

     She always wondered why she couldn’t just be normal. Why did she have this raging lust that always came out in the strangest ways? Not to mention the guilt that came with it. She didn’t have an answer yet, but when she finally got fired she vowed to never again betray a client’s trust, no matter what the temptation. She was determined to turn over a new leaf, and she reasoned that this job could be the opportunity to do just that.

     “15 more minutes! Please Glendy? I’ll buy you boba after Poli Sci tomorrow, I promise!”

     “Ok, fine. 15 minutes. But I don’t want to go to the place on campus. There’s a guy there that always stares at us. It creeps me out.”

     “Guys stare at us everywhere,” Brooke replied with a chuckle. “We’re hot 20-year olds with luscious booties.”

     “I’m gonna spank your luscious booty in a second if you don’t shut your hole and finish that e-mail!” Glendalie scolded.

     Brooke laughed out loud. “You wouldn’t dare!”

     “One more word…” Glendalie warned trying to hide her smile.

     Brooke looked at her computer and scrolled down. “Wow, this couple is…really good looking. It’s a sexy latino and and a red-headed MILF. Rawrrr!” she said as she made a claw motion with her right hand.

     “That’s it, I warned you,” Glendalie said as she got up from her bed. She knelt on the mattress where her roommate was lying on her stomach and laid three aggressive smacks over her pink night gown.

     “Owwwww!” Brooke cried as she rolled onto her back and grabbed her butt. “You are such a bitch!” she said laughing and rubbing off the sting on her behind.

     “Hope you know that spankin’ came out of the 15 minutes you bought yourself,” Glendalie warned her as she returned to her bed.

     Brooke rolled back onto her stomach and continued typing. “Ohhh! I don’t have chem lab tomorrow morning, I just remembered! I’ll just tell them that I’ll send my resume tomorrow, and I can work on it then.” She sent the e-mail, closed her laptop and got underneath the covers.

     “Good night Glendy. Sorry for keeping you up.”

     “Good night Brooke. Sorry I had to spank you.”

     “Sorry not sorry, you mean?” Brooke said, giggling.

     “Exaaaaactly,” Glendalie said as she turned off her reading light.

Part 2:

     The next morning Brooke perfected her resume at the kitchen table amongst the sounds of Glendalie’s hurried footsteps, and rummaging in the bathroom. As she sipped the last of her coffee she heard her roommate holler from the front door.

     “Brooke, I’m off to class! See you in Poli Sci later!”

     She heard the door slam shut before she could respond. Her attention was fixed on her email inbox. At the top was a message from the couple she had e-mailed the night before. Her eyes went wide and she clicked on it immediately.

Hi Brooke, thank you for you interest in the position, and for sending over the photo we requested. You look like a very nice, and upstanding young lady. Don’t worry about sending over your resume. You can bring it with you to the interview. How about 2pm today?

Our address is 7524 Birch Street, Newport Beach, California 92236

Gate code #2421

All the best,

Arturo Martinez

     She replied without hesitation. “Ok! See you then!”

     Brooke could hardly contain her excitement as she made the drive to the Martinez’ house later that day. She made sure to send off a quick text to Glendalie. “I’m off to interview for my dream gig! Not a scam! Suck it!! lol”

     As she pulled through the gate it became clear why the Martinezes were willing to pay so well. Each house in the neighborhood was at least three stories high. Some of them looked like small mansions. She had no problem finding the house, and luckily there was room for her in the driveway. She pulled in just behind a blue Tesla only to find that the Martinezes were both inside. As she stepped out of her car the couple exited their vehicle and turned to meet her. They both lit up with smiles.

     “Ohhh hi! Are you Brooke?” the woman said as she offered her hand.

Brooke smiled in turn and shook her hand. “Yes! I am. Are you Mrs. Martinez?”

     “Please, call me Janae,” she replied. “I love your outfit! Between the black skirt, and the white blouse, with your glasses…you look like a cute, innocent schoolgirl!” she said with a giggle.

     “Great to meet you Janae. I was a little short on professional looking clothes so I made the best of it. But I’m glad you like it.”

     “And I’m Arturo,” said the man beside her as he offered his hand with a smile. Brooke was struck by his handsomeness. He had kind, dark brown eyes that seemed to coordinate exquisitely with his gray suit, and thick black hair. His stubbly beard looked just like his picture from the ad. Brooke felt her heart lift with excitement.

     “Hi Arturo! It’s great to meet you!” she said with a little more enthusiasm than she had given his wife. His hand was warm, and firm. It sent what felt like a warm current through her body.

     “Come inside,” he said, gesturing toward the front door.

As they walked, the interview began. “So Brooke, tell me about yourself,” Arturo said, placing his arm around his wife.

     “Well,” she replied. “I’m currently in school studying Marine Biology and I’m looking for a part time job to help me cover expenses. I just moved out here from Florida which is where I grew up. I’m currently studying at Cal State Fullerton.”

     “That’s wonderful Brooke,” Janae replied. “Have you ever done any babysitting before?”

     “Yes, I have,” she replied. Before she could expound Arturo unlocked, and opened the front door. “Ladies first,” he said as he stood to the side.

The two of them walked in, followed by Arturo as he closed the door behind them. Booke’s eyes became wide as she surveyed the the grandeur of the house’s interior. The living room was the size of the house that she grew up in, and there was an elevator next to the stair case.

     “Wow!” she said. “You two have such a beautiful home!”

     “Thank you,” they replied, nearly in unison.

     “We just moved in last month,” Arturo explained. “We own a publishing company, and we just moved our headquarters from New York earlier this year. Now that the holidays are coming up we figured it was a good time to be closer to where the action is.”

    “Shall we have a seat in the living room?” Janae said as she walked toward the large L-shaped sofa in the corner. The three of the them sat down opposite each other around the sofa’s corner junction.

     “I’m sorry Brooke, you were about to tell us about your babysitting experience. Please continue.”

     “Ohh yes. I’ve been working as a babysitter off, and on for two years now. Here’s my resume by the way,” she said as she pulled two copies from her leather folder and handed them over to each of them. The couple looked over the sheets of paper briefly until Arturo looked up. His eye’s met with Brooke’s.

     “Looks good!” he said. “So here’s the situation Brooke. Our kids are finishing their school year in New York, and staying with their grandmother. They’ll be joining us here once they’re out for Christmas break. However, until then, because we do so much traveling we need someone to house and dog sit right away. It would be a bit of a trial run for all of us to see if you like the job, and to see also whether you will meet our expectations.”

     “That sounds wonderful,” Brooke replied. “What exactly are your expectations?”

     Arturo hesitated for just a moment, before he replied. “Well, to be honest we’ve had some bad experiences with nannies and babysitters in the past. So we have very strict rules about what is permitted in our house, and we have very little tolerance for those rules being broken.”

     “Understood. That is absolutely fine,” Brooke said gesturing with both of her hands. Her immediate thought was that such strict accountability would be just what she needed.

     Arturo paused, and looked at his wife for a moment in silence. Brooke’s eyes narrowed. She took a deep breath, and gathered her courage. “Wait…what do you mean by ‘zero tolerance’? Are you gonna fire me if I break one of your rules?”

     Arturo shook his head. “No Brooke, we would never be that unreasonable. Your job will be safe as long as you are putting in a good faith effort to do good work, and follow the rules. When you break a rule, you will simply be punished. It will hurt, but it will be quick, and then all will be forgiven.”

     The young student furrowed her brow and looked back at the couple in confusion. 

     “Do you have any questions?” Arturo asked.

     “Um…yes, I do. These punishments. You said that they will hurt? Are they, like, physical punishments?”

     “Yes, they are physical punishments,” he replied. “I know it’s a bit unconventional, but…well, you went to school in Florida right?. Were you ever paddled?

     Brooke could hardly believe the conversation she was having, but she was intrigued nonetheless. “Yes I was. In fact, I think the last time it happened I was wearing this very outfit!” The three of them let out a collective chuckle. “I got caught skipping school for senior ditch day, and let’s just say I had PERFECT attendance for the rest of the year after!” 

     Janae laughed. “Ohhhh so that is a school uniform!”

     Brooke looked to the floor a moment. “Yes, it is actually,” she said with an embarrassed laugh.

     “So then you know how effective that kind of thing can be,” Arturo said. “We’ve used that sort of discipline in our relationship for a long time, and now we are making it a requirement if you wish to work in our household.”

     The student paused for a moment. “Wait,” she said, glancing to her right. “Are you serious?”

     The couple stopped smiling and looked directly at their prospective employee. “Yes we are,” Arturo said. “We mean business.”

     Brooke stared at the two of them, her mouth open and her eyes wide. Janae began to smirk slightly, but Arturo held his gaze. The silence lasted for several seconds until Janae spoke. 

     “Brooke, we understand if you don’t’”
     “I’ll do it!” Brooke blurted out, interrupting her. “I’ll do the job, and take the punishments.”

     Both Arturo and Janae lit up, and smiled. “Wonderful!” Arturo said as he clapped his hands together. He stood up, and offered his hand. “Brooke, we would like to welcome you aboard!”

     She glanced below Arturo’s belt and could see that there was a bulge in his slacks. She stood to meet him, and was suddenly struck with an idea.

     “Oh thank you so much!” she said, shaking Arturo’s hand and grinning ear to ear. “You two seem like such nice people, I’m really grateful for the opportunity! I promise I’ll be good! Hopefully you won’t need to punish me too often!” 

     The couple laughed. Janae stood, and shook her hand as well. “We’ll send you all the details in an e-mail later today. Did you any more questions for us?” 

     “Um…yes,” she said in a tentative voice. She looked down at her shoes for a moment, her folder clasped in her arms at her chest. She seemed to be contemplating what she might say next. “Is not being late one of your rules?” She looked up at the two of them, biting her lip and clasping her folder even more tightly.

     “Absolutely,” said Arturo. 

     “Ohhhh, ok,” she said, now crossing her legs. “I didn’t check the time when I came here, but I think I was pretty late today.”

     The couple looked at each other perplexed. Brooke had in fact showed up 10 minutes early. Arturo looked back at his new employee who was now gazing up at him, trying to hold back her smirk. He began to smile, then his face became stern. “Thank you for being honest with us,” he said. He placed his hands on his hips. “What do you have to say for yourself young lady?”

     The young student cleared her throat, and stood up straight. “I’m very sorry I was late. I will accept whatever punishment you both think I deserve.”

      Arturo stared at her for a moment, then reached down and began to unbuckle his belt. He moved slowly, deliberately. Both Brooke, and Janae’s eyes were fixed on his hands as he pulled the black leather out from his pant loops, and doubled it in his right hand. He let the belt dangle beneath his waist as he patted it against his leg. The jangling of the buckle echoed off the hardwood floor.

     Janae stepped forward, and grabbed the girl by the arm. “Over here,” she said, as she pulled her to the edge of the sofa. She squared Brooke up at the arm of the couch, and pushed her down gently until she was bent over the edge. Janae stepped to Brooke’s side, and placed her hand on the small of her back. 

     Janae raised her right hand into the air and brought it down hard against Brooke’s behind, still covered by her black skirt. Brooke moaned softly. Janae spanked her again, this time laying three swats across the middle of her skirt. The girl responded with a squeal as she raised her bottom into the air. She reached back and pulled her skirt up, revealing a round bottom covered only by a pair of old-fashioned white panties, creased in the middle, curving around both of her butt cheeks. Janae lifted her hand and began spanking again, this time with all her strength.

     “Brooke!” she shouted as she laid several smacks down over the girl’s panties. “When we say be here at 2pm, that means you arrive at 2pm! Is that understood?”

     “Yes Ma’am! I’m sorry!” she replied, shifting and pedaling her feet.

     Janae continued to spank, and scold the young girl for several minutes. Loud smacking sounds echoed through the house along with Brooke’s promises to improve her behavior. Finally the spanking stopped. Brooke was breathing heavily. Janae shook her right hand, and turned to her husband. “Honey, my hand hurts, I think it’s time for the belt,” she said.

     Arturo stepped toward his employee. “Brooke, pull down your underwear so I can make sure you get what deserve.”

     Brooke reached back and slid her panties down just below her bottom. It was slightly red with dull hand prints on her left side. Arturo drew the belt back and whipped it across the lower half of her bottom. Brooke yelped, and reached her hands back to grab her butt. Janae met her at the couch. She took the girl’s hands and pinned them down the sofa cushion. She kissed her head, and whispered in her ear. “I know it hurts, but you have nine more. Can you hold still for us?” Brooke nodded. Janae removed the girl’s glasses and set them on the coffee table. She pinned her hands back to the couch.

     Arturo swung his belt again. A loud crack rang out through the empty house. Brooke jerked forward, and pedaled her legs as she gasped. “That’s it. Good girl,” Janae whispered, kissing her forehead once more. She nodded at her husband, and he whipped the girl again. She inhaled sharply, and let out a high pitched squeal. “I’m sorry I was a bad girl!” she cried. 

     Janae removed her hands from Brooke’s and cupped both of her breasts. She began making slow circles around her nipples. The girl closed her eyes, and moaned. “Ohhh Janae…” she said breathlessly. “That feels so good.” Janae brought her head down and kissed her lips. The belt landed again.

     “Spank me Arturo, I’ve been a very bad girl!!” Brooke cried out just as the leather whipped her. Her hands were now roaming Janae’s hips and thighs through her jeans. She stuck her butt out toward Arturo. He whipped the belt across her bottom three more times. She moaned, and Janae kissed her lips again, this time much longer. Brooke took Janae’s hands, and guided them beneath her blouse, and bra. Janae continued fondling her while she whispered into her ear.

    “Three more with the belt sweetheart. Can you take them like a good girl?”

     Brooke closed her eyes as Janae’s fingers began circling her nipples again, this time unobstructed by any clothing. “Yes ma’am, I will,” she replied.

     Janae nodded to her husband. Arturo drew back and whipped the girl three times, much harder than before. With each stroke she cried out, and lifted her hips. By the third she jerked upward, but Janae held her in place. Finally, her whipping had ended. Arturo began to put his belt back on while he admired his new babysitter. Her bottom was red, with a few distinct belt marks on her right side. 

     Brooke looked back at him and smiled. “Thank you Mr. Martinez. I’ll be sure to be on time next time. Is that the end of my punishment?”

     Arturo began to caress her bottom. Janae’s hands returned to the girl’s nipples. “Yes,” he replied. “How do you feel?”

     “Really…turned on,” she said now breathing heavily.

     Janae began to unbutton the girl’s blouse. Arturo let his hand wander between her legs. He stroked her pussy as he watched his wife undress her. Soon Janae was suckling her bare breasts. 

     “I’m glad to hear you say that,” Arturo replied. He was now dipping his fingers into her, stroking her gently from the inside. Arturo could see that she was dripping onto the arm of the sofa. “You are making quite a mess on our sofa young lady. Is this how you always behave at your employer’s house?”

     “Yes sir, it is,” she replied. Arturo dipped his fingers in a little deeper, and continued to explored her. “I’ve been caught before. And once I was fired.”

     Arturo seemed unsurprised. “And why were you fired exactly?” he asked. He began to finger her little faster.

     “I was fired for snooping, and for inappropriate behavior!” she screamed, now overcome with pleasure from the suckling and fingering.

     He laid a fierce smack on her bottom. Brooke jerked forward. “So the truth comes out,” he said with a chuckle. Janae giggled slightly as she continued to suck on the girl’s nipples. Arturo resumed fingering.

     “Yes, sir. I’m very bad. As you can see,” said Brooke.

     Arturo looked to his wife who was now licking circles around Brooke’s right nipple. “Well, honey?” he said. “What do you think we should do with this naughty babysitter we just hired. Sounds to me like she pulled one over on us.”

     “I think we should take her downstairs where she can be dealt with properly,” Janae replied as she switched to Brooke’s other breast and continued licking around her other nipple.

     “What will you do to me downstairs?” Brooke asked, breathing heavily.

     “Ohhh, you’ll see,” Arturo said.

     “Yes, sir!” the girl replied with a hint of excitement.

     “We should make her wait for it,” Janae said, finally removing herself from the girls’s breasts.

     Arturo removed his fingers from inside her and began to stroke her bottom again. “Ohhh that’s a wonderful idea honey. Maybe we can take her to dinner, and then continue…shall we call it, the on boarding process, when we get back? Unless, of course, she has somewhere to be.”

     Brooke replied, “No sir. I am all yours.” She looked at Janae, and smiled. “And yours miss”

     Janae kissed her lips, and brushed her hair from her face. “Good girl,” she said. Arturo pulled up Brooke’s panties, and guided her to her feet. She buttoned up her blouse. Janae handed her her glasses. “Now let’s get going, shall we?”

     “Yes, we shall,” said Arturo.

To be continued….

Note: Part 3 or this story will be continued in a new book of stories, soon to be released on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Apple Books. Follow the blog for updates!

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