The House Rules

The punishments at my house were given in 4 varieties: 3, 6, 12, or 24 strokes with Daddy’s thick leather belt, always on the bare butt, always given very hard, always in the same position: bent over, hands at your ankles, legs straight. Breaking position or being uncooperative once was forgiven with a warning. Twice earned you a doubling of strokes. Breaking position three times or more meant the spanking would start over. There was a mercy rule which stated that a spanking had to stop after 15 minutes so every spanking began with the setting of a timer.

The beltings were automatic for any form of deliberate disobedience: lying, cheating, stealing, intentional rule breaking. Generally, errors in judgement, laziness, forgetfulness or even disrespectful behavior were punished with grounding or with warnings. The only exceptions were cases where the bad behavior persisted after several warnings and groundings. Two groundings for the same behavior warranted a butt whipping on the third offense.

As for assigning the number of strokes it went:

  • intentional rule breaking = 3 strokes with a doubling for each repeat offense
  • lying = 6 strokes, doubled for each repeat offense
  • cheating = 12 strokes, doubled for each repeat offense
  • stealing = 24 strokes, doubled for each repeat offense, but not given on the same day. For example, a 2nd stealing offense on Sunday earned you a belting on Sunday and then another on Monday

The number of strokes for everything else was always 3 to begin with and then a doubling for each repeat offense. A repeat offense had to occur within 3 months of the first one to count as a repeat offense. For the sins of deliberate disobedience, the time frame was 6 months for rule breaking and lying. It was a year for cheating and stealing.

If you were accused of an offense that you didn’t commit, you were allowed to appeal. At the point the fate of your bottom was in the hands of the powers that be, and ultimately up to daddy, but it was definitely a fair process. Falsely accusing someone was lying and so that was an automatic 12 strokes.

This was the disciplinary system at my house while I was a college student in upstate New York. Six of us who met online rented a house together from a man and woman — a married couple in their late 30s — who we were to refer to as “daddy” or “Sir” (depending on our preference) and “mommy” or “miss.” Their actual names were Kevin and Olivia. Other than the two of them, there were four women (ages 18 to 30) and 2 men (ages 21 and 32). 

None of us were spanking fetishists and sex between any of the household members was strictly forbidden. Kevin and Olivia offered all of use free rent for as long as we wanted to live there and abide by the house rules. The house was a 3 story, 7-bedroom mansion-like home in the upper class part of town.

We were a pretty hot mess of a household to begin with. Most of us had drug problems, had gotten into trouble with the law and were generally immature, selfish brats. For the first three months, we were at each other’s throats. And that meant that the belt flew freely. It was kept in the downstairs closet for each of us to fetch when it was our turn to be punished. Many of those initial punishments involved several of us at once. 

I lived there for six years. I myself was a hottie with a body who thought I could batt my eyelashes to get out of anything and make any man do whatever I wanted. Growing up with hippie parents who spoiled me and didn’t believe in discipline of any kind didn’t help. As a result, I had gotten fired from every job I had ever had, was bankrupt by 21 and had burned my bridges with most of my close relationships. 

Today I am a successful entrepreneur and a mother of two wonderful children. My husband Rick and I are in business together and have been married for 10 years. We met just one year before I moved out of the house in New York when he moved in as a new tenant. We moved out mainly because after only a couple of months we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and so we were getting our butts bruised on a regular basis.  

The house we were in cycled through one more member before it disbanded amicably a couple of years ago. Rick and I are still very close with all of the original members. We get together and trade stories of how our lives were changed for the better because of Kevin and Olivia’s strange, but effective method of discipline. 

I don’t know about the other members, but for Rick and I, the belt is still a very important part of our lives. Our sex lives are vanilla but our relationship is guided by the very same rule book we we lived under at Kevin and Olivia’s house. Those rules apply equally to both of us, although we’re both agreed that Rick spanks less hard than I do. That’s okay, he says. He’s stubborn and he needs it more. 

Which reminds me, I told him to bend over and wait for me with his bottom bare in our bedroom. Then I got carried away with this little story! Well, serves him right for leaving his underwear on the floor for the third time this month. I better get up there and deal with him while we’re still alone in the house.

Maybe if I get a chance, I’ll tell you all about it later…

Thanks for reading.

Yours truly,

A former naughty young lady

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