The Punishment Book

Part 1

Corina followed her instructions to the letter. She was to meet him at 9pm, wearing a plaid skirt with a white blouse, wearing white panties, and wearing her glasses. The instruments of her discipline would be provided when she arrived. She had to make sure she brought one item with her: the Punishment Book.

She stepped out of her Uber car, and walked toward the house: a large white 3-story home in a quaint historic neighborhood of Pasadena, California. As she spotted the house she looked down at her phone to double check the address. This can’t be his house, she thought. It was huge, and too elegant to be owned by a college professor. But the address on the front was indeed 4471 Cherry Lane.

Corina was intrigued at the thought that her professor was much more well-off than he let on. She took a deep breath, and walked toward the front door. Her soles clicked on the pavement, and she fiddled her fingers around the book nervously as she held it against her chest like the school girl she was dressed as. This would be their first official meeting since the start of their arrangement. She reached the door, took another long deep breath, and knocked three times. As she waited she took a moment to remember how she had ended up where she now found herself: standing at her professor’s front door, anxiously anticipating the events to come.

It started earlier that year when Corina began attending college at the University of Southern California. She established herself right away as a straight-A student. That had always been her standard throughout high school. She was a bright young woman with a knack for subjects like English, literature, and philosophy which is why she chose Liberal Arts as her major. She worked hard at school, and loaded her schedule with lots of extra-curricular activities to boot: debate team, Kiwanis Club, Tennis, and cross-country running. She often struggled to keep up with everything as she had a tendency to overwhelm herself with commitments. The excitement of starting a new school caused her to finally outdo herself.

Philosophy 201 would be Corina’s downfall. She had taken Advanced Placement philosophy in high school which allowed her, as a freshman, the opportunity to take a rigorous course with one of the most brilliant professors in the subject: Dr. Paul Clark. She hadn’t been in the class for two weeks before coming to the realization that she had bit off more than she could chew. She had loaded herself up with 18 units of coursework, and an extracurricular commitment of one sort or another four nights out of the week. She could drop the class, but she was too proud. Six weeks into the semester she was barely passing.

That is how Corina found herself in her Philosophy 201 lecture on a Monday morning – clutching a Starbucks Venti cold brew in her left hand, a pencil in the other, and feeling as if the weight of the world were on her shoulders. She looked at the clock to see that it was 9:35am. More than half of the lecture was over, and she hadn’t the foggiest clue what Professor Clark was talking about. She began to doodle, hoping that it would appear that she was taking notes. After a minute she began writing down her thoughts in leu of the points of her professor’s lecture.

Dear diary….

No, wait. Dear philosophy lecture notebook…

Why am I soooo stupid??? I have no idea what I’m doing in this class!! And to make it worse, my professor is really handsome, and it’s really distracting!!

She began to write quicker, making sure to look up at the white board every now and then to make it look as if she were engaged in the lecture. Luckily, she was at the back of a crowded hall and she figured it was unlikely that her pretense was necessary. But she wanted to make sure nonetheless. She continued…

Seriously…I could get lost in those deep dark eyes of his. I love his old-school style, the way he lectures in a suit, and bow-tie…the way he towers over me when I’m face to face with him…his broad shoulders, and scruffy face, and his thick brown hair…and his intelligence…ohhhh man…dammit! Why are all the good men taken?? I think I might need to make a hit on his girlfriend, lol!! JK!!

She began to smile, and chuckle to herself although she hadn’t realized it. Just then she heard the sound of her name.

“Corina, is there something funny you would like to share with the class? Are you writing a book of jokes over there?”

She looked up, startled. Her eyes met with Professor Clark’s. He was smiling and his eyebrow were raised as he seemed to be awaiting her response. The entire class’ eyes were now on her. She felt her cheeks turns red.

“Ohhhh sorry!” she replied laughing at herself. “I was thinking about something that happened to me yesterday. I could tell you about it but I think you would have had to have been there. Don’t worry I’m listening!”

“Ok miss Brown” she said with an easy-going smile. “Just wanted to make sure you were still with us. I saw you writing so furiously I thought smoke was gonna start coming off the pages!”

The class let out a collective chuckle, along with the professor. “But good job on taking notes,” he said finally as he turned toward the whiteboard to continue his lecture.

Corina felt the blush in her cheeks begin to dissipate as she took a deep breath of relief, and the class continued on. The young student was a highly gregarious, and confident woman who wasn’t easily embarrassed. But Dr. Clark seemed to be a kryptonite of sorts for her. She decided to slow her pace, but continue her pretend note taking.

Wow, that was embarrassing! I don’t know why he always calls on me. I mean, I like the attention, but…wait, I wonder if he likes me. Would he? Little ‘ol me? He does kind of light up when he sees me every week. But I’m only 19 years old…why would he want someone half his age who clearly can’t keep with his whit, and intelligence? Sigh….he’s so wonderful…why does he have to be so wonderful….

She continued to jot down her thoughts, while taking short breaks to admire Professor Clark and his gentle charisma until 10am finally came, and she was dismissed. She gathered her notebook, and the papers on her desk which included the Mid-term exam she had just received back. It was marked at the top with a D+, hastily scribbled within a sloppy circle in red ink. She hadn’t had the nerve to look through the exam which had a series of notes next to her short essay responses. She went to put the exam into her folder, but she hesitated for a moment. I’m just gonna get it over with and see what a dummy he thinks I am, she thought to herself. She opened the exam booklet and began to flip through it.

Notes on all six pages confirmed her fears that she was flailing in her attempt to succeed as a student of philosophy. At the end of the last page was one last note written larger than the others.

“Let’s have you come by my office soon so we can have a chat, shall we?”

Her heart sank, and her stomach felt suddenly unsettled. This was not good, she thought, and his only office hour this week started in 30 minutes. She decided to make a quick run to the restroom before she faced the music. While in the restroom she touched up her make up, and rehearsed her best puppy-dog face. Batting her eye-lashes had always worked for her before when she had fallen behind and needed a little help, or favoritism to get ahead in her academics. She stood back in the mirror to examine herself. She took stock of her assets: big baby-blue eyes, dirty blonde hair that had been carefully parted in the middle and combed down to her shoulders. A cute blue top that hung nicely over a protruding chest, showing just a little bit of cleavage. Her hips were wide, and her legs were smooth as silk, extending out from her black mini-skirt. She typically made a habit of dressing as attractively as possible when she went to philosophy class. Maybe today she would find a way to make it pay off, she thought to herself as she gave her reflection a wink in the mirror.

She left the restroom, and made her way to Professor Clark’s office, feeling the butterflies in her stomach intensify with every step she took along the sidewalk. It was a serene day, rich with the sound of birds chirping, and the sun shinning gently down on her skin. A pleasant breeze blew across her face. The day’s serenity seemed to create such a such a stark contrast with the brooding anxiety she could fill welling up inside her.

She reached his office door only to find it open. He was writing in a journal of some sort at his desk. On the wall across from him she noticed a wooden spanking paddle hanging from a nail. That is very odd, she thought, but she tried to ignore it as she walked in to face her accuser.

“Hi Dr. Clark!” she said, feigning excitement to see him.

“Oh hello Miss Brown!” he said enthusiastically. “Come in, and have a seat. Do you prefer I call you Miss Brown, or Corina?”

“Corina is fine,” she replied.

“Great,” he said. “Well Corina, I wanted to talk to you about your performance in my class this semester…” He paused, and looked to the side. Corina did the same and again took notice of the wooden paddle. Her gaze fixed on it for a moment too long.

Dr. Clark caught her staring, and their eyes met awkwardly. “Ohhh, sorry for the, ummm….unconventional office decor…I forgot that was still up there,” he said laughing.

“Is that what you use on your students when they fail your tests?” Corina quipped with an awkward laugh.

“Would you like to find out?” he replied, raising his eyebrows.

Corina blushed quite visibly, and looked at the floor. “Well, I probably deserve it it…but it looks really scary!” she said laughing and taking one last look at the implement.

The professor laughed, tilting his head back. “Ohhhh yes, it probably is. It was an old white elephant gift that a fellow faculty member got me at last year’s Christmas party. I put it up as a joke so they’d see it when they came by today. I’m so sorry you saw that…I’m so embarrassed.”

“Ohhhh I see…that’s funny!” she said, laughing and finally relaxing into her chair.

She was relieved to learn that the paddle on the wall had a sensible story behind it. But there was something in his voice that made her slightly suspicious of his real intent in having it on display. The professor cleared his throat after a moment of silence.

“Miss Brown…I mean, Corina, I’m afraid there’s no easy way to say this, and so I’m gonna come right out with it. I don’t see how how you’ll be able to pass my class this semester, and I don’t have any choice but to fail you. I wanted to let you know that now so you don’t have to spend another half of the semester trying to catch up.”

Corina stared at him blankly, not sure how to respond. Her blank expression then faded into a look of desperation.. “But…Dr. Clark there has to be something I can do!! I’ve never failed a class before in my entire life!” she exclaimed in a panic.

“I’m sorry Corina, I wish there was something. But you know, you’re more than welcome to take the class again. I’d love to have you,” he said in a caring tone of voice.

She stared at him for a moment, and then hung her head. She began to sniffle.

Dr. Clark inched his chair closer to hers. He reached out and touched her shoulder. Corina’s head was down, and he could see that she was, in fact, not crying, but making a valiant effort to appear as if she was. He decided to play along nonetheless.

“Alright Corina, don’t cry. I’m sure we can work something out. I don’t normally do this, but you are a very bright girl, and I’m sure with some extra effort you could catch up and at least get a C. You can always take it over again if you want to get a better grade.”

Corina was relieved to hear that there was a path to redemption, but a C was not going to cut it. The interaction occurring between her and her professor was one that she was well-versed in, and she knew she had him right where she wanted him. She lifted her head, and looked at him directly.

“Or maybe…an A?” she said in her best little-girl voice.

“Well, I don’t know about an Aaaaaa…” he said looking down at her. His brooding gaze broke into a smirk.

Corina reached out and grabbed his leg. She squeezed tightly. What if I do some really really good extra credit?? Corina’s pretense was also starting to crack as she began to smile in turn.

“I’m sure you have some really…hard…assignments I can go to work on. No pun intended.” Their eyes met again and their faces both lit up into complete smiles.

The professor paused, and thought for a moment. “Well I believe in empowering my students….” he said with a hint of irony in his voice. “You tell me what you think would be beneficial to your learning the material, and I’ll tell you if I think you’re on the track.”

The young student looked deviously to the side and thought for a second. “Ummmm…how about I wash your car?”

He laughed and and shook his head. “Try again”

“How about I…cook you dinner??”

He looked to the side, pretending to think it over.

“Cook you dinner…naked???” she asked. There was a brief moment of uncertain silence until the two burst into laughter. He reached forward and brushed her hair from her face.

“You’re getting warmer…” he said in a soft breathy tone. He sat back in his chair and glanced once again toward the wall beside him.

She looked back at him and could see that he was looking directly at the paddle on the wall.

She looked directly at the paddle and back at him. “Ohhhh, do I need to be punished professor?” she asked smiling even more deviously than before.

He nodded slowly. “I think so, Miss Brown.”

Takin her time, she got up, and walked toward the door. She stepped outside and peeked to find that nobody was nearby who could possibly hear what was about to take place. It was a good thing, she thought, that there were no rooms adjacent to his office.

She shut the door, and made her way back. She put her hands together in front of her, and looked up at the tall handsome man who was now standing in front of her. “Dr. Clark? I’ve never done anything like this before….” she said innocently.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Please hand me the paddle.”

Corina swallowed hard and felt her palms become sweaty as she grabbed the paddle and handed it to him with the handle facing away from her. She was struck by the weight and thickness it had. The wood was smooth and cool to the touch.

“Bend over and grab the chair,” he ordered.

Corina did as she was told. She had never received a paddling before, and was sure it would be painful. But something about Dr. Clark’s steady demeanor and gentle tone of voice put her at ease. If only by instinct, she trusted him. She grabbed the chair, and grimaced.

The paddle smacked suddenly on her butt. She lifted her heals in surprise and let out a small shriek. She felt a sharp sting which was followed quickly by a warm tingle. That wasn’t so bad, she thought.

Another smack landed, just a bit harder. She took a deep breath and again felt an unwelcome sting that again melted into a warm tingle. Her heart was beating faster, and she noticed a warmth beginning to travel from her bottom to her sex.

Again the paddle came to meet with her bottom, and again harder than the swat that preceded it. The sting was intense, but then so was the pleasant warmth that she could now feel between her legs as well as on her backside.

“Corina, I sure hope this is teaching you something about daydreaming in my class” he said sternly landing another paddle smack.

“I’m sorry professor Clark! Please punish me!” she exclaimed, sounding a bit out of breath.

The paddle continued is assault on the girl’s bottom, covered only by her panties and short black skirt that barely came down across the top half of her delicious derrière. Every swat, stingy although not unbearable, landed across both cheeks of her bottom eliciting a series of “ohhhh”s and “ahhh”s that sounded sometimes like expressions of pain, and at others like moans of ecstasy.

The paddle must have smacked her over 20 times by the time Corina realized that she was dripping wet. She wanted nothing more than for him to lift her skirt, pull down her panties and fill her wet hungry sex with his manhood right then and there.

She decided to tempt him. “Professor? Do you think I need to be paddled on my bare bottom?”

He leaned beside her and whispered in her ear. “I think you need to keep your mouth quiet and do as your told.”

The sound of his voice, so firm and unwavering, sent shivers across body. Corina was used to having her way with men. She had never been talked to in that way before.

“You will be spanked on your bare bottom in due time young lady. I hope you didn’t think you could earn your grade in just one office hour…”

“No sir,” she replied in a small voice, panting heavily.

“Good. Because I have an appointment with another student in 15 minutes. You have three more strokes coming. Lift your skirt and stick your butt out further. These will be hard and you will take them without making any unnecessary noises, is that understood?”

She placed her hands in the edge of the chair and stuck her butt high into the air. She reached back and lifted her skirt revealing a pair of white panties stretched across her luscious moon.

“I said….is that understood?” The professor asked forcefully, almost shouting.

“Yes professor!” She shrieked into the seat of the chair.

She felt the paddle rest on her raised derrière once more. It stayed there for a moment.

“This is for daydreaming in my class,” he said sternly. He drew the paddle back and Corina felt a truly painful sting on the bottom half of her butt.

“Owwww!” She cried softly as she lifted her heels up and down frantically.

“You need to learn to make better decisions and not overwhelm yourself with petty commitments,” he said landing another brutal smack.

“Yes sir!” she cried, her voice cracking slightly.

“And you also need to learn that touching your professor’s leg and offering yourself to him sexually is extremely inappropriate.”

The last of the three swats came down and Corina nearly broke her position. She pounded her right foot on the floor and grit her teeth as she replied for the last time, “Yes sir!”

The professor placed the paddle in the bottom drawer of his desk and sat down. Corina remained in position and he took a moment to admire her beautiful round bottom pushed up into the air just for him.

“Are you beginning to lean your lesson Miss Brown?”

“Yes I am professor,” she said without hesitation.

“Good. Go ahead and have a seat.”

The young student turned around and sat down. Her eyes were moist but a girlish grin began to appear on her face.

Professor Clark smiled back and picked up the journal from his desk. He placed it in his lap and began to write it in it. Now that she was up close Corina could see that it was a book of forms. She could see a section for name, and date but that was all. He began to speak as he continued writing.

“Sooo Corina, you get the idea of the kind of extra credit assignments I had in mind. If you want an A in my class you will have to be tutored by me personally, and as a part of that tutulege I will be teaching you hard lessons in discipline. And in return for my tutelage you will pay me in a manner similar to what you suggested previously. Is that agreed to?”

He looked up at her to find her eyes wide with excitement, her smile had not abated but grown slightly larger. She shrugged her shoulders and lowered her gaze toward the floor. “Agreed,” she said as she nodded.

“Very well then. I would like you to sign this please.”

He handed her the book. She took it and looked down to find that it contained a form which detailed the very punishment she had just received, and about 20 to 30 other identical forms that were still blank. At the top was her name, and the date. As she glanced down she found sections that detailed the type of spanking implement used, the offense she committed and several other things that she didn’t have time to look over. It looked so official! Did he use this on other students? she thought to herself.

At the bottom was an acknoledgment with a line for her signature. It said…

By signing this form I recognize that my behavior has warranted the use of corrective action in the form of corporal punishment. I hereby give my permission for the above sentence to be carried out, and I accept full responsibility for any pain, bruising, reddening, or any other short-term physical damage that may result. I realize that refusal to cooperate with my punishment may result in an increase in its severity which will be decided by my disciplinarian. I confess that I am regretful of my behavior, and I accept this punishment as its just consequence.

She took the pen in her hand and signed the form. There was something about seeing her own punishment in writing, and signing off on it that made her feel delightfully submissive. And that made her wet with desire. She handed the book back to him but he waived his hand in refusal.

“This is your punishment book Corina. You can think of it as your extra credit assignment. When all of the punishment forms are signed, and completed, then I will consider changing your grade. Each page in this book is worth 10 points, and so if you complete each one you will have enough to earn an A+. You will meet me in my office every Monday after lecture, and we will discuss the details of your next punishment.”

Corina was transfixed as she listened to her professor state his terms. She had never contemplated the possibility of such a relationship before. And although it seemed sudden, her better judgment was no match for her lust for Dr. Clark. The paddle, the office, the punishment book…it all made her feel as if she needed, and deserved the discipline he had begun to give her. She felt claimed, and controlled. She loved it.

“I want you to flip to the back,” he said as he turned to his desk and began writing on a yellow sticky note. “There you will find pages for line writing assignments. This week I want you to write 100 times: ‘I will not daydream in Professor Clark’s lecture ever again.’ That assignment is due by this Friday evening. You will arrive at my house at 9pm with the punishment book, and at that time we will continue your tutoring. I will send you an e-mail with further instructions.”

He handed her the sticky note which had his address, and the line that she was assigned to write, all written in sloppy blue ink. She took it, and suddenly remembered that she had a Kiwanis club outing that night.

“But professor, this Friday I have to…”

“Change it,” he said, interrupting her. “The dates and times of our tutoring sessions are not up for discussion.”

“Yes sir” she replied meekly.

Just then there was knock at the door.

“Come in!” he hollered. Another one of Corina’s classmates came through the door. She recognized her but didn’t know her name.

Corina began walking out, but turned around before she reached the door. “Bye Dr. Clark. Thank you for working with me, I really appreciate it!” she said with a smile.

“Of course,” he replied. “I’ll see you on Friday.”

Part 2

Corina woke up on Friday at sunrise feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. She had three lectures, a Biology lab, and then she would be free by 4pm. That left her plenty of time to relax, prepare her outfit and do her hair before her appointment with Dr. Clark that evening. She jumped out of bed, and pressed start on her coffee maker that sat atop her dresser. As the coffee brewed she sat on her bed, and opened up her laptop. As she had hoped, a message from the professor was waiting in her gmail inbox.

Good morning Corina. As promised I have attached your punishment form for this evening. Please review it carefully, and if you have no objections, send me confirmation that you will meet me at 9pm. If you have objections call me on my cell phone at (626) 997-4359 and we will negotiate an alternative. Please note that alterations to your assignment may affect its point value for extra credit.

Make sure to copy exactly what is on the attached form into your punishment book, and bring it this evening with the line-writing assignment completed. We will finalize your disciplinary assignment, and you can sign the form before we begin. I would like you to wear a plaid skirt, a white silk blouse, white cotton panties, and a pair of glasses.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Clark

Corina smiled with pure excitement as she read the e-mail. Her mind began to race through all of the possible punishments that he may have assigned her. Would he paddle her again? Would he make her take articles of clothing off this time since they would be alone in his house? Would he rip her clothes off, throw her on the bed and ravage her until the sun came up? She had to find out. She opened the attachment.

What appeared on her screen was a digital version of the exact forms that made up the book he gave her. It was filled out in typed print. To her surprise only parts of the form were filled out completely. Her name, gender, the date, the offense (Not studying for the mid-term) and the implements that would be used: hand, and leather strap. Under the other sections such as clothing to be used, number of strokes, and a few other specifics it simply said TBD. Toward the bottom there was one detail that seemed to leap off the page and grab her attention. It said Level of severity: moderate to harsh.

She sat in silence as she looked over the form, hoping to find some indication that her punishment would culminate in the satisfaction of her lust for her new disciplinarian. No such indication could be found. I’ll just have to wait and see, she thought to herself.

Her coffee had finished brewing. She set her laptop on the bed, and got up to pour the steaming brew of her favorite drink into the black mug that she had left on her dresser on top of the punishment book. As she sipped her coffee she relished the warm taste of the first few sips as she looked out her window to watch sunrise. She set her cup down, opened up the book, and began to write down the details she could remember from the e-mail attachment.

As she wrote, her nervous excitement only increased. She began to feel like a naughty school girl preparing for a visit to the principle’s office. She imagined herself wearing her plaid skirt, and assuming the various positions Dr. Clark might order her to take. In her minds eye she saw him lifting her skirt, pulling down her panties, and spanking her with his sturdy right hand, again and again. She imagined the sting, and the warm glow that it would turn to. She imagined those same sturdy hands on her hips as he thrusted in and out of her with his manhood filled up completely inside her dripping lady parts. She had to stop. It was only 6:20am and she was already getting wet. “It’s a good a good thing I haven’t dressed and showered yet,” she thought to herself out loud.

She finished filling out the punishment book. The lines she was assigned had already been completed the night before. Completing that assignment had also sent her into a lustful imaginary wonderland that culminated in a doozy of an orgasm. She turned to the back of the book to look them over. What the hell, she thought. I don’t have class until 8am.

She opened her dresser drawer and pulled out her favorite toy: a large flesh-colored dildo. She lifted her pink night gown, and pressed it against the lips of her lightly shaven sex. She closed her eyes and imagined herself face to face with Dr. Clark, the head of his bulging dick teasing the opening of her pussy. She felt him inch into her with just the tip. “Ohhhh professor,” she panted.

Within just a few minutes she found herself flat on her back on the hardwood floor of her bedroom feeling what she imagined was her dreamy professor penetrating her again, and again as she pinched her nipples and whispered his name under breath. Inevitably, she came, covering her mouth with her left hand to avoid being overheard by her roommates. Two minutes later her alarm sounded. It was 7:30am.

“Oh my God! I have to get to class!” she said to herself as she lifted herself up off the floor. She rushed to her laptop, signed the PDF from, and sent it back to Dr. Clark. She jumped in the shower, and began what would become the most eventful day of her life.

Part 3

Poor Corina could hardly focus through her three classes that day. She kept staring out the window daydreaming about her office hour with Dr. Clark earlier that week, and imagining every delicious torture she might be asked to endure in the coming evening. She was feeling so naughty that she took a moment to touch herself during Political Science. She was in the back – which was not her usual custom unless she was having a particularly hard time with her attention span that day – and the large table she sat at hid her body from her stomach downward very well. She carefully slid her left hand beneath the table and slid her fingers underneath her panties as she pretended to take notes with the opposite hand. She teased herself, dipping her fingers lightly into her pussy, stroking up and down along her opening until the sensation became too intense, and she returned her hand to the desk before she started to make a scene. 9pm could not come soon enough, she thought.

That thought had only been hours ago as she was now at Dr. Clark’s front door waiting for what felt like an eternity for him to answer. She heard a voice come from the intercom speaker that had suddenly made itself apparent.

“Hello Miss Brown. Come in please. The door is open.”

She reached for the door handle, and made her way inside, shutting the door gently behind her. The house was dark, and it was difficult for her to see what looked like his living room. There was a single candle burning dimly on the coffee table. Beside it was a lone wooden chair. She enjoyed the candle’s carmel-like scent, mixed with the smell of fresh carpet and upholstery. There was no sign of Dr. Clark. She stood just inside the doorway frozen as a statue, clutching her punishment book. Suddenly she heard his voice. It was clear, but distant. She couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

“I want you to place the book on the coffee table, and stand by the sofa,” he said.

The sound of his voice was reassuring, which allowed her to enjoy the mystery that was unfolding before her very eyes. She walked to the sofa, and as she did she took notice of the various objects that she could now see placed upon the coffee table. There was a thick leather strap, a multi-tailed flogger, a short piece of rope, and a wooden paddle just like the one he used on her in his office. She placed the book on the corner near the candle, and stood by the couch as she was instructed. She stared down at her black leather shoes. She heard his voice again. This time it seemed to be coming from underneath the stairs, across from where she was standing.

“Corina, did you complete the assignments I gave you in the book?”

“Yes I did sir.”

“Good job. I assigned you a punishment with both my hand, and the leather strap. The other items on the table are there in case you choose to be disobedient and I need to discipline you further. Do you have any questions before we begin?”

“Should I have a safe word?” she asked.

“No,” he replied. “If you want me to stop, then you will tell me to stop, and I will stop. Safe words are for BDSM role-play scenarios in which you say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ but what you really mean is ‘please keep going’. This is not role-play. You are being tutored, and fulfilling assignments that you are given. And that is all by your own free choice. Is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” she replied still staring down at her shoes.

She heard his footsteps. Suddenly his hand was on her chin as he lifted her gaze to meet his. His eyes were piercing, and his bearded face looked stern in the candlelight. He spoke softly, and she could feel his minty breath on her as he gently scolded her.

“Corina you are a very bright young woman, and I have no doubt that you will go very far one day. But your behavior is unacceptable, and you will now be punished for it. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Dr. Clark,” she said with a nod.

The professor took a step back, and sat in the wooden chair next to the coffee table. He reached to the table, and picked up the punishment book. He flipped through the front, and the back. He took a pen out from his shirt pocket, and began to jot down a few things. He handed the book back to her with the pen nestled in the middle.

“Review and sign please,” he said matter of factly.

Corina looked down and could see that the spots that had been marked TBD in the original form (she had left those fields blank in the book) were now filled in. She was to receive a spanking while positioned across his lap, with his hand on her bare bottom followed by a strapping, also on her bare bottom while bent over the arm of the couch. There was one section that specified additional forms of punishment, but it was hard to make out in the dark. The professor, as brilliant as he was, did not have very legible handwriting. She could make out that the word he had written down started with a p. Was it “paddling,” “penance,” “penetration”? Ohhh penetration would be so perfect, and if it occurred she could finally die happy, she thought. Or perhaps that was just wishful reading on her part. Either way, the mere possibility made her once again wet with lust.

“I’m waiting Miss Brown,” he said somewhat impatiently.

She realized she had been staring at the page for far too long. Whatever it says, she thought, I’m sure it will be fun if Paul Clark is doing it to me. She signed the bottom, dated it and handed it back. The professor looked it over, clicked the pen, and shut the book.

He looked up at his student. “Miss Brown, lay across my lap.”

Her face lit up with a subdued excitement. She inched toward him, bent her knees, and positioned herself over his right knee. She could feel the bulge of his cock against the side of her tummy. She felt her skirt lift up, and her panties lower down. She could almost see her bottom in her mind’s eye, vulnerable and delicate, yet thick and round: the perfect corporeal location for such an intimate form of correction. The cool air against her derrière made her feel utterly exposed, which only increased the wetness that had been collecting between her legs.

“Corina, why are you being spanked this evening?”

“Because I’ve been a bad student, and I didn’t study for your exam.”

“That’s correct,” he replied. He reached for her right hand and positioned it behind her lower back where he held it in place. Corina relished the feeling of her hand in his. She squeezed it firmly.

He began with restraint, spanking just hard enough to sting her bottom. Corina began making long “mmmmm” sounds and smiling as she responded with repetitions of “spank me harder professor!”

Dr. Clark was quick to oblige her as he began lifting his hand higher and bringing it down on his student more forcefully. The young girl’s responses turned to frantic “ohh”s and “ahhh”s that increased in pitch with each smack of the professor’s hand. If only he could have seen her face it would have revealed that Corina’s spanking was hardly a punishment at all. Even despite the sting of his hand her parted lips couldn’t help but widen into a subtle grin as she felt each smack send ripples of pleasure through her body.

He laid a series of hard swats on her left cheek, then just as many on her right as a sort of grand finale to her hand spanking. Corina bucked, and shifted in his lap as she did her best to take her spanking in an obedient fashion. Finally, it was over. She could feel his hand now gently caressing her bottom. It was extra warm and she was struck by how a such a firm hand could also be so gentle, and soothing.

“Miss Brown,” the professor said before pausing. “My pant leg seems to be rather…wet. Are you enjoying this in some twisted way?”

“Yes professor…it hurts really bad, but I like it” she said as she caught her breath.

“You are a very naughty young lady Miss Brown….”

And with that she felt his hand slide between her legs as his fingers began to trace along the wet opening of her sex. She moaned, and the professor could hear her breathing become ragged.

“Well, then I imagine you must like this too. Am I correct?” he asked. As he spoke he plunged his fingers into her pussy and began to explore her from the inside.

“Ohhhhhh Paul! Yes! Yes! I really like it!” she exclaimed in a breathy exhalation.

“Well, we’re gonna have to make this a little more like a real punishment then,” he said removing his fingers. “Stand up,” he commanded forcefully.

Corina removed herself from her professor’s lap and stood up beside the chair. He stood as well and was now towering over her again. He reached down and began to unbuckle his belt. Corina stared at him, transfixed.

“I’ve decided to not to use the strap. This will do just as well,” he said as he pulled the belt out from his waist and folded it in half. He let it rest down at his right leg as he pointed toward the arm of the sofa. “Get in position,” he ordered.

Corina hadn’t even had a chance to pull her panties up from her ankles. The feeling of cool air against her bare sex as she stared at her professor’s belt sunk her even more deeply into a blissful feeling of submission. She turned and waddled the few steps she had to get to the sofa, deciding to keep her underwear at her ankles. She bent over the arm, and took the liberty of raising her skirt.

“Place your hands behind your back,” he ordered softly.

She obeyed and clasped her hands together at the small of her back. The professor took a moment to admire the sight before him. Here in the warm glow of the candlelight was an irresistible young woman, her shapely bottom presented for punishment. Her legs were like works of erotic art, designed specifically to drive men wild. Oh how he relished the throught that she was now his – to be punished, to be scolded, to be mentored, and to be taken for his pleasure. He positioned himself behind her.

“Miss Brown, why are you receiving this punishment?” he asked.

“Because I didn’t prepare for your midterm professor, and I got a D+.”

“Yes, but why else are you being punished right now?”

“Because I got turned on by the spanking you gave me sir.”

Just as the words left her mouth she felt the sharp sting of the professor’s belt as it whipped across her bottom. She jerked up and replied with a loud “owwwww!” before positioning herself back over the couch.

“That’s correct,” he replied. “You will receive six strokes, and they will be hard. If you move out of position, or make too much noise, then you will receive more. Is that understood?”

“Understood, professor,” she replied in a whiny tone still recovering from the initial whip from the belt.

The belt whipped across the soft skin of her butt cheeks once again. Corina lifted herself up, but managed to cry out, “owwww! whip me harder professor!”

Dr. Clark placed his hand on her back and pushed her back down over the arm of the chair. “Corina, you do not say anything after I whip you that I do not tell you to say. You have five more strokes coming. You are to count them, and that is all. Is that understood?”

“Yes, professor,” she replied.

The belt came down once more and Corina did her best to keep her position. “Two sir!”

Again the belt whipped across her now reddened backside. “Three sir!” she replied as her voice cracked.

The next two strokes came quickly and caught her off guard. She nearly broke position, but caught herself before she stood up completely. Dr. Clark placed his hand on her back and pressed down firmly. “Last one,” he warned.

The sixth, and final stroke came down. Corina bucked up against him but her strength was no match for his. He removed his hand, and placed the belt on the coffee table.

“Did you like that punishment Miss Brown?

“No, I did not!” she said letting out a small chuckle. “That was definitely a proper punishment,” she continued, reaching back to rub her beleaguered backside. “But I know I deserved it, so thank you.”

The professor picked up the small rope from the table, and walked back behind his student. He took both of her hands, put her wrists together, and began to tie to rope around them. “There will be no rubbing of your butt when I punish you. Anytime I catch you doing that you will have your hands tied,” he warned her as he finished tightening the knot.

Corina couldn’t help but smile as she realized that one of her favorite fantasies – having her hands tied with rope by a dominant man – was being fulfilled for the first time. She giggled, and replied with an enthusiastic “yes sir!” noticing the warmth and wetness return to her pussy. The professor’s hands began to explore her body. She stepped out of her panties, and spread her legs apart as she felt her professor’s hands squeeze hungrily at her breasts. She lifted her bottom higher into the air only to feel his bulge press against her pussy. It was covered only by his underwear. It felt massive as it poked into the opening of her sex and prodded her repeatedly.

“Ohhhhh, Dr. Clark…” she moaned breathlessly.

The professor grabbed her blouse with both hands, ripped it in half, and threw it on the carpet beside them. He then reached back to remove his black boxer briefs and slid them down over his hips. Corina knew what would happen next, and she could hardly wait for it to begin.

“Dr. Clark…”

“Yes, Corina?” he said as he began to run his finger along the opening of her sex.

“Pleeeeeease put it inside me! I want you soooo bad!”

He continued to tease her with his fingers as he rested his free hand on the smooth skin of her lower back.

“Ok Miss Brown, but if I do I’m going to have to come inside you. Are you ok with that? Because if not I can always put it in your ass instead.”

Anal sex was not what she was after, although the threat of such action only heightened her arousal. She hadn’t been on any birth control, but the need she felt for her professor was so great she didn’t care if she got pregnant or not. “Yes sir, you may come inside me” she replied, moaning still from the touch of his fingers.

And with that she felt the warm tip of his manhood pierce the opening of her sex. She inhaled sharply, and closed her eyes. He pushed in further until his stiff member was lodged inside her completely. Corina gasped audibly as she felt him fill her up from the inside, just as she had imagined earlier that morning. She still had yet to see his dick with her own eyes, but she was quite pleased and impressed with how large it felt inside her pussy. He began to thrust. She moaned in response.

The professor found his student’s slippery warm sex to be an absolute delight. Of course, she wasn’t the first student that he had had sex with. But there seemed to be something special about Corina. Her bottom was so exquisitely plump without being too large. Her skin was glowing, and soft. It looked as if it were made for the candlelight shining upon it. And her smile – so sweet and deceptively innocent. He grabbed onto her hands. They were soft, and delicate. She squeezed his hands in return. The sight before him was glorious, he thought. Here was his most attractive student, so sweet and naive, yet so hungry to explore her naughtiest desires, bent over his sofa with her hands bound and her marvel of a body at his disposal.

He thrusted in and out of his young student, listening carefully to the noises she made, alternating his pace and changing his angle of penetration to maximize her pleasure. As always, it was his goal to make a woman come first, but he thought Corina might be too beautiful to allow him that honor. He had only been inside her for a few minutes and he was already getting very close. It didn’t help that Corina kept moaning out his name in the sluttiest sounding voice he had ever heard.

“Ohhhhh Dr. Clark!!! Yes!! Yes!!! Ohhhh professor!!!” she squealed loudly into the seat cushion as he continued to penetrate her. Her cries only made him thrust into her harder, which intensified her noise making further.

Looking down at Corina’s red bottom he decided to go for it. If he made her come, great, he thought. If not, he was sure to shoot his load soon and pleasing his new submissive would have to wait until their next meeting. He began picking up the pace of his thrusts. He could feel the warm glow around the tip of his manhood grow stronger until it consumed him. He sped up again. Corina began to scream. The professor smiled knowing that he was close to the finish line. Finally he picked her up by the shoulders and stood her up against the sofa. He began thrusting into her quickly with all his might. Corina was bouncing forward like a rag doll.

“Ohhhhh professor!!!” she cried. “Yesss!! Fuck me harder professor!! I’m such a bad girl!!!!” she screamed, even more loudly than before.

He continued thrusting his hips against her tender moon until he heard the words he had been dreaming of all week long.

“Ohhhhhh Dr. Clark!!! I’m coming!!!! Ohhhhh God!!! Yess!!!”

He gave one last thrust until he saw a clear liquid squirt out from her pussy onto the arm of of the couch. Seeing that was all he needed to put him over the top. He felt the blood rush to his head as what felt like a fire hose of cum spurted out from his member into his beautiful young student. He pushed into her completely and remained there until the last of his spurts were over.

He released her shoulders and allowed her to collapse back over the arm of the sofa. Corina was overwhelmed with joy to feel her professor’s hot juices inside her as she lay over the mess that she could feel underneath her belly. He pulled out from her and pulled the slip knot that bound her hands.

Corina turned around and reached up toward him. He knelt down and the two met in a passionate kiss.

“Does that complete my assignment sir?” she said with a smile.

“I’m gonna have to give you a few extra points for that one. You were…above and beyond,” he said, brushing her hair from eyes.

“So is that how it works? I get the D on your couch for getting a D in your class??” she quipped as she chuckled adorably.

The professor tilted his head back and laughed heartily. “Yes, yes…I like that. That’s definitely going on the syllabus!” he said as the two laughed together.

He reached down and grabbed his jeans from his ankles. As he buttoned himself back up Corina slipped her underwear back on, and pick up her ripped blouse from the floor.

“Ummm, Dr. Clark? Do you have a shirt I could wear? It might be kinda cold if I go home in just my bra. Also my Uber driver might get the wrong idea.”

He laughed, and reached his hand out. “I’ll take the blouse and throw it away for you. And yes, I do have a shirt, but you are also welcome to stay for the night if you’d like. Also, you can call me Paul when we’re alone like this. Unless you are being punished of course.”

Corina smiled and folded her arms. Her bare shoulders were getting goosebumps now the sex was over with. “Ok, Paul. I’ll take you up on that offer and stay the night. Do I get to cuddle with you??”

“Of course,” he replied. “Let me get you that shirt.”

As the professor made his way down the dark hallway toward his bedroom, Corina took a moment to reflect on the amazing events that had just transpired. She took a deep breath, and rubbed her bottom which still felt raw from the spanking she had received. Finally she picked up the punishment book and reviewed the details of her assignment for that evening. She looked down at the section that had been difficult to read before. Sure enough it said, additional forms of punishment: penetration.

If what she received tonight was the cost of slacking on her coursework, she thought. She might be doing it more often.

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