Crime and Punishment

“Good afternoon, Ma’am. Do you know why I pulled you over?” asked the officer, looking down at his subject with an air of callous authority.

The young woman gave a grimaced smile and scrunched her shoulders to her ears. “Was it because I wasn’t wearing any panties?” 

The officer’s brooding gaze broke into embarrassed laughter. “No miss, it was because you were speeding,” he said shaking his head.

She looked straight ahead with a serious expression which contrasted adorably with her black party dress and her cartoonishly large pink sunglasses. “Oh yes, there’s that too. I was definitely speeding!” she said with a motion of her index finger.

“Can I see your license and registration please?”

The young woman handed over the envelope that had been in her lap. As the officer looked over the documents she took a moment to look him up and down. He was tall and classically handsome…maybe Puerto Rican, she thought? 

“Would you like to explain the meaning of this miss…Williams?” He handed her her driver’s license and as she took it, he flipped it over. There was a condom taped to the back. 

“Ummm…” She said with a tinge of nervous guilt in her voice.

“Is this some kind of a joke?” he asked with irritation.

“No, no…no joke, officer! I just figured…you know, I scratch your back and you scratch mine??” 

There was a moment of silence while she clenched the steering wheel in anticipation.

“I’d like you to get out of the car please,” he said. She felt her heart sink at the sound of his voice which seemed to indicate that he would not be taking her up on her offer. “Come with me please,” he instructed as he led her to the back of her blue mini-van.

“Place your hands on your head.” 

She obeyed.

She felt his hands on her hips, patting gently, moving up and down her skirt. His hands felt large and masculine. He seemed to be taking his time.

“Officer, geez! Take me to dinner first!” she said with a giggle. “I know a good place down the street!” The officer gave no verbal response. He took both of her wrists in his hands and guided them to her back. She heard the sound of handcuffs as she felt the cool metal on the skin.

“Miss Williams, you are under arrest for attempting to bribe a police officer. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be held against you,”

“Oh my God, this is sooooo boring…worst Ted talk ever!” 

The officer cinched the cuffs tight. He pulled her close to him and grabbed her by the chin as he whispered into her ear. “I have had enough of your backtalk, young lady!” he said angrily. “If you continue to show no respect for my authority then I will teach it to you right here and now! Is that understood?”

She smiled mischievously and glanced back at him. “Ohhh? Are you gonna punish me right here on the highway?” She pressed her butt into him. She could feel him fit snuggly between her cheeks. He was hard as a rock. “You can call me Sophie, by the way…” she said as she wiggled her butt back and forth against him.

For a moment there was silence. She felt him pull away, then the very next moment she felt his hand slam into her bottom. The sting caught her off guard. Her hips went forward and she jumped a few times reaching for her butt with her cuffed hands. He spanked her twice more.

“Owwww!!! Officer!!” she said in a whiny, high-pitched voice.

He caught her by the shoulders and pulled her close to him again. “Ma’am, do you realize that when you do things like that you are technically resisting arrest?”

“What!?” said Sophie incredulously.

“You are trying to use your pretty face and your nice little body to manipulate me into letting you off easy. That is a form of resistance! Well, you picked the wrong man to play with today…Sophie.”

Her voice became panicked. “Oh, no…officer I’m so sorry! I was just joking! I was having a little fun….I didn’t mean to..”

“Come with me,” he said curtly, pulling her by the arm. She shuffled her feet as he walked her to the back of his police car. The door opened swiftly and she felt his hand land firmly on her head. “Watch your head, miss,” he said as he guided her into the back seat. 

Sophie sat in horror at the sudden realization that she had just been arrested on two serious charges. This has gone so wrong! she thought. And what will Charles think? He’ll be so embarrassed! 

She watched the officer speak into his radio as he surveyed her vehicle. As he walked back she took a moment to look him over again. It’s too bad. He really is handsome, she thought. And he’s just the right size, just a bit larger than Charles. That’s when she realized…he was still hard. She could see his bulge right through his uniform. 

As he strutted authoritatively toward her, she could feel the wetness collecting between her legs. Suddenly, an impulse shot through her. It was her only hope of escaping jail and of possibly getting what she had wanted all along. She looked at the door to her right and smiled deviously. It was ajar. 

She bit her lip, nudged it open with her elbow, and spilled herself onto the gravel. She picked herself up as fast as she could and began running with all her strength. 

She ran into the forest until the highway was out of sight. She found a creek with a brush area that she could use as a hiding spot. When she peaked her head above the clearing, she found him approaching, looking straight at her, and shaking his head.

“Busted…” she said sheepishly as he met her at the creek.

He smiled, amused and annoyed at the same time. “Miss…Williams…” he said folding his arms. “What in the world am I gonna do with you?”

“Whatever you want?” she said with raised eyebrows. Her face had a look that was somehow both innocent and mischievous. She hoped that her playful eyes had finally tempted him beyond his ability to resist. He stared at her for just a moment. Then he reached down and began to unbuckle his belt. 

Sophie thought he might pull down his pants but to her surprise, he pulled the belt out all the way and folded it in half. Without hesitation, she smiled and turned around. She bent forward until her cuffed wrists were pointed at the sky and her bare, pale bottom was nearly fully exposed beneath her black dress.

He lifted her skirt. “My, Miss Williams, you weren’t kidding about not wearing panties. Are you not wearing a bra either?”

“Would you like to find out?” she teased, her face nearly buried by her long brown hair which draped over her head and onto the ground. 

“Hold still…” was his only response.

With that, Sophie felt the sharp sting of his belt against the bottom half of her butt. She gasped and spread her legs to hold her position. The belt whipped her again. She remained still and let out a faint moan as her breath quickened. Then the whipping resumed, this time methodically, rhythmically, again and again filling the forest with the echos of sharp slaps of thick leather against her tender moon. The whipping dragged on until Sophie’s bottom was red with stripes, her face wet with tears, and a trickle of moisture was running down her leg. 

She heard the belt drop to the ground. The next thing she knew his hands were cupped around her breasts as his fingers made circles around her nipples. He pulled down her top until they were exposed and he fondled her passionately until she felt the unmistakable sensation of his stiff member filling her up from behind. 

“Ohhhh, officer!! Give it to me!!! I’ve been such a bad girl!!” she panted in desperation.

He felt larger than life inside of her and once he began moving in and out Sophie could no longer contain her noises. She began to gasp and moan in short whiney bursts that only made the officer thrust at her harder. He held her hands and moved his hips just as he had swung his belt. He moved in forceful, controlled motions, looking down at his subject, listening intently to her sounds, yet making none of his own. His dick had been popped out through his zipper. Something about feeling his uniform pants up against her tingling bottom, combined with his manhood inside of her, intoxicated her with a blissful sense of submission. She was his — handcuffed, bent over, thoroughly whipped, and completely at his disposal. 

The officer reached around and began to rub her gently between her legs. He began making small exploratory circles at the top of her sex until he found what he was searching for…and just as he did he began to thrust faster. Sophie began to scream and soon after she lost her balance. He caught her and drew her up to meet him, clenching her breast with one hand, then pulling hair with the other, and penetrating her in deliberate thrusts. 

He moved his hand from her breast and resumed his expert treatment of her warm, slippery womanhood. After only a few minutes, he felt a hot liquid pour out from her. She shrieked. He covered her mouth and gave her one last set of thrusts with his hips. The last push took him right over the edge and he filled her up with his juices which Sophie could feel spurting out from him like hot lava from a live volcano.

They both collapsed to their knees. They knelt on the ground for several minutes, panting while he held her from behind. Finally, the officer put himself back together and helped Sophie return to her feet. He un-cuffed her and spun her around. She kissed him. 

“Thank you officer!” she said gratefully. He picked up his belt and re-looped it around his waist as Sophie straightened her dress.

“Sophie Williams….God I never thought I’d get to do that with someone, the prettiest wife on the squad no less,” he said in blissful bewilderment.

She giggled. “Oh my gosh! I knew I recognized you! You’re…”

“I’m Dan. I used to patrol with Charles.”

“Ohhh, hi Dan! I’m Sophie!” she said, extending her palm as they both laughed and shook hands.

“Well, miss Sophie it’s a…pleasure…to meet you,” he said with a wink. “Was that everything you hoped it would be?”

“Ohhhh, that and so much more!” she said looking up at him with innocent eyes. “I seriously thought that you were for real for a second!”

“Ohhh, and what gave it away?”

“It was the open door on the police car. Cause I told Charles that I wanted to run away and get caught. It was too perfect. But still, I was pretty scared!”

He laughed “Well, Charles is a good man. And a lucky one.”

“Ohhh I think I’m the lucky one. Not many husbands would set something like this up for their wives. But he knows I’m a freak in bed after I get what I want so I guess there’s something in it for him too.”

He laughed. “You’re one hell of a woman, Miss Williams. He put his arm around her and kissed her head. “Let me take you back to your van so you can get home to your husband.”

Sophie smiled and reached her arm around his waist as they began walking. 

“Yes, sir!”

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