A Wife Learns to Punish

     “Honey, may I have a word with you please?” Jennifer hollered from the kitchen. Dan groaned as he rolled off the couch, and paused the game. He sat up, and rolled his eyes. 

     “What is it this time…my darling wife?” he replied in the sarcastic tone that had come to characterize much of their conversation that evening.

     “I said…come in here!” she shouted. 

     Dan took a deep breath and clenched his fists. He stood up and walked to the kitchen. Jennifer was facing away from him washing the dishes at the sink. He leaned up against the refrigerator, and waited for her to notice him. He didn’t mind waiting. Watching his wife do housework while he admired her voluptuous body, especially the curve of her hips and butt, was something he could do all day if he had to. He especially loved the way she looked when she tied her black shiny hair up in a bun, and wore her bright pink apron. Jennifer looked behind her.

     “Oh, there you are,” she said, turning off the sink as she turned around. “You left your dishes in the sink…again!” she said raising her voice and folding her arms.

     Dan had a hard time taking his wife seriously when she got like this. She was a small asian woman with beautiful brown eyes, and a squeaky voice that juxtaposed a sometimes fiery temper. Dan had discovered this little character defect after only a year of marriage. He was becoming tired of it.

     “Honey…it’s just a few dishes. No need to over react,” he said, starting to grin. “Besides, I kinda like watching my woman do the dishes.” He walked over to her, and laid a smack on her ass over her tight blue jeans.

     Jennifer pursed her lips, and her face became red with anger. Dan had already turned away and had begun walking back to the living room. He had only made it a few steps when he felt a sharp, sudden sting on his ass.

     “Owwwwwww!!!” he shouted grabbing onto his butt. He turned around to find Jennifer holding the small wooden cutting board paddle that normally hung above the stove. 

     “Doesn’t feel so good when I do it to you now, does it?” she said tilting her head to one side. Dan glared at her. “Alright, I guess we’re even,” he said turning back toward the couch. “Crazy-ass bitch,” he muttered under his breath.

     “I heard that!!” Jennifer snapped. Dan sat back down on the couch and reached for the remote. She swiped it from the coffee table before he could reach it. “You know what?” she exclaimed. “I kind of enjoyed that just now. I think it’s time you learned a little discipline. You wanna treat me like a little submissive housewife, then I’ll treat you like just like a bad little boy who needs a spankin’!”

     Dan laughed, and sat back on the couch. He put his arms behind his head. “Ohhh really? You’re gonna spank me for not doing the dishes?” he said with a huge sarcastic grin.

     Jennifer threw the remote behind her. She placed her left hand on her hip, while her right held the paddle beside her. “It’s either that or I send pictures of your browsing history to…oh I don’t know…maybe, Patricia?” She pulled her iphone out from her back pocket and began scrolling. She stepped forward and faced the screen toward her husband. “See? All ready to send off to your boss…”

     Dan’s smile quickly vanished, and he sat up straight. “Baby, this isn’t funny, please don’t do that!” He reached for her phone but she pulled her hand away just in time.

     “I’m not laughing,” said Jennifer. “You’re not pulling your weight around here, and you’re very demeaning toward me. I’m sick of it!”

     “Ok, ok!” he replied. His voice was starting the quiver. “I’ll try to do better, and I’ll show you…more respect, I promise.”

     “Do you mean it?” she asked.

     “Of course!” Dan replied, sounding suddenly desperate.

      Jennifer looked at him directly in the eye. She paused for a few moments, and then took a deep breath. “Ok then. Stand up, and pull down your pants. And if you give me any lip, I have other people I can send those screenshots to as well,” she warned.

     Dan’s eyes widened in disbelief. His mouth began to move silently, as if searching for the right words. 

     “Now!!!” she screamed.

     Startled, he stood up and began unbuckling his belt. He took his time, hoping that any minute his wife would come to her senses, and tell him to stop. He unbuttoned his blue Levis, then undid the zipper. Finally he let his jeans fall to his ankles. He bent forward and held onto his knees. 

     “Ohhhh, you’ve done this before I see. Not nearly enough apparently,” she said, grabbing his briefs and pulling them down to his thighs.”

     Dan was breathing quickly and audibly. 

     “Ahhh, is my big muscly man afraid to get his bare bottom spanked?” she taunted. “I bet all those little sluts who always flirt with you at the office holiday parties would love to see your cute little pale butt right now.”

     “I’m sorry Jen,” he said softly. “Please, don’t spank me too hard ok?”

     Jennifer smiled with delight. She had never heard her husband speak to her with such deference. “Ohhh sweetie,” she said as she rested the paddle on his right butt cheek. “You are getting what you deserve tonight. No more, and no less. Now hold still.”

     Dan felt the paddle smack his bottom with a sudden, and unwelcome sting, only to be followed by several more swats that came quickly after. He did his best to hold his position, but    before long he found himself standing up, desperately trying to rub away the pain.

     Jennifer came to his his side and looked him square in the eye. “Ohhhhh no, sweetie. We’re not done. Bend back over, or you’re getting it again tomorrow,” she scolded.

     Dan wanted nothing more than to reclaim his pride, and refuse. But he knew he couldn’t with the threat of exposure he had been given. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and bent over once more. He could hardly believe it, but for the first time in his adult life he was not going to bed until he was spanked.

     The paddle landed again, beginning a whole new series of rapid smacks. He began to whine, and lift up onto his toes, careful not to move out of position. Jennifer took no pity on him, and decided that she would continue until both of his cheeks were good and red. After a good ten minutes of hard paddling, she had finally accomplished her goal. She admired the sight of him for a moment: the tall, sexy construction contractor she had met only two years prior now bent over with a beet-red bottom, and a whole new attitude. It seemed too good to be true. She placed the paddle on the coffee table and knelt down close to her husband’s face. Dan was still bent over, and breathing heavily.

     “Are you gonna talk to me like that again darling?” she asked.

     “No honey, never again. Promise.” 

     “And are you gonna stop leaving your dishes in the sink?”


     “Goooooood,” she replied. “Now stay right there, just like you are,” she said with a smile as she stood up and left the room. Dan remained bent over, and had no choice but to now reflect on the pain and humiliation that had been imposed upon him. It was certainly severe enough to make him think twice about offending his wife again. But yet, there was something about the heat on his ass, and the cool air against his man parts that had begun to arouse him. Jennifer seemed to be taking forever, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to touch himself. He began to squeeze his member with his fingertips, and as he hoped, it began to grow. As he continued to massage himself he noticed a bit of moisture coming off onto his fingers. 

     “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Jennifer shouted. He could hear her footsteps approaching him from the hallway. 

     “Nothing!” Dan exclaimed. He returned his hands to his knees.

     “Nothing?” She asked in an incredulous tone. “It looks to me like you were being a bad boy again.” She was now standing behind him. She reached between his legs and began fondling his balls. Dan sighed, but otherwise remained silent. He had a feeling that his wife was up to something, but the touch of her dainty fingers was such a welcome distraction that he didn’t bother to ask what it might be.

      Suddenly there was a warm wetness between his butt cheeks, followed by the unfamiliar, yet distinct sensation of a hard shaft-like object poking into his ass. Jennifer removed her hand from his balls and replaced it with the opposite around his cock. Dan could feel that it was soaked in lube. She began to stroke him gently until his member grew to full size. Just as it became erect she pushed into him and inserted the plastic phallus. He let out a high-pitched “ohhhhhh!!!” as she mercilessly inched her way forward. 

     “Shhhhhhh baby, I’m gonna start thrusting and if you make too much noise you’re gonna make the neighbors wonder. You don’t want them to know that I’m doing this to you, do you?”

     “No miss!” he replied in a whiny voice. 

     She began to move her hips back and forth, slowly at first, picking up speed as she went on. She timed her movements with her stroking, delighted to see that her husband’s erection was maintaining its stiffness. If anything it seemed to be getting a bit harder. 

     “Ohhhh you are such a bad boy Daniel!” she said now thrusting in a steady rhythm. “I have never felt you get this big before!” Dan didn’t respond, other than moaning out “ohhhs,” and “ahhhs” that made Jennifer feel drunk with power. “You better control yourself sweetie,” she taunted beneath her labored breath. “If you come in the living room you’re getting another spanking later, is that understood?” 

     “Yes ma’am!” he cried out in a loud voice. 

     ‘Yeeeesss that’s right baby. I’m gonna spank your bottom so good, and so hard if you come…” She began to stoke, and thrust a little faster.

     “Please don’t!” Dan begged.

     “Ohhhh no my love, begging will not help you. I’m going to make you come, and then I’m gonna spank you for it!” she exclaimed with a giggle. “That’s exactly what a crazy bitch does right? That is what you called me isn’t it?” She was now thrusting, and stroking as hard she could. Dan was moaning even louder than before.

     “That’s right Daniel, come for me. You can’t help it…” She teased, now slowing down her thrusts to forceful shoves that she synced with the words of her taunting.

      You are such a BAD…BAD…BOY!!! she yelled out with three hard pumps into his ass. She could tell he was right on the verge. She released her hand, and pulled out just in time. She grabbed his shoulders and spun him around. Dan stood and smiled, pleased to find his wife completely naked, save for a black strap on dildo that she was now in the process of sliding down her silky legs. He could see that her nipples were hard, and the way she removed the strap-on so effortlessly seemed to suggest that she had done this before. She grabbed onto his manhood, still stiff and wet with lube. She stroked it using only her finger tips. “Don’t you dare come on the carpet!” she scolded pointing her index finger at his nose.

     “Where then? I can’t hold on much….much longer!” he exclaimed beneath his breath.

     Jennifer continued stroking him as she guided the two of them to the floor. She seated herself on the carpet, and spread her legs. Dan went to his knees and clumsily followed her lead, his jeans still around his ankles. “Right in here Daniel,” she said pulling his dick slowly toward her sex.

     “Nooooo please baby, you’re not on the pill!” he begged, even as he allowed her to inch him closer.

     Jennifer put her finger to his lips. “Shhhhhh…I’m in control now, remember?” she said finally touching his dick up against the opening of her pussy. Dan could feel that it was dripping wet. Jennifer was grinning now ear to ear, eager to feel him enter her without protection for the first time in their relationship. “Come on, don’t be shy,” she said. He hesitated still. She reached up to the coffee table and grabbed the paddle. Without warning she reached behind him and smacked his bottom as hard as she could. Dan shut his eyes and grimaced.

     “Ok! Ok!” he exclaimed, “I’ll do it!” And as he hissed away the sting on his behind he looked down, then slowly, reluctantly entered his wife’s nearly shaven pussy. Soon the burning sensation on his butt cheek melted into a delicious tingle as he let out a soft breathy “ohhhhhhh” and began to hump with vigor. Jennifer rested the paddle on his butt and began spanking him again, this time with just enough force to make him squeal. As she did she noticed that if the spanks were too hard his erection would soften, but soon she perfected the wrist motion that would keep him making the naughty noises that she loved, all the while keeping his dick at maximum stature.

     It wasn’t more than a few minutes before Dan began thrusting into her as fast and hard as he could. Jennifer couldn’t help but drop the paddle and grab firmly on his ass. He had always filled her up nicely, but this time he seemed to feel bigger, and sturdier than ever before. She laid her head onto the carpet, and opened her mouth wide, gasping and moaning breathlessly. Dan was delighted as he had never before been able to make his wife come from penetration alone. As Dan felt her pulsing around his manhood he let out a pained rebel-like cry and released his seed into her pussy. His hips convulsed, and his head tilted back just as Jennifer’s orgasm was beginning to subside. She smiled up at him in amazement. She had never seen a man climax so intensely. It lasted for nearly a minute before he collapsed onto her, his breathing ragged, and his mind bewildered. 

     They lay there on the floor trembling before Dan finally lifted himself up and kissed his wife. “Where did that come from?” he asked. “I felt like we went straight from having a fight to having best make-up sex ever in less than 15 minutes.”

     Jennifer wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him in return. She then reached back and squeezed his ass, still red and warm from the paddle. “I’ve been wanting to do that since the day I met you. You finally gave me a reason!” she said with a teasing grin.

     Suddenly it dawned on Dan what had been happening over the past months. “Ohhhhh, is that what this has all been about? You’ve been taking your sexual frustration out on me with incessant…”

     “Nagging?” she said finishing his sentence. Dan started to stammer. “No it’s ok sweetie,” she assured him as she put her finger to his lips. “Yes I think that’s exactly it. But I feel much better now. Don’t you?”

     Dan chuckled. “I do!” he said. “And I am really sorry about the dishes, and for the way I talk to you sometimes. I’ll do better, I promise.”

     “Thank you baby. By the way, I don’t have Patricia’s number. And sending off those pictures would only make me look like a vindictive bitch.”

     “Well, that’s a relief. And are you really not on birth control?”

     “Nope!” she exclaimed with a sheepish laugh. She reached down and began stroking his dick, still partially erect and quite slippery. “But you’re gonna be a great dad. And if I get pregnant I promise I’ll blow you for every diaper you change.”

     Dan laughed, and kissed her cheek as he positioned himself to her side. “And are you still going to spank me when I make you mad?” he asked. Jennifer nodded with a smile. 

     “I…think I can live with that,” he said as he nodded and narrowed his eyes.

     “Look at us! Working out all our difficulties in just one evening!” Jennifer said. “Marriage counselors are for losers!” They both started laughing.

     Dan kissed his wife one last time, letting his lips linger on hers for an extra moment. “Agreed!” he replied. “Now let’s get off to bed shall we? You still owe me another spanking.”

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