Over the Nanny’s Knee Part 2

This story is a continuation of Over the Nanny’s Knee

It was Friday afternoon. Standing in the corner of Nancy’s room, holding a big wooden spoon in my hands with my pants and underwear at my ankles wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time, but there I was. I had followed her instructions to the letter which she had written down and slid beneath my door before she left. The note said I needed to be ready for her by the time she got home unless I wanted to get spanked in the living room with the windows wide open.

I gave myself a couple of practice swats. The spoon was much larger and heavier than a normal cooking spoon. It was solid wood and looked like something old-fashioned from a movie or something. She had left it for me on her bed. Just two good licks on my right cheek was more than I could handle. I had an awful feeling I was really gonna get it good this time. Not that the belt whipping from the previous day was a walk in park.

I starting thinking to myself, you know what, this is stupid. Why am I subjecting myself to this when I can just tell her that I don’t want to be spanked, and I won’t stand for it. She’s not really my nanny anyway. She’s just a hot girl who is domineering and somehow extremely persuasive. I’m a grown-ass man and I shouldn’t put up with it! Yah, that’s it, I’m pulling up my pants and standing up to her like I should have yesterday!

And so I did. I dropped the spoon and pulled up my pants. I went for the door and just as I did I heard her walking up the stairs. I froze. Oh shit! I need to think fast. If I’m gonna make my stand I better do it now. But if not, I do not want to get spanked with the windows open. I opened the door and there she was, marching authoritatively down the hallway toward me with a fierce look in her eye.

Oh God! I thought as I shut the door. What do I do?

“Cameron, you better have your naked bottom in the corner ready for me when I get in there or I swear to god I’ll spank you every day for the next week!”

I panicked. I pulled my pants back down and darted back into the corner, but not in time. The door opened just as I was picking the spoon back up off the floor. My underwear were still on.

The door slammed shut.

“Young man! I thought I told you to be ready!!” she shouted. Her tone of voice made my heart feel as though it had stopped cold. My hands were getting clammy around the spoon.

“What’s the matter, you can’t follow basic directions??”

“No, Nancy that’s not it at all!” I said, sounding a little angry myself.

“Nancy?? Is that what you just called me?”

“I’m sorry! I meant…Miss Nancy.”

“Better,” she said crisply. She came to my side and leaned up against the corner where I was standing. She smiled and folded her arms. “So you do know how to follow basic instructions, but you just decided not to? Is that what you’re telling me, Cameron?”

I didn’t answer.

“Ahhh, you must have been scared then. A grown man scared of having his bottom spanked.” She chuckled and shook her head. “Well, that was the whole point of having you stand in the corner with your pants down, so I guess I can’t blame you. But you did disobey me and for that I have to punish you more severely. Is that understood?”

She seemed utterly confident that I would be taking a spanking from her that afternoon and I felt helpless to stop it. Her commanding presence combined with her daunting beauty seemed to cast a spell on me, just as it had done the day before in the bathroom. I wanted to resist. I could have. But somehow, I just…didn’t.

“Yes, Miss Nancy,” I replied.

“Speak up, I can’t hear you!”

“Yes, Miss Nancy!”

“Pull down your underwear and hand me the spoon.”

It was a dreadful thought for me to even imagine. Once I bared my butt and handed over the instrument of my chastisement I knew I would be in for an afternoon of pain and embarrassment, the likes of which I had never experienced. I could hardly muster the courage to obey.

“Now, Cameron!!” she shouted, louder than before.

Frantically, I pulled down my boxers and handed the spoon to her. I did it without thinking — a reflexive response to the chills that ran down my spine when she raised her voice and spoke my name with the confidence of someone who is firmly secure in their authority.

“Thank you,” she said. I heard the door creak open. Oh no, I thought, please don’t let that mean what I think it means.

“Now you waddle your naked butt downstairs and open all the windows in the living room. You have forfeited your right to privacy with your disobedience.” She spun me around by the shoulders until we were facing each other.

“But…Miss Nancy!” I said in a pleading voice.

She glared at me with a look that stopped me cold. “I’d get down there quick if I were you before I have you draw the blinds open as well.”

“Yes, Miss Nancy,” I said in defeat.

She landed a smack on my ass with her bare hand and I was on my way

To be continued in Over the Nanny’s Knee, Part 3…now published!

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