Deflowered in Darkness

Jessie Anne waited eagerly on the bed, the scent and touch of which was pleasantly unfamiliar. Her naked butt was high in the air, and her face was buried into the mattress. She was nervous, for sure. Her hands dampened the comforter as she grasped it. But her heart was pounding with excitement. I guess … Continue reading Deflowered in Darkness

Rebecca’s Revenge, Part 1

Rebecca closed her locker, and looked anxiously up at the clock as it struck noon. In only ten minutes she was expected in the dean’s office, and typically a summons to see the dean only meant one thing. She looked dejectedly at the piece of paper in her hand. It was marked with her Calculus … Continue reading Rebecca’s Revenge, Part 1

A Baker’s Dozen: Co-Workers Learn the Joys of Erotic Spanking

   Megan Van Stein was a stunning 21-year old college student from Portland, Oregon. She started working at Bakers Dozen, a local bakery, and coffee shop by her school, to help pay her way through college.    Megan had a knack for looking adorable, especially in her work clothes. Dressed in a turquoise apron, tied … Continue reading A Baker’s Dozen: Co-Workers Learn the Joys of Erotic Spanking