New Blog Started!

Hello my wonderful readers! Thank you so much for stopping by!

I have now begun a new site on under the name Tender Moon Stories. Currently these two sites are almost identical, but gradually I am starting to move more content onto I will keep this site here, but there will some benefits to the medium site:

  1. The medium site will have new non-spanking erotica featured in publications such as and Dirty Little Secret. Like this story, A Third Wheel to Make Her Squeal
  2. The medium site has a convenient table of contents where you can link to any story and view each one by category, reading time, and designation (m/f, F/m etc.)
  3. The medium site has non-fiction true story erotic accounts from my oh so erotic personal life!
  4. The medium site is a great way to support Tender Moon Stories which, over the course of the pandemic, has become a new job for me. One that I love dearly and couldn’t do without you. So thank you!

Also, please feel free to follow @tendermoons on Twitter where we will post about new stories, and new e-books.

Please and thank you!

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