Over the Nanny’s Knee, Part 4

Continued from Over the Nanny’s Knee Part 3 or to start from the beginning, click here!

I stripped down to my birthday suit and stood with my nose in the corner. By this time my tears had stopped and had given way to a full erection — not just any erection, but the aching, throbbing kind that made my dick feel like it was made of solid granite. My butt cheeks were still tingling and tender but running my fingers across them only aroused me more. What was most arousing was thinking about what Nancy might want to do to me once she came into the room.

I didn’t have to wonder for long. She came in just a few minutes after I got naked. The first thing she did was close all of her blinds. I heard the sound of a match and then found myself enjoying the scent of a vanilla candle. I heard her walk toward me. “Close your eyes, Cameron. I have something for you.”

I did as she instructed and then felt a cloth-like object stretch around my eyes and then cinch tight around the back of my head. “Now place your hands behind your back,” she said in her characteristic, irresistible blend of firmness and femininity. I felt another cloth-like material wrap around my wrists and pull tight.

“Ok, you can turn around and come out of the corner now,” she said. I turned to face her, desperately wishing I could touch and see her. She seemed to have other plans.

“Now Cameron, your spanking and punishment are over, but this is still a lesson in obedience. I am going to take off my clothes and lay on my bed. You are not permitted to see me naked and you are definitely not allowed to touch me unless I ask you to. But even then, you are to do exactly as I ask, and nothing more than that. Do you have any problems with that?”

I shook my head, “No, Miss Nancy.”

“Good. Now come with me,” she said guiding me with a hand on my shoulder. She took me to her bed and sat me down. I could hear the ruffling of clothes moving off of her body. I felt her fingers around my manhood, soft as silk just like the first time she had touched it the day before. She wiggled it back and forth and chuckled. “Does it turn you on to know that I’m naked in front of you right now?” I nodded emphatically.

“Ohhhh, but you don’t get to see my voluptuous body! You can’t see my pert breasts, or my thick, silky thighs…”

“Miss Nancy…” I groaned. She giggled softly.

“Or my shaven woman parts, or my round little bottom…you know the one you always gawk at when I’m walking away from you. I bet you thought I couldn’t see you in the mirror, huh?”

“I’m sorry about that, Miss Nancy.”

“And you don’t get to put your hands on me either. You haven’t earned that privilege. You have to imagine…just like you do when you take so long in the shower. You poor boy…”

“That’s ok, Miss Nancy. As long as I get to be naked with you. I’m here to serve at your pleasure,” I said with a smile.

“Now that’s what I like to hear, Cameron! You are learning so quickly!” She grabbed me by the ear pulled me up onto the bed as she crawled toward the headboard. “Now come with me,” she said sharply. She took hold of my face and guided me down to her. “You now have permission to suckle my breasts.”

I placed my mouth on her nipple. It was small and erect. I heard her gasp the moment I made contact and shortly after I could hear the wet noises of her sex being massaged by her fingers.

“That feels soooo good, sweetie. Keep doing that while I touch myself. Once I’m warmed up I’m gonna leave it all up to you to make me come. If you can manage that, then I will return the favor. If you can’t manage that, then you will be on restriction from pleasuring yourself in any way for 2 weeks, on pain of another spanking with the spoon. Is that clear?”

“mmmm-hmmm!” I said as I continued to suckle. I felt a sharp sting on my butt. Oh God, I thought, she has the spoon still!

“Is that how you address me?” she asked between gasps.

I puckered off of her nipple. “I’m sorry. I meant to say, yes Miss Nancy. May I suckle both of your nipples, Miss Nancy?”

“Yes you may. Now keep doing what you’re doing. You have 30 minutes to complete your task…”

I heard her fumbling for something on her night stand, then the unmistakable sound of an old kitchen timer winding up and beginning to tick.

“Starting now.”

I went to work on both of her nipples, as if they were the only thing in the world worthy of my attention. I imagined her firm, supple body writhing and gyrating as I enjoyed the sounds of her pussy fingering and her moaning. I sucked, I licked, I bit softly and at times not so softly…I moved my tongue back and forth in quick succession. Each time I tried something new she moaned even more intensely. Her free hand roamed hungrily about my body, stopping often at the back of my head for a squeeze. Not once did she reach for my balls or my member, which remained stiff throughout.

The the moaning, the fingering, the groping, and the suckling continued until I heard what I had been hoping to hear.

“Ohhhh baby…yes! I’m sooo close!” she said beneath her breath yet with the intensity of a shout for joy. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to do anything I wasn’t given permission to do, but at worst it might earn me a spanking. Failing to make her come might land me on restriction for two weeks. So I decided I’d go rogue.

I puckered off her left nipple again and began to kiss my way down her body. She didn’t protest, so I continued. I kissed her stomach. It was delightfully firm with the exception of her skin which contrasted irresistibly in its delicate softness. I kissed her belly button. I kissed a little lower, making my puckers longer and wetter until I reached her hand which was still furiously at work between her legs. I took her hand gently between my teeth and moved it out of the way. I buried my head between her legs and replaced her fingers with my tongue. Again, I licked, I sucked, I massaged, and explored until both of her hands were firmly on my head and she began moaning louder than before. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing. I seemed to be lost in a haze of blissful submission, like an artist in flow who feels like they are watching themselves from outside of their body. I only had awareness of her wetness dripping down onto my face, her desperate moans, and the tight grip of her thighs pressed against each side of my face.

And then she screamed — So loud and sudden that it startled me, but I caught myself before I reacted. She began gyrating against my mouth and I held my tongue in place so she could pleasure herself against me. It must have been 12 or 15 thrusts with her hips before she shrieked again and began convulsing against my mouth.

“Oh Cameron!!! Oh baby!!! I’m…”

She went silent but I knew what she was about to say. I could only hear her sharp, tremolo breaths but I felt as if I could see her in my mind’s eye — her head flung back, her mouth open, her body trembling as she lost herself in a joyous climax.

Finally, my head was freed from her thighs and hands. I waited as she took her time to bask in the glow of her release and then I asked her, “is my task complete, Miss Nancy?”

I heard her get up and move toward me. The next thing I knew the blindfold was coming off. My first sight was Nancy’s smile. And then I glanced down to see that her naked body was every bit as glorious as she described and even more so than I had imagined. I watched her in a stupor of worshipful admiration while she drew back and took scissors from her night stand. She reached behind me and cut the tie around my wrists.

She kissed me, gently invading my mouth with her tongue and guiding my hands to her butt. I squeezed at her cheeks. They were firm and full. I wanted her more than anything.

“Cameron, if you fuck me I think I can come again. But if you come first, that’s fine too. You’ve earned it!”

I didn’t waste any time. I threw her back, spread her legs, and prepared for entry. I pushed into her. “Oh!!!” she gasped as her head went back. I pushed in further. She reached behind me, clasped my tender moon with both her hands, and pulled me all the way into her until her slobbery, hot womanhood had swallowed me whole.

We moved together, thrusting hungrily, and gazing into each other’s eyes with a look of bewildered ecstasy. She returned her fingers to her sex and I held her legs open. I was captivated by her angelic beauty, the sweet innocence of her face, and the way it all contrasted so exquisitely with the scandalous, whore-like position I held her in now. I felt a warm tingle run up my spine. It grew in intensity until my body felt light and airy — as if it were being whisked away on a cloud in the sky. Then in the next moment, it was as if I had slipped into another mode of consciousness — a kind of surreal, dreamy wonderland where I was both aware and not aware at the same time that I was emptying myself into the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on. She was nodding vigorously and smiling as she watched me come.

“Cameron, you were wonderful!” she said, rolling over and resting her head on my chest with a contented smile. We had both finally caught our breath and had come back down to earth.

“Thank you, Miss Nancy.” I was speechless, save for those three words.

“You don’t have to call me that now, sweetie. Only when you’re being punished.”

“Okay, gorgeous, sexy dream-nanny. How’s that?”

“I like it! You know…you took quite the beating today and all you got out of it was about five minutes of real pleasure. Is there anything I can do for you? Maybe later on?” She reached down to my balls and began to fondle them.

“Marry me?” I said with a shy grin.

She laughed in delighted surprise and kissed me. “Don’t tempt me! Although if you think I’m tough as a nanny, just wait until you see what kind of wife…I mean…well, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself,” she said, sounding slightly embarrassed by her excitement.

I kissed her forehead and chuckled. “Oh, I should be so lucky. Maybe a conversation for another time.”

“Yes, good call. Besides, I still have to train you to make sure you measure up to my standards!”

“Ohhh? Does mean more spankings?”

“Many more spankings, Cameron.”

“I can deal with that!” I said with a smile. “I mean…yes, Miss Nancy.”

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