A Spanking in the Moonlight

“Oh, there you are,” I say as I enter the room. The lights are off, and the moon is shining through the window. You are are naked, and standing with your face in the corner holding a small leather paddle behind your back. “How long have you been waiting for me?” I ask

“Two hours sir. I came here to prepare myself after I finished making you dinner,” you reply.

“And why this room, out of all of the others?”

“Because this room is furthest from the next house, and whatever noise we make won’t be heard.”

I loosen my tie, and hang my suit jacket in the closet. I roll up my sleeves, taking my time as I admire your naked body. “And why is it that you anticipate us making noise? I ask. “Tell me please, what is going to happen in just a few minutes.”

“Because sir, you are going to spank me with this paddle, and then I will be tied to the bed so that you may have your way with me.”

“And how does that make you feel, my love?”

You remove one of your hands from your back and begin to touch yourself. “Very naughty,” you reply. “And…very wet.”

“Turn around,” I command. “And put your hands in front so I can tie them.”

You obey. Your nipples are hard, and you have trimmed your pussy just the way I prefer. You place your wrists together and hold them out in front of you, the paddle still in one hand.

I take a long piece of rope from the bed and tie it around your wrists. I remove the paddle from your hand. You bend over, letting your long hair flow down to the carpet.

I smack your bottom with the paddle. You flinch, but hold your position.

“One sir,” I hear you say.

“No, my love. That one doesn’t count. It was extra because you touched yourself without my permission.”

I can almost see your pouty face in my mind’s eye as I hear you moan into the carpet.

I take my time before the next smack of the paddle, and admire how lovely you look in the moonlight. My manhood is nearly hard already. I place the paddle against your left cheek. I draw it back and spank you three times. I pause for just a moment, and then I spank you again in the same spot. You hiss, and squirm, but as always you faithfully hold your position – bent over, hands at your ankles, legs straight.

“How many was that?” I ask.

“It was seven sir,” you reply.

“Very good, my love. Now count these. And make sure I can hear you.” I place the paddle against your right cheek. I admire how smooth, and unblemished it is compared to the redness on your left. I spank forcefully, as a loud smack pierces the silence.

“Eight sir!” you cry out. I pause for just moment, letting the sting of the paddle sink in. I spank you again.

“Nine sir!!” you cry out, louder this time.

“Last one, and it will be the hardest one of all,” I announce. “If you can hold your position, that is. If not we start over.”

I hear another pouty moan as I place the paddle against your right cheek. I make you wait for it.

“Pleeeeeease sir. Don’t. Just spank me!” you beg.

“Shhhhh,” I reply as I stroke your bottom with the paddle. “I will spank you when I’m ready. And since you decided to protest, I’m going to wait longer.”

“I’m sorry honey, I mean…I’m sorry sir.”

“You’re getting spanked when I count down from seven,” I tell you.



You groan in a high pitched voice. “Nooooo….” you plead.




I remove the paddle and draw it back.


“Are you ready my love?” I ask.

“Yes, sir!” you cry out in desperation.


I bring the paddle hard onto your bottom. You flinch, and let out a high pitched breathy “ohhhhh!!”

“Let’s hear it,” I say.

“Ten, sir!”

“Thank you. Now on the bed.”

Sniffling, and catching your breath you rise up, turn toward the bed, and lie down on your back. You stretch your hands toward the headboard. I take the tie that you prepared and secure you to it. You are now mine; at my disposal, completely.

I kneel on the bed, and kiss your lips. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you now?” I ask

“Whatever you want?” you reply.


I begin to suck on your nipples, while my hands roam freely across your body. I’m delighted by the smoothness, and warmth of your skin.

“Baby, put your fingers in me,” you beg. You begin to pull on the restraints, but to no avail. “Ohhh I want to put my hands on you!”

“You will do no such thing,” I reply as I begin to rub your pussy, careful not to grant your request for entry. You close your eyes, and you moan shamelessly. I return my attention to your breasts, now making slow circles around each nipple with my tongue between my pronouncements. “You’re not getting out of those restraints until you come at least twice tonight. Then after I will hold you, and you may touch me all you want.”

You smile. “Wow, I’m a lucky lady.”

“But first…I have something I need to wrap for you,” I say as I remove my hand from between your legs. I lean down and kiss your lips once more.

“Noooo, baby, please! Stay!” you cry. I lift your legs into the air and lay three sharp smacks on your bottom. “Do you wanna try that again?” I say in a scolding tone.

“I mean…yes sir. How long before you’ll be back?” you say.

I get up from the bed, and open the door. “Ohhh I’m not very good at wrapping things. I plan on taking my time. You just lie there and think about what I might do to you when I get back.”

You smile and turn toward me. “You’re the worst, you know that?”

I smile back, and nod. “So then I take it you’re having a good birthday so far.”

You sigh, and look at me wistfully. “The best ever.”

“Happy birthday sweetheart. I’ll be back.”

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