The Discipline Diary

Dear discipline diary…

First off, I hate you. You’re stupid and I wish you didn’t exist. The only reason I’m writing in you right now is because daddy is being a big, mean asshole. It’s bad enough I have to get punished when he comes home but the fact that he makes me write about it makes it so much worse.

And then he makes me copy it from the diary to a blog and post it online! Seriously, who does that!? Plus, not being able to remain anonymous really makes this whole thing extra embarrassing. What if my professors or classmates see this?? I’ll be the laughing stock of my school! Luckily, it’s a big university and I don’t think too many of them read Tender Moon Stories.

So that means I have to say it. My name is Sophie Hammershmitt and I have earned myself a spanking from my daddy. Of course, he’s not really my daddy, but I have to call him that when I’m in trouble cause it reminds me that I’m, in his words, “behaving like a spoiled brat and that I am in need of a stern, loving, paternal guidance” (i.e. getting my butt blistered by my big strong man).

Yesterday, I crashed daddy’s car cause I was driving under the influence — again. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. He has six of them and it wasn’t even his favorite. I wasn’t that intoxicated either. I just got distracted while I was making a left turn and I went over the curb and hit a light pole. Yah…not my finest hour. I got off with a stern talking-to the first time it happened and a warning that if there was a second time I would get “the spanking of a lifetime.” So it’s not like I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

It’s just that spanking is the worst form of punishment! It’s so embarrassing! When he comes home I have to be ready. That means my butt has to be “bare and in the air” as he calls it. So I have to get into this position on the bed where I’m on all fours, my head is down and my butt is lifted up. That’s actually the position I’m in right now as I’m writing this. Actually it kind of reminds me of something that I’ve been meaning to confess. I’ve been procrastinating for fear of having to do this whole routine all over again very soon. Well I guess once he reads this he’ll know.

You see, the first time I got spanked it hurt really bad and my butt was very sore afterwards. I mean, he didn’t force me. We agreed that he would mentor me since he is older and wiser. That included punishments for bad behavior which sounded to me like a very unconventional yet intriguing idea. So I figured, what the heck? Why not?

Anyway…as soon as the spanking was over I was told to stay in position. I noticed a warm tingly sensation on my butt right where he spanked me with his hand and the bath brush. As soon as he left the room, I reached my fingers between my legs and began to pleasure myself. It made all the pain go away and suddenly the threat of getting spanked again didn’t sound as bad.

So now, anytime I’m told to prepare myself for a punishment, I get my butt up in the air, I pull my panties down and I touch myself. I also give myself a bunch of medium-hard spanks with my hand to warm up my bottom. That way when he paddles me with that big awful bath brush, it doesn’t hurt as much. And being turned on helps with that too.

So confessing all of this is kind of a gamble! I don’t know if he’ll stop spanking me cause he realizes that I kinda like it, or if he’ll start spanking me much harder! Yikes!

Honestly, I’m ok with either one. I know that I’ve been a bad girl and I deserve to be punished for what I’ve done. If daddy thinks I should get spanked harder than that’s what should happen. If he thinks I’m enjoying it too much and he wants to punish me in another way then I’m ok with that too. I guess that’s why he makes me write in this diary. It makes me reflect on my actions and see the error of my ways and how much I deserve to be punished.

But that’s not gonna stop me from my little warm up routine. I’ll have to stop writing now. It’s time to pull down my panties and pleasure myself until I hear him come through the front door.

Wish me luck! I think this spanking is gonna be a doozy…

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